Playing in the mud

After the morning frost dissipated and the sun rose up high enough to make a good temperature difference – which was around 10:00AM – I put on my muck-boots and advanced into the wet pasture to begin channel-making.
At first I was just going to spray weed-killer on the Broadleaf Dock, the nasty-soupy carrot-rooted plant that infests and traps brackish water, then sends up a stalk of ten-thousand seeds to propagate itself – the stuff of which I had pulled-up over fifty bags last year. Meh.
The small channel that I had gouged with my boot-heel before the last rain was moving water off the field rather well, so I decided to go back and get the shovel and do some drainage improvements. Also the pre-emergent that I spread in the Fall combined with Scott’s turf-builder “Weed and Feed” meant that I had a lot of actual grass growing instead of just prairie-crap like the Dock (and Thistles and Sedge). Now I had/have an opportunity to cut out whole rooted grass chunks and build-up low-lying areas, so I began that too over by the fence line, carrying shovels-full of grass that dripped shovels-full of water at the same time.
Large patches are still pretty squishy where still-water is standing, and there is much more to do – but on a fine and mild day like this I had to make mud while the sun shined! Rain is forecast for tonight and part of tomorrow, then Tuesday is supposed to be clear before another storm blows in Wednesday.


Back to the Swamp

Three inches of rain and still counting (UPDATE: 4.13 inches for January), but clearing tonight and less tomorrow and the rest of the week.
The run-off from my neighbor’s pond (off to the right) is now flowing into the catchment and through the 8-inch underground pipe, and out into the stream-culvert on the left with good momentum. The rest of what is visible is simply run-off coming downhill into the pasture.
Life in the Country out in the sticks. Maybe I should get a row-boat.

A bit here, a bit there

A little rain here, a little rain there, but still way behind schedule and averages.
And a little stress here, a little stress there…doing the Estate work; corralling the funds and getting the documents – it’s a minefield for someone with a little financial acumen as I have. But it will be OK, this is all temporary.
Meanwhile I took the Rossi ’92 into the gun-slicker and he’ll do his magic. There are some sharp edges that need radiusing. I just didn’t feel like tearing into it myself at this time.

Year-End Maintenance

Out with the Old and make-way for the New. A new year is dawning and after fourteen years of haphazard writing it’s time for a bit of clean-up to the Sidebar, and since “Blogging is Dead,” as Nietzsche might say (the Gunblogger Rendezvous is anyhow), all the bloggy-type stuff needs to go.
Don’t feel slighted, it’s just based on interactions. For the few who occasionally read and comment/counter-comment some blogs remain on the blogroll. Some remain for perhaps no reason at all, but it’s not a growth industry. More could and may be added upon request, but I got rid of all the quaint categories.
Happy 2018!

Frozen Tundra

Cold and gray with high-clouds filtering the wan sunlight – it’s not that bad, but the frost has been on everything the last weeks and the High Country has snow and I’ve been looking for a better winter work-jacket/coat. Carhartt is popular around here for that. And some fleece lined pants, check!

Things my Dad made

Making the parallel clamps was a typical exercise in metal-shop tool-making expertise, with the knurling and the name-stamps.

And also the 3-piece walnut and flame-mahogany veneer dining room set, a demonstration of wood-shop expertise – with the accompanying table and chairs. He and his old shop-buddy from school re-covered the chairs about five years ago.

I miss Dad and Mom.