Dos Vaqueros

I missed my Blogversary last Monday. Got the new 5-1/2 inch Stainless Vaquero out of the State’s 10-day wait clutches. So now I have a Light and a (short) Dark one. The matching Altamont grips look swell too. Now I don’t have to worry about multiple and various calibers at the loading table, it’s all one thing: .44-40 WCF.
Too bad about the Gunblogger Rendezvous, it seems to have gone away and I’m missing that get-together with fellow Gunnies. Except now I have new people to meet at my new Club.

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  1. Seems that Aquachigger guy has a Garand, among other irons. His Thanksgiving family shoot:

    His nieces seem to handle it ok, although it gets heavy after a bit.

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  2. As far as holsters, I would investigate whether you could get the short one to fit properly in the longer holster, as then you aren’t restricted in which one you can carry where.

    Alternatively, you could get the long one shortened to match the other. Looks like the barrel lettering might not be affected, however, it appears that the front sight on the dark one is noticeably taller, so that would have to be changed, and not just shifted back.

    That front sight, and other fitting areas, sometimes makes using a holster intended for an identical, but longer gun, a problem. Usually the area of concern is retention, as some holster makers don’t bother making long guns fit well, relying on the length to accord sufficient stability. Trying out the actual items together is the only reliable method. Holster makers seldom note that a shorter model gun would be an acceptable fit, but often mention that shorter ones should not be attempted. Holster styles, of course, can have a huge impact on this subject.

    With those towering front sights, avoid putting the longer gun in a short holster, unless it is one that basically fits just the action/frame. Otherwise, you run the risk of catching the sight on the edge of the barrel tunnel, bringing the draw to a screeching halt. That screeching will be mostly in your mind, one hopes!

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  3. Very nice. Heh, forgive me, it’s just the way I’m wired. One light and one dark. If anyone ever accuses you of being waacist, you can pull them both, put on your best Val Kilmer, and reply “Well, I’m your huckleberry!”.

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  4. That RH grip panel of the SS model looks like a face/head.
    Are the red grips actually mounted, or just stuck on for photos? No screws visible on either side, just empty holes.

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