Dos Vaqueros

I missed my Blogversary last Monday. Got the new 5-1/2 inch Stainless Vaquero out of the State’s 10-day wait clutches. So now I have a Light and a (short) Dark one. The matching Altamont grips look swell too. Now I don’t have to worry about multiple and various calibers at the loading table, it’s all one thing: .44-40 WCF.
Too bad about the Gunblogger Rendezvous, it seems to have gone away and I’m missing that get-together with fellow Gunnies. Except now I have new people to meet at my new Club.

Gunblastic Gunchickz

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(UPDATED: reformatted)…
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Go Colts!

With a temperature hovering around 102° and a throat on fire and unable to speak beyond a croak I sat through the memorial service and then we drove home. We left the flowers and the rest of the relatives and drove away, and I went to bed for another day and a half.
I didn’t see one minute of the Super-Bowl spectacle, however today the outcome had me thinking positive thoughts despite all the grindingly bad news and events of the past two months. Despite these facts; that I still can’t even taste beer, and that my nose is painfully swollen red from blowing snot, and that I had no real interest or stake in the game’s outcome – there is one, single, grandly unifying element that until now I had not the slightest recognition, and please forgive me but Go Colts!