Boom and Bust

The history of the Gold Country is replete with tales of boom and bust, of peak-moments of crazy-fabulous riches followed by troughs of fire, depression, failed-crops, and broken dreams. In other words, the prospective house needs a whole new roof, entirely new attic ducting, and an electrical make-over. There’s some witches-brew of mis-wiring; the light/fan in the master-bedroom trips the GFI in the master bath, but then the fan continues to operate. One GFI circuit in a front bedroom trips a circuit on the other-side of the house out on the deck. Another GFI circuit in the kitchen is un-tripped by itself but is tripped by the non-GFI outlet on the other side of the sink. The carpet smells of smoke, and walls need patching – that’s trivial and cosmetic, but/and there’s no vent-stack for the stove/range. Venting into the attic is not a recommended procedure as I understand it. The vent-stack could be fixed at the time of the re-roofing, but the full inspection report and termite-report and will come tomorrow. And no dirtbike riding, too noisy! Pbbth! Other than that the HOA is pretty un-intrusive! I’m gonna go have a beer.

The Empire Strikes Back

Update from Rick.
Our Overlords and Masters decline to agree with Liberty and the Constitution. Motion for 60 Day Stay in Mance v Holder It seems the Government is determined to fight against protecting our Civil Rights under the Constitution.
What is it about, “Justice delayed is Justice denied?” The wheels of Gov. and Bureaucracy grind slowly and inexorably when it suits them, but swiftly when the takings are ripe.



Civil Action No. 4:14-CV-00539-O


Defendants respectfully move for a stay of the Court’s Memorandum Opinion and Order dated February 11, 2015 [ECF No. 40] for 60 days, in order to allow adequate time for the government to determine whether to appeal the Court’s decision and, if so, whether to seek a stay pending appeal. The determination whether to appeal is entrusted by regulation to the Solicitor General of the United States.

See 28 C.F.R. § 0.20(b). The 60 days requested represents a modest amount of time for the Solicitor General to determine whether to appeal, after consultation with the affected governmental components.

See also 28 U.S.C. § 2107(b) (allowing 60 days for filing a notice of appeal when the federal government is a party). No undue prejudice will result to Plaintiffs from the short stay requested, as evidenced by the fact that Plaintiffs have not sought preliminary injunctive relief in this case. For the foregoing reasons, Defendants respectfully urge the Court to enter an order that stays the provisions of its Memorandum Opinion and Order dated February 11, 2015 for 60 days, until April 14, 2015. A proposed order is being submitted electronically in Word Perfect-compatible format to the Court’s “Orders” email address.

Dated: February 13, 2015
Respectfully submitted,
JOYCE R. BRANDA Acting Assistant Attorney General
JOHN R. PARKER Acting United States Attorney /s/ Daniel Riess DIANE KELLEHER Assistant Branch Director
U.S. Department of Justice Civil Division,
Rm. 6122 20 Massachusetts Avenue,
NW Washington, D.C. 20530
Telephone: (202) 353-3098
Fax: (202) 616-8470
Attorneys for Defendants

Sauv Blanc pour Moi – Plastic Euro-Land

Not much of a mondegreen actually (as the above 1977-song illustrates), but it works for me. Just talking about “homophony” could get you thrown off a tower in Nineveh these days. Really ugly stuff is happening everywhere as the seams are starting to split. I trace it back to the late 70’s and Baader-Meinhof Red-Armee-Faction, for which there’s almost a nostalgia in Germany today. Yeh youbetcha.
One of the reasons we moved out of the fabulously rich Coastal Lib’Burbs (for me anyhow) was practical-tactical. The neighborhood had filled-up full of Tech-types, both male and female, and nearly always in Condition-White: nose-deep in Handheld Computer-phones. With one of the biggest Mosques just down Hwy. 101 from a shooting range I wondered what would happen when the Muslims decided to ramp-up the pressure and blood started to spill-out. Nobody I knew (besides me) in the neighborhood had a gun – it was all going to get really bad before it gets better… Now there are “protests” nearly every day down there.
The whole pressure to implement “Multiculturalism” started back in the 70’s in order for the EU (and here in the USA) to press for cheap labor. In Europe it was essential to make their socialist “Economic Union” actually economical and functional – at least until it was firmly established so it couldn’t be dislodged.
KPD-ML Red Guard
People *cough* have been trying to “unify” Europe ever since Napoleon but they don’t come together on “across-the-border” issues naturally. They fight – and then what they DO build are great National Structures like The Maginot Line or The Sigfried Line, or the line of bunkers between Switzerland and Italy-Austria high in the Alps, and huge concrete block-house artillery towers. The EU is the bureaucratic concretization – or realization or “actualization” of that unifying effort, buttressed by a thousand corridors of power, and with a city full of regulations stacked higher and deep than the Iron Curtain around Berlin. They had to build it up and make it thick and incomprehensible before anybody could read what was in it to find-out it was full of vile crap and vomit-out the disgusting Fascism that was central to it. Sound Familiar?
In Germany and Austria they brought in more and more Spaniards first, then in the 80’s more and more Turks and Arabs. All for cheap labor under the guise of International Ecumenical Friendliness and Brotherly Spirit and a bunch of political claptrap.
My roommate in Vienna Austria (for a while, before the Fall of the Berlin-Wall) was an Egyptian kid on a bogus “Student Visa” who was trying to get into the University BUT DID NOT SPEAK ANY GERMAN, let alone “Viennese.” He lived in our subsidized “Student Rooms” but sold Newspapers on the street-corner since he was unable to attend ANY University classes except “German as a Second Language” – or something similar. He was nearly clueless and mostly homesick and he cried himself to sleep at night listening to the wailing shriek of a famous Cairo female singer… He had a stereo, I did not.
I could tell this wasn’t going to end well, but the Left as a political Power really needed and wanted the Economic Union to succeed so they could implement their power-grab via economic measures, and the next stumbling block that had to fall to Militant Bureaucratization was the Currency. The Deutschmark had to go, and the Franc with it. Enforced Unity under a common currency was another lever of Power, especially over the banks and stock-trading centers, so they had to leverage and import more cheap-labor to make those effects concrete. Now they’re in their own concrete jungle, surrounded by their own concrete towers and the guns face inward. Screw Europe, I have Alps in my own backyard.

Sunset over Sacatomatoes

IMGP0003_x1000For some reason I’ve been thinking about getting a Colt SAA – or a Vaquero, nothing else by Ruger makes my neck itch.  Of course price is an issue, and I could just shoot the M1909 if I want to blast .45LC stuff.

And since I went on a comment-bender at OldNFO’s I’ll reprise that here:  Just that Obama’s absence from the Paris anti-Jihad march-event leaves me meh.

I’ve been too embarrassed already when I was tramping around The Continent (now the Incontinent?) drinking pints of Guinness, by Jimmy Freaking Carter to *now* be embarrassed by this Obama-lama-ding-dong. The Euros can go take a f*ng seat in a wet pissoir.
He’s our Nobel Peace-Prizer, Livin’ The Life as a jet-set Citizen-o’da-World with his fine wife and daughters basking in his radiant glory and swell golf-game, and nothing much makes a difference to him outside his own splendor.
Besides, France really did bring this onto themselves by setting up the No-Cop “Sensitive” Zones/Suburbs where they stuffed all the low-wage immigrant population that is 99% Islamic — and where Shari Law supersedes French 3rd Empire Law or whatever Napoleonic Code thing they have going.  And being paid-off and also insulated from The Law and Responsibility, and fed nearly 100% Feree-Welfare-Everything, the Suburb-Zones became incubators for violence and Jihad – much like Detroit and Dearborn Michigan, and Berkeley/Oakland and other Socialist Parasite-Cities in the US who’s occupants are clothed and fed from the wages and taxes of working people, and who are taught by a deranged Edu Establishment  (that is nearly Muslim in zealotry and fanaticism) to despise the flyover people who clothe and feed them and do the actual work so that they get EBT cards…

Idiots of Infamy

From Borepatch and ASM826 we learn that it’s likely (and how typical) that Russia (Putin) is financing anti-fracking environmentalists – in order to not lose money. I wonder how Maduro down in Venezuela is faring? Says Romania:

Pointing to a mysteriously well-financed and well-organized campaign of protest, Romanian officials including the prime minister say that the struggle over fracking in Europe does feature a Goliath, but it is the Russian company Gazprom, not the American Chevron.

Gazprom, a state-controlled energy giant, has a clear interest in preventing countries dependent on Russian natural gas from developing their own alternative supplies of energy, they say, preserving a lucrative market for itself — and a potent foreign policy tool for the Kremlin.

“Everything that has gone wrong is from Gazprom,” Mr. Mircia said.

This belief that Russia is fueling the protests, shared by officials in Lithuania, where Chevron also ran into a wave of unusually fervent protests and then decided to pull out, has not yet been backed up by any clear proof.
And (of course) Gazprom has denied accusations that it has bankrolled anti-fracking protests. But circumstantial evidence, plus large dollops of Cold War-style suspicion, have added to mounting alarm over covert Russian meddling to block threats to its energy stranglehold on Europe.
Before stepping down in September as NATO’s secretary general, Anders Fogh Rasmussen gave voice to this alarm with remarks in London that pointed a finger at Russia and infuriated environmentalists.

“Russia, as part of their sophisticated information and disinformation operations, engaged actively with so-called nongovernmental organizations — environmental organizations working against shale gas — to maintain dependence on imported Russian gas,” Mr. Rasmussen said. He presented no proof and said the judgment was based on what NATO allies had reported. (my emphasis)

To repeat Borepatch: Motive and opportunity, as they say.  And a history of using “social justice” organizations in the West.

Shades of all the damn-stupid years, and of the damn-stupid protestors during the REAL Cold-War. Shades all the mis-information and dis-information, all of it swallowed up and regurgitated like last night’s drunken Stanford-Harvard kegger Frat-party – by a bunch of intellectual barf-bags, blown into the gutters and minds of the perpetual lazy undergraduate  of America by half-wit Grad Students and Academic Useful Idiots.
UPDATE: snip rant

Gloomy Sunday

Here’s hoping we get some sunlight on the first of December! Otherwise not much to say. Fiddling with the Mossberg has been fun, but I still need a light or light-mount and some Training. The practice shells are a handful, the gun is long and get’s heavy out at the end…

The treachery of the Media as displayed in their eager coverage of the Ferguson riots and the ongoing blatant misrepresentation of Thug Brown as a youthful Choir Boy is really depressing, especially with the constant shift to blaming “Race” instead of blaming the awful destruction wrought by 50-years of the so-called Great Society. The Media really must let go of their shameful past and false idols and come to grips with their own inadequacy, fears, and responsibility. But that would be asking a scorpion to be something other than a scorpion.

Someone once said, “We are under a Media coup d’etat,” and to that here’s some examples:

ABC News President Ben Sherwood’s sister, Dr. Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall, is the Special Assistant to Barack Obama.

CBS News President David Rhodes’ brother Ben is Obama’s Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communication.

NBC News senior political editor Mark Murray is married to former CNN reporter Sasha Johnson is an Obama’s former DOT Public Affairs Director, and is now chief of staff at the FAA.

CNN deputy bureau chief Virginia Moseley’s husband, Tom Nides, is the Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources.

And also ABC’s Senior National Correspondent Claire Shipman is married to President Obama’s former press secretary Jay Carney…

But the good news is we have them surrounded:


Fast & Furious Gun-running #IXI

Obama’s Gun-Running Czar Eric Holder was unavailable for comment, or to plead for 5th Amendment protection, while fawning millionaire hypocrite Kerry signs UN arms treaty – which senators threaten to block.
I wonder how many of the 43 dead Mexican Student-Teachers killed by the Guerreros Unidos cartel were killed by BATFE “Fast & Furious” smuggled guns.

Drug gang members have described a horrific effort to make 43 teachers college students disappear, piling their bodies like cord wood on a pyre that burned for 15 hours and then wading into the ashes to pulverize, bag and dispose of remaining teeth and bones.
…They were driven to killing grounds in a dump truck so tightly packed about 15 of the young men suffocated to death. The others were then slain, apparently shot to death, and all were put on the fire, which was fueled by gasoline, diesel, wood, plastic and old tires.

The fact that the Mexican Police were implicit in handover of students to the Cartel gunmen under orders of Iguala Mayor José Luís Abarca is a further travesty of justice – and a perfect example of a Police State where only the Police are allowed guns, using thug-proxies to do its dirty-dirty enforcement work.

Berlin Gone Away

I already posted about my misadventures across The Wall here, and here, it was one of the critical things I had to get off my chest as I began blogging and critiquing the utterly abject and constant failures of Socialism/Communism/Fascism. If there’s one aspect of that nasty nexus of bad-brain stupidity and irredeemably toxic philosophy, besides being two sides of the same lousy coin, it’s the repetition of Failure built upon Failure.
I’m glad it fell. Free Health Insurance? HA! They were laboratory guinea pigs: Look what ruined lives their Olympic “Athletes” led. The Left unhesitatingly uses people as lab-animals to achieve a thin veneer of credibility, and the Socialist Medal Machine was no slouch. Bastards.
I’m glad it’s gone. Besides twisting and ruining the bodies of its own athletic corps, it twisted and distorted the landscape around it. Like a heavy-gravity neutrino spitting-out cancerous lesions, it altered and crushed the relationships of people both within the Sphere of Influence and without, and laid waste to the countryside planted with mines and machine-guns. My German friends who were free on the outside were still tethered by a chain of Family to a hideous, barnacle-encrusted, red floating-mine that always seemed ready to explode. Their freedoms were warped and exaggerated in dimension to the un-freedoms of the hapless residents within – and oftentimes I thought it played a part in the reckless wanton hedonism I saw exhibited among my peers. The two Polish kids who were favored Diplomats’ Apparatchik children in India behaved in the most bizarre social manner too, nearly always drunk and aggressively selfish, they chain-smoked and gambled at the racetrack as if they could lose everything at any moment – and I suppose they could. They also stole things, and then had the gall to brag about it, so after a visit you could reasonably expect that sometime was missing. A wristwatch, a pack of smokes, a lighter, a fork. Something-anything. Another hidden aspect of jealousy-driven Communism: no real satisfaction in things whatsoever, just temporary trophies and sad triumphalism – all was ennui.


Back in the Day, a booster shot was not something you bought a round-of at the Airport Bar. When I was a kid and we traveled overseas we had to get shots, a whole range of them, every damn time. The doctors who administered the inoculations filled-in the type of shot and date in a little yellow booklet that you carried with your passport. The booklet was from the W.H.O. – the World Health Organization. It was as closely examined as your passport, and if everything was not in order you didn’t cross the border. Can anybody explain why we’re not still following those protocols? “Open Borders” is retarded bullshit and utter nonsense when peoples’ lives are at stake. We spent a fortune of good will and our Treasury to get this system working properly and now idiots and agenda-driven morons are tearing it apart.

Once we were in-country we also had to get more shots ever six to eight months depending, booster shots. Diphtheria was one, and the Typhoid-Cholera was another. I hated it because it wasn’t just the pin-prick, it was what happened afterwards that filled me with dread. The Typhoid-Cholera booster I hated the most because it made your arm swell up and hurt for about three days. It was especially painful when you bumped it against something – even lightly – or if your older brother (or sister) gave you a punch in the shoulder. So you punched back, hard. Playtime during those days often consisted only of reading books.

To this day I really-really-really hate needles and getting shots, so much that I even avoid the Flu Shot. Another thing is I seriously can’t understand drug addicts who shoot-up. That is the most degrading thing you can do to yourself IMO, and a clear sign to me that they’re really and seriously fk*d-in-the-head. Mentally disturbed, big-time. I really hate needles. Diabetics I feel very sorry about.

Was all the recent Zombie-Apocalypse hype just battlespace preparation and war-gaming something like Ebola? And where can I get some more of that Hornady Zombie ammo? I like the green-tip bullets.