Metalform Magazines

As the Queen of Snark advises, magazines are perishable, wear-items, so you should stock-up whenever possible. 

Brownell’s was havin’ a sale: $29.99 down to $22.99 On Sale Today! (and they still are on-sale), so I bought two because they’re stainless steel and I liked the look of the follower. Guess which one is the Ed Brown magazine.
Maybe I’ll get s’more…
Quick UPDATE: Midway has ’em on Clearance sale. and I ordered a couple more.

Now I’m starting to wonder…

Why did I keep the one I did when it’s not much smaller than the new one I got – but is slightly fatter and holds one less round? The easy take-down? The de-cocker?

Update: There’s a gun under there but you almost wouldn’t notice.

Here you can see the contrast in size of the Sig P245 trigger guard.
UPDATE: Mo’Pics!

For New Jovian Thunderbolt

He’s right when he says, size matters, but sometimes there’s not a whole lot of difference.
A .45 is a .45 not a 9mm. or a .380 – but this is just an excuse to post pics.

Note that there’s no bumper-pads on the magazines.  On the old one (1943) it looks inappropriate, on the new shiny one it looks like a goddam zit. And this text is even smaller, too – that’s where size really matters, legibility.

H/T SayUncle.