Sauv Blanc pour Moi – Plastic Euro-Land

Not much of a mondegreen actually (as the above 1977-song illustrates), but it works for me. Just talking about “homophony” could get you thrown off a tower in Nineveh these days. Really ugly stuff is happening everywhere as the seams are starting to split. I trace it back to the late 70’s and Baader-Meinhof Red-Armee-Faction, for which there’s almost a nostalgia in Germany today. Yeh youbetcha.
One of the reasons we moved out of the fabulously rich Coastal Lib’Burbs (for me anyhow) was practical-tactical. The neighborhood had filled-up full of Tech-types, both male and female, and nearly always in Condition-White: nose-deep in Handheld Computer-phones. With one of the biggest Mosques just down Hwy. 101 from a shooting range I wondered what would happen when the Muslims decided to ramp-up the pressure and blood started to spill-out. Nobody I knew (besides me) in the neighborhood had a gun – it was all going to get really bad before it gets better… Now there are “protests” nearly every day down there.
The whole pressure to implement “Multiculturalism” started back in the 70’s in order for the EU (and here in the USA) to press for cheap labor. In Europe it was essential to make their socialist “Economic Union” actually economical and functional – at least until it was firmly established so it couldn’t be dislodged.
KPD-ML Red Guard
People *cough* have been trying to “unify” Europe ever since Napoleon but they don’t come together on “across-the-border” issues naturally. They fight – and then what they DO build are great National Structures like The Maginot Line or The Sigfried Line, or the line of bunkers between Switzerland and Italy-Austria high in the Alps, and huge concrete block-house artillery towers. The EU is the bureaucratic concretization – or realization or “actualization” of that unifying effort, buttressed by a thousand corridors of power, and with a city full of regulations stacked higher and deep than the Iron Curtain around Berlin. They had to build it up and make it thick and incomprehensible before anybody could read what was in it to find-out it was full of vile crap and vomit-out the disgusting Fascism that was central to it. Sound Familiar?
In Germany and Austria they brought in more and more Spaniards first, then in the 80’s more and more Turks and Arabs. All for cheap labor under the guise of International Ecumenical Friendliness and Brotherly Spirit and a bunch of political claptrap.
My roommate in Vienna Austria (for a while, before the Fall of the Berlin-Wall) was an Egyptian kid on a bogus “Student Visa” who was trying to get into the University BUT DID NOT SPEAK ANY GERMAN, let alone “Viennese.” He lived in our subsidized “Student Rooms” but sold Newspapers on the street-corner since he was unable to attend ANY University classes except “German as a Second Language” – or something similar. He was nearly clueless and mostly homesick and he cried himself to sleep at night listening to the wailing shriek of a famous Cairo female singer… He had a stereo, I did not.
I could tell this wasn’t going to end well, but the Left as a political Power really needed and wanted the Economic Union to succeed so they could implement their power-grab via economic measures, and the next stumbling block that had to fall to Militant Bureaucratization was the Currency. The Deutschmark had to go, and the Franc with it. Enforced Unity under a common currency was another lever of Power, especially over the banks and stock-trading centers, so they had to leverage and import more cheap-labor to make those effects concrete. Now they’re in their own concrete jungle, surrounded by their own concrete towers and the guns face inward. Screw Europe, I have Alps in my own backyard.

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  1. Heh! got a handful of pebbles from the summit of the highest “Alp in your own backyard”! one of them looks like the very mountain from which it came.


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