Year-End Maintenance

Out with the Old and make-way for the New. A new year is dawning and after fourteen years of haphazard writing it’s time for a bit of clean-up to the Sidebar, and since “Blogging is Dead,” as Nietzsche might say (the Gunblogger Rendezvous is anyhow), all the bloggy-type stuff needs to go.
Don’t feel slighted, it’s just based on interactions. For the few who occasionally read and comment/counter-comment some blogs remain on the blogroll. Some remain for perhaps no reason at all, but it’s not a growth industry. More could and may be added upon request, but I got rid of all the quaint categories.
Happy 2018!

Bloggerology Welcoming

Matt the Armed Canadian has been enlightening, instrumental, and velocitizing in elevating my twist-rate consciousness and has joined the pantheon of Gunbloggers.
Bastards Inc. is back up after some time on hiatus that I didn’t follow closely.
Rosemary is a CentCom news aggregator, Navy Project Valour IT blogger, and Victory oriented blogger on the Right side.
And Carnaby Fudge is a blended continent Spousalequal Gun-Unit – too kewl!

Where’s my manners?

I’ve bookmarked and been reading Rivrdog’s blog for a while, I forget since-when so it’s been a few brain-cells anyhow. I enjoy his combination of advanced History-reading and 2nd Amendment issues-posting, so the addition to my blogroll is latecoming and my apolgies. Thanks and keep it up.

new additions to my gunbloggers blogroll

I have added weapons-loving Jay.Mac of the Eire-Anglosphere at Cryptic Subterranean who teases us with the vicious and salty rumor of a new Broomhandle Mauser, OMG is it too much to ask in the cool-gun reproduction wars?
Also along comes FATWHITEMAN who shows us he really does appreciate the difference between American and Italian TV – it’s quite a telling difference! Also his D*pSh*t Of The Week feature informs us of anti-gun lunatics and hoplophobic (thank you Col. Cooper for that term) mangled-brains who seek to curtail all our liberties, including in this case one who would make it a felony to use a firearm to stop a crime. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!
And not the least at all, Mulliga at Shangrila Towers who introduced me to a fabulous beer stout called Old Rasputin, and brought to mind a huge gap in my armory: I have no Europellet 9mm, none, zip, nada. It’s cheaper than most other stuff – maybe that’s what I need to get for Buy-A-Gun-Day.