Snow Forecast

29-degrees this morning and the water in the dog bowl froze-over – snow is in the forecast for this afternoon.

The bathroom floor is set. After further and continuous breakage of the ridiculously fragile travertine, we went to Plan-C: a ceramic wood-grain tile that reflects the rustic nature of this locale. At least and finall it’s getting done, and next up is the plumbing with shower glass and the double-sink vanity….should be done by Christmas!

And welcome to our newest family member, the dog.

November Morning

48-degrees and some scattered clouds but no rain or snow yet. Autumn has been very mild so far, thankfully because there is work for my guys to do, setting up the dog fencing with gates and posts. Which is what we must do since a few more travertine tiles are on order. Meanwhile we are getting ready to adopt our neighbor’s 7-year old white German Shepherd when the old man moves south…

The master-bath floor is dry-fitted but as this stuff is fragile until set down in thinset, a few broke. The curvature in the photo is a result of panoramic distortion, and the flooring was removed and laid-down in the next room in preparation for final install, which is when the breakage occurred. Maybe this all will be done by Christmas…

Blackout Times

The beefsteak tomato plant is still producing, but PG&E is not – ostensibly for our own good and because of “fire safety.” Yeh right. PG&E is a colossally inept and corrupt power company. Thank God we country bumpkins only get electricity from them and are not doubly tied at the gas-umbilical, like the poor bastards in suburbia

So the propane generator is running – but the bathroom renovation is stalled.

Part of the renovation slow-down, besides everyone being out of power and local business severely impacted, is because the travertine flooring was inadequate and failed. The “not-really-rock” was/appears to be a manufactured veneer product more appropriately used on walls and simply incapable of withstanding any weight.

Pieces were breaking-off when cut on the tile saw, and the material lacked signs of actually being cut from rock – like saw-cut marks on the back, of which there were none, and we noticed a latex or caulk smell. So my good friends are working it out. Hopefully by Thanksgiving or Christmas…

Blackout in Flyover

The backup propane-powered generator kicked-on about 2:18AM as anticipated given the warnings from PG&E. Ostensibly it’s due to “high fire danger” from “gusting winds,” and the Media is playing that tune loud and clear, but meanwhile rural school districts are closed for the day and freeway commuter traffic has slowed to a crawl as traffic signals are non-functional…And the Fat Boy is in the garage. With .50 caliber holes in the wheels…but more importantly the social experiment is over and power is back.