What Gun for Walkabout?

It’s not really The End Of The World as We Know It – at least not for anybody else anyhow. But just for YOU the skies are on fire and frogs rain-down from heaven as the flood-waters rise. The rental-house burnt-down and the bug-out bag was in it, along with your cash reserves. It happened when you were at work and getting a surprise pink-slip after only a week – there’s no severance. So, laid-off (again), when you came outside your 12-year old truck wouldn’t start. The tow-fee to move the truck home cost more than the value of the rusted-out Chevy, and besides your tools to fix it were in the house, now three-feet deep in wet-ash slurry. It’s just YOU now – you don’t have anybody else to defend. Your now ex-wife got fed-up and took the kids with her back to Singapore about a month ago when the other job-contract ended, and she used the last of your United-Miles. Your credit card got cut-up a the grocery store when the limit was reached, and the un-paid bill was burnt in the fire. You moved to this remote town after a long and nearly fruitless job-search, and it was the last place your dwindling funds could take you… Sucks to be you, Job.
The Red Cross gives you a sleeping bag, socks, a toothbrush, a disposable razor, and a fresh pair of socks. Somebody left a shopping-cart down at the corner. No feeling-sorry, after-all you get to “re-invent yourself,” and you can now “launch a new career!” You get to let You be You. So what you’re carrying is the single piece you take-with when you’re turned-out – what is it? A rifle might look odd and attract attention as you push your cart down the street. Somebody might recognize and want to steal that precious M1 Garand. And where do you go, with no family to go-to? Do you head south where the weather is warm for sleeping-out? Does TSA frisk and wand people on the Greyhound now? You can’t afford much ammo or the weight that it adds – what do you take, Job?

Fast & Furious Gun-running #IXI

Obama’s Gun-Running Czar Eric Holder was unavailable for comment, or to plead for 5th Amendment protection, while fawning millionaire hypocrite Kerry signs UN arms treaty – which senators threaten to block.
I wonder how many of the 43 dead Mexican Student-Teachers killed by the Guerreros Unidos cartel were killed by BATFE “Fast & Furious” smuggled guns.

Drug gang members have described a horrific effort to make 43 teachers college students disappear, piling their bodies like cord wood on a pyre that burned for 15 hours and then wading into the ashes to pulverize, bag and dispose of remaining teeth and bones.
…They were driven to killing grounds in a dump truck so tightly packed about 15 of the young men suffocated to death. The others were then slain, apparently shot to death, and all were put on the fire, which was fueled by gasoline, diesel, wood, plastic and old tires.

The fact that the Mexican Police were implicit in handover of students to the Cartel gunmen under orders of Iguala Mayor José Luís Abarca is a further travesty of justice – and a perfect example of a Police State where only the Police are allowed guns, using thug-proxies to do its dirty-dirty enforcement work.

Is Judicidorkery a word?

The Supremes are teaching Americans a lesson and it’s that America’s got Talent! 
They have proven by an rambling legalistical formulation drawn from a massively confusing rug of mis-woven regulations, thick with tortured paragraphs and water-boarded dangling participles, that they are truly the third playing-party of .GOV and not exactly an independent or impartial arbiter – since Congress only has to lay-down and pass such a thick and tawdry (2,000 un-read pages) excretion, pebbled with undigested bits of non-aligned thinking and regurgitated kernels of misdirecting caveats, folded-over and funneled into a contorted conclusion, to trip and slip-on as they stumble over it before they finally arrive on stage, ready to tell the long-long joke.
What DO you call an act like that? – I call it ‘The Judicicrats’.

On Training

As a natural born coward, in Junior High School I got the major heebie-jeebies when I saw a couple of older-classmen (boys) dukeing it out with a serous frenzy.  One occurance was at the Senior’s (9th Grade) lunch area, and then there were a couple fights out back at the bike-racks.  One guy pulled a cake-cutter from his afro and was banging holes in the other guy, who was whaling back with a 2×4 he pulled off a bench. It was pretty raw and in-your-face – and at that age the kids had enough sinew and muscle and bone to make serious dents in each other, before even resorting to metal implements.  Another time I walked up to my locker and encountered a kid who was standing there and had opened it – to which I inquired, “What the f@%*#ng hell are you doing, that’s MY locker?”  Such an affront caused to make him angry and he prepare to do fisticuffs – but he was smaller so I just shoved him down the hall, and lashing-back he threatened me with retaliation in the form of larger friends and a later encounter.  Jeeze, of all the nerve the slimy little bastard had.
So I started to go to a night-time class in Kung-Fu, held at the “Y” conducted by a learned teacher.  It was great!  It was also a kind of discipline I heretofore lacked. I think the original idea actually originated with my friend on the water-polo team, a slight lad (at the time) but one with tremendous sprinting ability (in the water – and he did pretty well later in life too as a Triathlete winning some/several major-major races, repeatedly).  And so we rode our bikes together down to the Y at night, and we learned together, and we eventually did some light sparring that broke things in his mom’s apartment.  No more sparring.  More importantly it gave me an important tool to stand-up to my bigger and older brother and stop being his whimsical punching-bag – we evened-out that score about a year later when I had a few more pounds on my frame.
Anyhow as I think to my firearms training it has mainly been in the Hospitable and Pleasant Art of Rifle Shooting, where we lay around in the grass and shoot at distant (200-yards) pieces of paper that have black spots, and peer through expensive optical devices to see the actual teeny holes made by iron-sights.  Leisurly and fun shooting, with old and famous weapons of yore; the M1 Garand, the Krag, the Swiss-thing I sold to buy another gun…
And then I took THE handgun class. Another learned teacher. Two words: Louis Awerbuck.
The training mantra I learned/was taught is SAFETY.
I’m dinged-up already at the moment so I try to avoid walking-into the Pain-Thing – it’s like walking into an open cabinet-door in the middle of the night – or standing up quickly beaneath one. Sharp. Pain. You could put an eye out. Also I’m getting too old for jumping-around doing Ninja stuff in a clown-suit – besides just not being dignified.  I train for being an old, semi-invalid dork with a bum elbow and a (still) bad foot who is mainly capable of heart-arresting amounts of fear and panic, dumped into the bloodstream in great gouts from over-sized safety-glands – and to shoot attackers from the security of a bar-stool, like Han Solo.
I train to drop $40 magazines on the deck and try to not slip-n-slide on them, and especially not to bend-over and pick ‘em up in the middle of shooting.  After dropping a tied-up bundle of big green Simoleons on the class I’d better be ready to drop that shiny money-magazine on the floor too, because whole hand-fulls of silver dollars go steaming out the loud-end when my booger-hook is working the bang-switch.  It’s amazing how fast you can empty a gun into a 4-inch region – and it may not be enough, so you better do it twice.
My hat’s off to those who leap over benches and crawl under them, whether to shoot at steel or to hit waving wands – and getting sweaty and dirty can be a good day’s fun, especially when there’s a cool drink and a swimming pool at the end of the day with scantily clad ladies bringing the Ibuprofen.
At this stage in my solar turn-around I’m becoming more and more leery of the amount of time physical recovery takes – this pooch on my elbow is still ballooned-up and my foot still sends me messages about the ladder incident last year.  I used to be nearly bulletproof but that doesn’t seem to be the return-message I’ve been gettin’ lately. So now I’m just gonna be mean.  Meanness has a training advantage too, and takes it at every turn – like Han Solo.
I hope I learn to be mean enough at just the right time – but telling *¿what is?* the right time seems to be the hard part.  You go off half-cocked and you wind up in a crazy world of $200/hour lawyers, and a legal system that is so bent and has so many broken functions it acts as its own torture-machine.  Meanwhile the operators of said machinery stand-by in suits and ties adding oil and lubing the joints of equipment that just hammers walnuts into paste, while extracting piles of green Simoleans that they stuff in their pockets and some they hand-over to friendly Politicians who write up a new work-order for additional pieces of machinery that simply embellish the Dreadful Device, and make it’s operation more capricious and lethal.
So get your training while you’re young and can do it with a speedy recovery time because there’s no time like the present, and watch out for The Machine.
(update: Thanks Editor…)(further edits for clarity)

Facebook or NRA? I got your actual social-network right here.

H/T Maddened fowl we are directed to an interesting analysis of an actual Social-Network that is vibrant and active, isn’t tanking in the stock-market – and is over 100-years old.

  • Open: 26.75
  • High: 27.76
  • Low: 26.61


NRA: A Social enterprise?  Definition: A nonprofit venture that combines the passion of a social mission with the discipline, innovation, and determination commonly associated with for-profit businesses. Suitability: NRA was established “to fund firearms, hunting safety and educational projects of benefit to the general public”.

NRA (love ‘em or hate ‘em), boasts membership of 4.3 million loyal fans and advocates.  Their 2012 Annual General Meeting had 73,740 attendees, whereas the Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffett (Berkshire Hathaway) had 40,000 attendees!

Should the NRA have an IPO?  It’s not like they are just an on-line replication of another limited-value industry, churning the nostalgia of memory and regrets: the High School Yearbook…

In 1990 The NRA Foundation was established – obviously to capitalize on the immense membership draw the NRA has, currently at 4,300,000 registered members.  At $35/year, or $1,000 “lifetime” membership, it is easy to see how the NRA boasts revenue last year of over $237,500,000.

Makes you think, huh?


MAYDAY! MAYDAY! MAYDAY! is an alarm that is sounded when your ship is in gravest danger – and that applies equally to your society.

Repeated from Kevin:

Today is the fourth annual Victims of Communism Day, a day to remember the people murdered by their own governments in their quest to achieve a “worker’s paradise” where everyone is equal, where “to each according to his needs, from each according to his abilities” is the beautiful dream lie.  R.J. Rummel, Professor Emeritus of Political Science at the University of Hawaii, has calculated that the total number of victims of Communism – that is, the domestic victims of their own governments – in the USSR, China, Vietnam, North Korea and Cambodia is 98.4 million people.
For all Communist governments during the 20th Century, he puts the estimate at approximately 110 million.  And this wasn’t in warfare against other nations, this was what these governments did to their own people – “breaking eggs” to make their utopian omelet.

Six million Jews were murdered by Nazis during the Holocaust, and another six million people who the Nazis decided were simply “undesirable” went with them.  “Never again” is the motto of the modern Jew, and many others just as dedicated.  But “again and again and again” seems to be the rebuke of history.

Communists are hardly alone in these crimes.  Rummel estimates that the total number of people murdered by their own governments during the 20th Century is on the close order of 262 million, but the single biggest chunk of that truly frightening number is directly due to one pernicious idea:  That we can make people better.

Read the whole thing. 


“… it is not for nothing that we have chosen the name National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP), because at heart we are Communists.” Joseph Goebbels. ”We are socialists, we are enemies of today’s capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance, and we are all determined to destroy this system under all conditions.” –Adolf Hitler

NOooo!! CA Gerrymander Proposition 27 – Lies, Fakery, and Falsity

From Ballot☆Pedia

At first I was enamored by the surface of this protest, to see the reflection of my own handsome face in the mirror-pond, wearing my old Youth Brigade beret and flowing hair – and feel the immense rippling power of my collective awesomeness.

Then the waters actually did ripple and with consciousness I saw my balding Earthworm Jim visage, the thin gray chest hair, and my delusion of grandiosity died.

If there was ever a DoubleTalk-DoubleSpeak award this might get it.
If the googly-eyed pinchy botox-faced Nancy Pelosi, the sad-clown Communist Barbara Lee, and psychotically deranged Lynn Woolsey gave money to it, it must be self-serving.

If scumbucket George Soros is for it, beyond simply being bad it is very likely to be evil.

The Incumbents and Political Master-Class want their power back and the will pay millions in their effort to return control to themselves. They want to eliminate the little people who are on the Commission and return it to the untrustworthy, lying fat-cats of Incumbistan.  For the greedy stupid Pasha’s to get their power back they preform Jihad on the electorate and Taqiyya. The lying.

Donor Amount
Haim Saban $2,000,000
AFSCME $1,250,000
Working 4 Working Americans $500,000
Democratic State Central Committee of California $250,000
Judy Chu TruPAC $125,000
Charles Calderon for State Assembly Committee $100,000
George Soros $100,000
Peter Angelos $100,000
Louise Gund $100,000
Edith Wasserman $100,000
Zenith Insurance $100,000

Note: “Working 4 Working Americans” is described by Capitol Weekly as “a Washington, D.C.-based, labor-backed group.”

17 Democratic congressmen either gave money directly to the campaign or whose campaign committees gave money:

Mike Honda, shame on you!
And it’s entirely partisan, no members of the Republican Party have made any move to support this bayotch, while members of the Democratic Party are bankrolling it either personally through their state senate or state assembly campaign committee, or through a ballot measure campaign committee set up with their name on it:

Politician Office held Party Amount
Charles Calderon State Assembly, District 58 Democrat $100,000
Mike Eng State Assembly, District 49 Democrat $100,000
Bob Blumenfield State Assembly, District 40 Democrat $85,000
John Perez State Assembly, District 46 Democrat $49,000
Alex Padilla State Senate, District 20 Democrat $34,000
Felipe Fuentes State Assembly, District 39 Democrat $30,000
Nancy Skinner State Assembly, District 14 Democrat $30,000
Karen Bass State Assembly, District 47 Democrat $20,000

Bastards! No to 27 – this stuff is the ugly sausage-factory of politics.

Don’t Cry For Me California

Something I didn’t know yesterday, but now know today…

(UPDATE: list instead of stupid table)
People on the receiving end of California’s tissue-thin IOUs:

Aged, Blind or Disabled persons – $591 million
Temporary assistance for basic family needs – $495 million
Services to persons with developmental disablities – $363 million
Mental health treatment and rehabilitative services – $90 million
Alcohol and Drug Abuse prevention, treatment, and recovery services – $127 million
State Operations (primarily vendor payments) – $424 million
Personal Income Tax Refunds – $140 million
Corporate Tax Refunds – $58 million

People on the California Gravy Train of CA$Hola payments:

University of California – $346 million
Public Employees’ Retirement System – $416 million
State Teachers’ Retirement System – $198 million
Legislators, Legislative employees, and Appointees – $15 million
Department of Corrections – $171 million

There’s more detail at those links, but to paraphrase Napoleon the pig (who was based on Joseph Stalin) in George Orwell’s Animal Farm, some pigs are more equal than others.