Malice Aforethought

UPDATE: That is, “Malice Clips” in the title – a web-gear system-invention by the gear-gurus at Tactical Tailor. Trying to figure out the stichery-doo of this new-to-me web-based tool-system. In fact all but the obvious and early WWII system are unfamiliar to me. There’s an element of Lace and Resistance that is purely Victorian…

The main thing is that semi-locally sourced, artesinal, Wilde Custom Gear makes Tactical Nylon – and f*ing 10-round magazines!
UPDATE: Ordered the holster, going to put the mag pouches on the left and have a place for the P220 ST (or the ’43 1911A1 Gov. Model).
All this is a little creepy, to think of preparedness as an upcoming action in which shots will be traded. It’s cold in here this morning.

Tactical Tomorrowland

Up here in the country there’s a lot of Mossy Oak® folks and Real Tree® denizens who blend right in to the local scenery during hunting season. My graphics-guy preference is for Mossy Oak®, just because of the outright verisimilitude factor of our lower-upland, Western Slope foliage landscape — but MultiCam seems to work OK and ATACS looks interesting. Black is very Urban (as opposed to suburban) and not locally appropriate except at night, but to even say “Urban” nowadays is a Progressive racist dog-whistle microaggression thing – and also how they get-away with even using “dog-whistle” un-ironically is beyond me because that has all kinds of cultural appropriation and racism written all over it and Irony was once the hallmark of what passes for (and passive-aggressive for) Progressive Ideology. But I digress.Plate Carrier Coyote Chest Rig Molle
So….with the impending BOHICA arrival of many new Muslim-Immigrant “Refugees,” comes the need for some preparation in terms of Tactical Couture – never let a crisis go to waste after-all – and I’m concerned with a sort of chicken-and-egg situation. Do you get a “slick” plate carrier and wear the chest rig over it or just go with the chest rig and a full load-out, or get a dual-duty kinda thing? The guys at Wilde Custom Gear Tactical Nylon Store make 10-round mag-pouches for the California market and for that I’m grateful – and also various rigs.
As many know the current Progressive-Elite dominated CA Gov. has seen fit to hog-tie us locals with all sorts of glorious restrictions on personal protection, but there’s still many opportunities for work-arounds and not all the Counties are so restrictive with CCW etc.
With the US Palm “Defender” level it’s just pistol-armor, not a (rifle) plate carrier, but it has the Molle all over and the grab-handle on the back so someone can pull you out of the fire. Except they don’t make 10-round magazine pouches. However 10-rounders from Wild Custom could be attached, and so could a Molle holster for the Sig. But the SAP-C plate carrier (left) looks positively luxurious.
UPDATE: What are you doing to harden your structure? I’m thinking of getting a horse so I don’t need a tunnel.


The ranch is a bit noisy at night – and during the day. Taking a nap in the afternoon one can be awoken by various cracks and groans – but the groan is usually a HVAC precursor. Then vroom-woosh as the cold air floats down. I’m thinking the previous owner, during his upgrades and contractor-work might have kept things wrapped a bit too tight. The charming wood floors, beautiful distressed hickory planks that go from one end of the house to the other, might be lacking a bit of float, and as evening arrives and the temperatures cool they release tension accompanied by various snaps and pops. Sometimes the noise sounds like it’s right next to you, sometimes its up in the ceiling. Maybe a bit of work on the attic furnace was a cross-brace that was pounded-in and lagged-down real tight that finally relaxes in the cool with a cracking sound.
Anyhow I have a list of to-do’s based on the Inspection Report and one involves going up into the attic-crawlspace and doing a bit of flooring so that the furnace has a 20-inch work/inspection-space to stand upon. But for now it’s not happening because when it’s 100-degrees outside the attic is close to 160-degreees – but only feels like 1,000.
Sometimes I awake with a start because it’s loud and nearby – but nobody is there. Anyhow, it also reminds me of the Japanese castle that we visited on our way going-overseas as a kid. Nijo Castle in Kyoto was erected in 1603 by Tokugawa Ieyasu, and it has “Nightingale floors.” The wood planks are purposely built to chirp when walked-upon. It did back then and they still do it today. A whole long hallway full of silent Ninjas would have sounded like a loud flock of birds. There was/is absolutely no way to pass along it silently, and intruders would meet their fate. For medieval gothic castles that’s pretty cool.
So I feel confident that there’s nobody else here, and I get up in the night and hear only my own footsteps as re creaking and chirping I walk out to the open-space living room-kitchen in the dark. If someone else were here you could hear them breathing anyhow, since the shiny wood floorboards reflect sound well. The big downside is you can also see each and every dust-bunny quite clearly too, so the Miele vac get’s a workout. I don’t even bother to put it in the closet.

Sling-Swivel Rear

IMGP0046_XX1000Two Phillips-head screws (with one only partially undone) and a 1/2″ socket with about 12-inches of extension got the butt off and I popped in the GG&G swivel-end. It looks nice, is non-rotating, only fits one-way, and seems very sturdy – as long as there are no recoil-related issues with its location near the grip.
IMGP0051_x1000There’s a bit of a gap behind the trigger which could be a mud, dirt, and kack sinkhole – but we are not yet going out there like that, and it could be in-filled by a bit of black silicon caulk from Home Despot if need-be. We should be able to find a sling-vendor at the Funshow this weekend, and throw even more money around.
Am I too glib? Smartass, fluent and voluble, and shallow too – but never insincere. 🙂

Rain be-Gone, Rain be-Cool

We keep being advised that there will be rain, soon, it’s coming – meanwhile it’s muggy enough under the high-70’s hot overcast to wear shorts, but not flip-flops too, and Hawaiian shirts (I don’t have any other kind except t-shirts) are good-to-go.
And my mind is still buzzing about the Defensive Pistol class: like if a bunch of stupid #OWS asshole-anarchists in black hoods showed up in The Neighborhood with Molotov cocktails, which one do you shoot first? Do you do the Col. Cooper thing and pepper them in the legs with .22LR rounds to make it hurt badly enough to disperse? Or do you do the Stand By Me thing, Ace: What are you gonna do? Shoot us all? Gordie: No, Ace. Just you…
I would hope that my hipster neighbors who are hipster-parents would act-up in prevention, after all maybe they can grok the fact that their little kid cannot actually be a hipster (there’s an age related component to hipsterism) if he or she dies in a house fire – they have to grow-up to become hipsters like Mom & Popster. It’s not like some singing Hipster Unitarian Gay Bishop with a guitar over her shoulder can do the Catholic-style water-sprinkling baptism of Hipsterousity, wherein the tykes are blessed with a Fixie bike, a goatee, and immediate soulful Irony. But I’m not sure about my neighbors, and the President is obviously hoping for a hot summer to grease his reelection plans, one way or another.

Daniel Defense Offset Flashlight Mount

Grip-Gripped Light .jpgNow I know why everybody wears contrasting-color tactical gloves to the Ninja-Tastic Sophomore Prom – their hands are big blobby hairy nubby pink goobery things in the hand-model close-up. Being a learn-by-doing kind of nimrod I tried again but the black Craftsman work gloves I have didn’t even show up in the picture – they were Invisible!

With the Viking Tactics mount removed the Daniel Defense Offset Flashlight Mount hooked up fast and easy – except I believe it’s crushing the nuts of the Surfire G2. This Operator had to completely remove the allen-head “cage” to insert the light, and then alternating sides, cinch them down. The light isn’t going anywhere – but it’s still not been Loctited – and the nut’s are squeezin’ it hard. Oww.
Grip&LightSpace.jpgThe whole thing goes together very sano with no interference issues and the fit and finish is excellently black as expected. I think Army-Man Green would be cool, but it’s not there. Now the Tangoriffic Quick Detachable forward Mojo detaches quickly with no tie-ups, and the light mount also goes easy and snappy with some small springs holding the Picatinny jaws in place instead of them flapping and clanking around, giving away your Ninja-position in the dark. Much Mo’bettah! Who wants a Vikings mount?
The only gripe is silly and industry-general, but why don’t they standardize on some damn thing like allen-heads for the various fittings? The Viking Tactics uses a micro-thing .095″ head/drive while the DD one is at a generous .014 – and neither is the same as the Aimpoint which is somewhere in between.
So there.
UPDATE: Aack! I got smacked by an Uncalanche! Welcome visitors.

Can I Haz Light?

First of all,

Some Assembly Required:
As a newbie I believe that these things go together, at least I think so.

I’m not sure if the Z3 is suitable. It’s hell-of BRIGHT with 105 lumens of eye-poking goodness that makes me see little blue circles and spots and bothers the noisy raccoons that are chattering and humping across the lake.
Go away raccoons!
I could bump that up to 200 lumens for a blistering temporary blindness effect – but does it need a “shock isolating bezel” or a pigtail pressure-switch…or?
Besides some kind of mount. The VLTOR mount looks cool – they all look cool, dammit. Daniel Defense, Viking Tactics, LaRue (jeezus that’$ a fortune) – and there’s a million of them.
Or is it just better as a hand-held unit with the Rodgers Technique that I read about on the Interwebz. What the hell is that anyhow?
Ok, make fun of me.

Sling Things

In order to attach a sling, the first method was: get a Midwest Industries Picatinny-hootchie-grabber with a stud, and attach to that a removable Uncle Mike’s sling-a-ling doohickey.
Pictures are better over words.

As you can see it’s a bit of a danglegoober and perhaps not the quietest Blingclanker on the rail – plus the swinging swivel can move around, especially if it’s hanging off the bottom…so that’s OK, if you like that kinda thing.

Thanks to Haji I learned of a better solution. It’s this little solid and very quiet no-rattle mount from Ace, Ltd. And besides all the cool-kids are hanging it off the side rail instead of the bottom, it’s not for rolling-into a tight sling-position like a High-Power match.
With the little Zombieblaster the sling is for hanging the thing around your neck and being able to draw your side-arm without dropping everything or getting fearsomely entangled in gearstrappages.

Just slide it along to any point, insert the securing cross-bolt and crank ‘er down. Loctite is your friend always.

So that’s my backup plan if and when I get entangled in straps and things.

Next up is some kind of flashlight zim-zim farnawanger.