Another Drying-Out Day

In-between storms a bit of sunshine. Meanwhile up in the High Country there’s 713-measured inches of snow in the Central Sierra, that’s 59-something feet! Woo-hoo!

We’ve eclipsed the most recent high-level amount and closing in the 1951-52 record of 800+inches… Now if only somebody had built-up a couple reservoirs during that time period – but who could have foreseen the incredible population growth and agricultural needs? Planners maybe?

Snowfall Morning

This is still fun for me, having not grown up in a snowy region, but I can see that it might get tiresome especially if you have to ride your bike to school…carrying your trombone for 1st Period morning Band lesson. Kinda awkward on a 10-speed.

7:42 AM

Accumulation is slow and steady, temp is 33.3°F, and one hour later it’s building up:

8:45 AM

And I had to hose-off the satellite dish to get any TV reception! Woot!

Dry Out Days

We got three days, and it was enough with the drainage running and the water keepin’ moving, the slushy parts are less and the hard-pan remains firm – not sure that’s so great but I have sacks of calcium to attack the hard pan…once the next two snowstorms blow through. Hell, this is normal snow like back in the 60’s and 70’s! Before the big drought warnings – it’s just how California is, like before the Hippies and folks from Massachusetts moved here…

Grilling Salmon on the “plancha” (cast iron grill).

It was in the mid 50’s so we put us on some shorts and took a nap in the sun, on the chaise lounges – and the sun felt so good.


Three consecutive days of snow followed by a mix of rain and snow, at this altitude is kinda unusual. Today is just cold and rainy, with more snow forecast mixed with rain.

Wet Stuff

Break in the Weather

Caught us some nice weather and went in for grilling. Walked the old railroad trail and had lunch at Poor Red’s; a spicy, King’s Meats bratwurst (local butcher) for me, and the spicy roasted Brussels sprouts for my wife – doggie got a burger patty…

Drencheroonie #4

I seriously have lost track whether this is Storm-Squall Event #3 or #4 or whatever. Since last night we’re at 0.52″ as of about 10:00AM – temps in the mid 40’s, winds gusting to 23mph. Rainfall “to date” (with the Rain Season being July 1st to June 30th) is at 168.0 % of Normal, at 28.64” and ahead of last year’s 22.15″.

My bottom-land seasonal “lake” is back, but the drainage is flowing as best it can, heading out down Dry Creek – a seasonal creek – and so long as rainfall isn’t measured in inches-per-hour we should be good. Lotta snow dropping in on the High Country.

Dry-Out Day

We’re getting a bit of time between the next squall line scheduled to come racing across the state and give us another drenching. We’re looking at a whole week of rain headed this way…

Sunrise was pretty, instead of being covered in dull gray clouds, and today we grill!