Gunbloggers Win II!

Uncle alerts us, and David Hardy says: We all know it’s going to appeal, but the government wanted to proceed in its usual way (pondering everything, with meetings and exchange of memos and alerting 10,000 people before officially reaching the only obvious conclusion, hey, I used to be a GS-14 and know the ropes). The judge said, no way, you’ll meet the deadline imposed on every other case.
And John Richardson adds depth to the CCRKBA release with, The Justice Department had requested a 60-day stay in Mance v. Holder. They had requested the stay while they decided whether or not to appeal the case.

This is the case that overturned that part of the Gun Control Act of 1968 that banned the purchase and immediate transfer of handguns by FFLs to out of state purchasers. Today, Judge Reed O’Connor denied the government’s request for a stay.
Mance v. Holder – Government Requested Stay Denied

From CCRKBA’s release:


Monday, March 2nd, 2015

BELLEVUE, WA – A federal court in Texas has denied a government motion for a 60-day stay in a case involving interstate handgun transfers in which the judge applied strict scrutiny to determine whether a ban on such transfers meets constitutional muster.

The case, known as Mance v. Holder, was filed by the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, and is financially supported by the Second Amendment Foundation. It involves plaintiffs residing in Texas and the District of Columbia, and the ruling last month by U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor of the Northern District of Texas, Fort Worth Division, found that “the federal interstate handgun transfer ban is unconstitutional on its face.”

The government had asked for a 60-day stay in order to decide whether to file an appeal. But Judge O’Connor ruled today that a stay is not warranted because the government could offer no other reasons for its request other than the court’s “inherent authority to manage its docket.”

“We’re delighted that Judge O’Connor is not going to simply allow the government to stall this ruling,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb. “This case could have significant ramifications nationwide, and allowing a two-month stay while the government essentially claims it will be thinking about whether to appeal obviously was not warranted.”

CCRKBA and the individual plaintiffs are represented by Virginia attorney Alan Gura and Texas attorney William B. “Bill” Mateja of Fish & Richardson in Dallas.

No Empty Holster

It’s not like I need to fill this with another Colt or Colt-clone – unless I go Cowboy. Would it be asking too much for Colt to re-introduce the New Service series – or just better if someone more reliable did it, like Ruger?
Hunter Holster
Colt M1909 New Service
UPDATE: Meanwhile we meet an old guy who had logged many hours in a B-29 over Korea, and then became early-involved as an electronics tech in the Space Program, and knew the first seven astronauts. He had to move to Houston, then Florida, and then back to SoCal.
You know the type in the old black-and-white TeeVee reels: smoking nervously while wearing a white, short-sleeved dress shirt and necktie, with a buzz-cut and steel-glasses. During launch he had to monitor the instruments he’d installed, the accelerometers and vibration measurement… Now he carries an oxygen accumulator and fights for breath, and his small retirement winery with 16-acres of 20-year old grapes needs more caretaker than he could provide – so his ex-Air Force son was coming up from Vegas in HIS retirement to help. But the view is from the Sierra to the Coast. Amazing.

Sling Swivel

The GG&G forward quick-detach sling-swivel mounted up pretty easy on the 590, and it’s non-rotating. The rear swivel is coming via Brownells in a few days. I guess I’ll get a Viking Tactics sling so it matches the one on the M4gery – after I swap it back and forth a few times to see how well that works, and on which side to install it…
There are a few guys who run a shotgun course around here so I have that, but I’m sad that I can’t take Louis’ class, very sad indeed – but I can get his book, or the video.
UPDATE: What else? I’m leaning towards the Magpul stock because it’s seems to accommodate the Mossberg thumb safety location, and looks like a good compromise between a “real” stock and a pistol-grip stock: With an especial plus this from the Esteemed Tam (and I’m still pissed-off at the steaming scum-sucking jerkwad sh*tbrain who caused her to flatten the blog to a thin, narrow reminder of what it once was.)

Love the Magpul stock, and I say that as someone who, when she first saw the Magpul shotgun furniture, thought “Okay, the guys at Magpul have jumped the shark now, because that looks flimsy and ghey.” Despite my treatment of the 870 which, like most of my guns intended as range toys and sporting goods rather than collectibles, varies between neglect and mild abuse, nothing on the stock has broken or fallen off yet.
One of the advantages of a pistol grip on a shotgun is that it allows people without superhuman forearm strength to hold the gauge comfortable shouldered with one hand. Unfortunately, the downsides are that it pokes out awkwardly when the weapon is slung, makes operating the 870 safety a pain, and some don’t like what it does to the handling of the gun. The Magpul stock gives the advantage of the pistol grip, in that even my wimpy wrist can keep the shotgun shouldered with just my strong hand, and hasn’t any of the disadvantages. (Well, maybe it wouldn’t handle as well as an English stock if I took this thing hunting for upland birds…)

Range Day Happiness

Went to the range today to finally, once and for all, get the Aimpoint sighted-in. Set the stands up at the 50-yard line and later plinked at 200 – they kinda have the same zero. Yeh, workin’ good. Pics of targets (booooring) tomorrow…
UPDATE: I had finished my build of the Noveske lower, complete with the hideous CA-Legal magazine locking system that requires a tool for removal, and had the Upper mated to the lower for this exercise.

I started by getting the Aimpoint zeroed on the little targets tacked down the left side (see top picture). That took a bunch of clicking on the scope’s windage and elevation turrets.

A gripe I have with Aimpoints like this is they don’t have “witness marks” that establish the vertical or horizontal plane – so if the scope is rotated or canted in the mounts at all, any bit of Left-windage can also result in some “UP” movement, and while trying to dial the dot DOWN you might also be sending it Right… Arrgh!

Anyhow I finally got some good placement results, and then tried shooting at those tacked vertically on the right.

I loaded the magazine with five rounds and fired five-shot rapids from the bench and was pleased with the results – albeit this is only 50-yards. The Aimpoint 2-MOA dot was just about the size of the black…

Later I switched to larger targets with a bigger “black” and did the same. They have a larger “black” but the same sized scoring rings. Yeehaw! Well, good for me anyhow.

And the bottom one I shot Offhand unsupported – crap! Actually better than I anticipated. Watching the bouncing dot move around as you try to hold steady is really a learning experience.

During the second string of fire I took a 200-yard target down and put it up on the stand at position #12 (the black part is 13-inches across) and found some interesting and satisfying results.

From my distance and with the mirage coming up off the ground, even with my spotting scope I couldn’t really tell what was goign on but, every now and again I threw a bullet downrange at it, firing six shots in all (UPDATE: by just holding the dot on the target center).

A bit of vertical stringing obviously.

So OK, I kinda feel I got this dialed-in now.

Guns and Ammo Legislation

I was really reluctant to support Mitt or Rudy since their 2nd Amendment credentials were flimsy and transparent at best, I wanted what I heard from Fred.

I live in perpetual Electoral Dysfunction, in the Gerrymandered Hell that is California – a One-Party State complete with Potemkin Republicans who steal my taxes like the best Democrats and use them to buy votes – only they cannot win, they just get to play in the kiddie-pool.

I have not been able to vote FOR a candidate in a very long time – nor has my vote meant anything in many election cycles. My only hope is voting AGAINST the Evil I see across the Aisle, whether it’s a popular instrument of the thoroughly corrupt Illinois Party-Machine, or the loathsome she-creature that crawls on her belly sucking life from the Tree of Liberty.

I’m stuck voting for McCain – don’t let your moral vanity and personal self-esteem blind you to the needs of the rest of the Citizenry or YOU will be living the memory of Freedom that I do now, as you become Californized and assimilated.

I’m a one-issue voter, voting for one thing, the one tool that Citizens still have that can make a difference in free-speech, finance, or immigration reform. It’s the single tool that backstops and guarantees Free-speech in the Bill of Rights – and about which 1st Amendments advocates so often feel embarrassed and are reluctant to support…Shame on them – it’s a Right, not an Option to be fiddled-away.

Look around you there are forces coalescing. If you haven’t noticed lately there’s been a recent prohibitionary surge in many Democrat controlled States. They have introduced the absurdly laughable fiction of “microstamping” as Legislation, and lead-ammo bans to protect one extinction-teetering species or another — no doubt following the lead of our muscle-headed Rhinocrat Ecoweenie Governator Shwarrzennkennedy – such a huge disappointment, we are so over him.

The legislation is a real trend and make no mistake it’s not about helping the Police – it adds to their already substantial administrative burden. It’s also not about how inexpensive and viable the technology is either, or even “how many lives it will save” – if it was any of those beneficent things it would be free like 9-1-1 is free (thanks Rob!)- it’s about imposing burdensome regulations in a concerted effort to drive manufacturers out of business. When they are gone your freedom is too.


Now that I’ve made more room with the office furniture, there’s a gap in my closet and a serious gunnyitch, bit by the Blackrifle Mosquito and it’s swellin’ up as I rapidly approach a significant milestone – but I’m not sure if it’s at all possible given my finances and permissions required. One is less expensive than the other.

And I’m not all so sure about the whole rail-rail-rail thing on the spendy one since I really just wanted it for the Aimpoint to be switchable over from the M1 Carbine – not into lights and lasers and buzzers and grenade launchers and jack-tactical things – I just don’t have them….not yet anyhow.

It is much more about want than need, but the inevitable changes would be a swap to free-floating guards or rail, and so why not start out that way? Still the point is having a light and short, happy fun-gun upper, and a bit cheap – not a Guccigun all botoxed with stretched skin and bulbously poofed lips like Donatella. Yeesh!

UPDATE: I lurve the names of the Noveske 5.56 and 6.8 and 7.62 products: Leonidas, Crusader, Afghan, and Infidel — and I get better feedback (more anyhow) from my small circle of readers than any other resource, please submit more!

35° Degrees Fahrenheit

It was cool this morning, 35° – then it cleared out and brightened up, then some weather tried to get in and the wind came up and things got cold again.

I shot a miserable 67 offhand that killed my score, but I stuck around. I’ve heard that some guys take-off – I guess they figure there’s no point in further shooting once they blow a stage, but that kind of behavior doesn’t usually happen with the guys in my club. I shot on target #3 in the first relay with the regulars. We had enough new shooters for their own relay, so we lead – and then in the second stage we helped coach the new guys and did the target changes and scoring – that’s how it’s supposed to work, everybody chips-in.

Did sweetly with a 96-4X in rapid-seated (best yet), and then worked up a pretty good rapid-prone with an 85-1X – not my best but second-best. Finally in slow-prone I clicked up windage right two and up one, and settled in on tying up my best-yet slow prone score with another 182 – and then beat it with 4X’s! Small improvements in little increments. Finished with 430-9X.
There’s the score that went missing after the lightweight bullets came apart with the fast twist – those nine X’s “and twelve 3’s,” as my wife laughingly called it.
I got my 9-X’s back. But that lousy offhand – if I had got them in as I did at the last Match I would have made Expert, but its getting close…I can taste it.
Drove home and together we went out to La Fiesta for a Mexican lunch. The Casa Noble Añejo is killer in a Margarita, probably shouldn’t do that (mix it in a Margarita), but what the hell, it’s yummy.

Take the Tribe and Run

Apply the wet-and-stick tattoos, we are tribaloids, we are Peeps of the Gub. My thanks to Jeff for posting our pics, and for poor, myopic, narrow-minded, hopelessly conventional, orthodox, and blinkered Laura Washington for Naming the whole Family – and Yay! to be on the same page as the Gunbloggers out there.