Now I’m starting to wonder…

Why did I keep the one I did when it’s not much smaller than the new one I got – but is slightly fatter and holds one less round? The easy take-down? The de-cocker?

Update: There’s a gun under there but you almost wouldn’t notice.

Here you can see the contrast in size of the Sig P245 trigger guard.
UPDATE: Mo’Pics!

No Rails Old School Naked and Covered

The sun’s shining and birds chirping and I got nuthin’ while the kewl kidz are at the NRA-something in Pennsywhatchamacallit way-back East.
But with the goober holster collection now comes this old K-frame wearing a beater Galco “Fletch” eBay holster – in and out of leather. It’s a step up from the G&G nylon holster anyhow.

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