Low Profile

We had a nice night at the Gun Club banquet, and met some neat people who provided enjoyable conversation – and so I missed out on the 9mm Shield and the other raffle prizes but it went to a good cause. Went to bed late, about 10:30pm, and slept in until 7:30 – awakening to bright sunrise and greenery. Woot!
Nice to be out from under the damp blanket for a day, so I threw open all the windows as the temps rocketed up to 71-degrees and brought-in some fresh air. With a dry spell forecast and neighbors working outside with blowers and various yard-implements, I vacuumed up all the wood splinters and junk in the Garage then set-to the real mischief.
Oops, now I need a low-profile gas-block to fit under the Troy rail. I was unhappy with the Magpul plastic set because it did not allow me to put things where I wanted them. The M-Lok screw-down fasteners interfered with each other at the various available positions where I wanted them, and I was unable to close the clam-shell onto the standard handguard snap-ring because of the metal heat-shields kept getting hung-up on the interior bits.
I loosened up the gas-block before realizing I had to remove the roll-pin, then I realized I had to remove the muzzle-end flash-hider/compensator. Good thing for the soft-jaws on the bench vise! Now I can also put-on a jazzy compensator-thing too, since flash-hiders are Evil in California. Good thing they are practically indistinguishable from each other and Politicians are inherently stupid people.
The Troy Omega free-float Rail was on-sale and perhaps was a loss-leader and obsolete with current trends, but I always liked it and again it was at a substantial discount. Now I need to get the old handguard Delta-ring off so I can mount-up the float-tube…

Boulevardier Moto

Maybe I’ll get up before the heat rises, while it’s only in the 80’s and before we hit 100’s again, and motor up to Sly Park on the Gentleman’s Express. I want to ~feel~ the shoulder holster with the 4-inch Model 10 and get the vibe and clothing fit. Maybe I’ll pack the Sig too, as a counter-balance. I need to get this sorted out before the Edelweiss soirée in September, when the heat of the Summer is off – sorta.

Kilt Kicker

ktkc-flyer-940x682I don’t know what’s up with gunnies and kilts, my haberdashery is not so inclined, but this confluential obsession has been going-on for several years and a number of other gunbloggers are very active in their Kilt-endeavors starting (alphabetically) with Ambulance Driver, the esteemed Borepatch, the notorious JayG, and my buddy Old NFO – So you can help too. It’s for a good cause, helping to find a cure for Prostate Cancer.

Alternatively for moto-heads wishing to pursue the worthy cause of Prostate Cancer Funding by a different mechanism, there’s this thing called The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride – one of which is held locally. You could win lots of neat swag too including A Brand New 2014 Triumph Thruxton!

In 2013, over 11,000 participants in 145 cities around the world raised over $277,000 for prostate cancer research. In 2014, all funds raised will go to the Prostate Cancer Foundation in the UK, USA and Australia, with a relevant men’s health charity for Asia to be advised.

I was considering attending this on The Gentleman’s Express, however the truth is I am rather un-distinguished. There was a time when you might find me moustachio’d and wearing a white dinner-jacket to various theatrical and social events, but that is now long distant. Besides not having a kilt for cancer-kicking I also don’t have ANY sort of coat-and-tie – or any dress-up costume that might serve to conceal me as “Distinguished” and “Dapper” rather than emphasize my current and obvious lackluster and non-hirsute status. And I got rid of my turban years ago…
So maybe I’ll go and maybe not, but go help-out the competitors who are attracting funding for this research (above), all the cool kids are doing it.