What Gun for Walkabout?

It’s not really The End Of The World as We Know It – at least not for anybody else anyhow. But just for YOU the skies are on fire and frogs rain-down from heaven as the flood-waters rise. The rental-house burnt-down and the bug-out bag was in it, along with your cash reserves. It happened when you were at work and getting a surprise pink-slip after only a week – there’s no severance. So, laid-off (again), when you came outside your 12-year old truck wouldn’t start. The tow-fee to move the truck home cost more than the value of the rusted-out Chevy, and besides your tools to fix it were in the house, now three-feet deep in wet-ash slurry. It’s just YOU now – you don’t have anybody else to defend. Your now ex-wife got fed-up and took the kids with her back to Singapore about a month ago when the other job-contract ended, and she used the last of your United-Miles. Your credit card got cut-up a the grocery store when the limit was reached, and the un-paid bill was burnt in the fire. You moved to this remote town after a long and nearly fruitless job-search, and it was the last place your dwindling funds could take you… Sucks to be you, Job.
The Red Cross gives you a sleeping bag, socks, a toothbrush, a disposable razor, and a fresh pair of socks. Somebody left a shopping-cart down at the corner. No feeling-sorry, after-all you get to “re-invent yourself,” and you can now “launch a new career!” You get to let You be You. So what you’re carrying is the single piece you take-with when you’re turned-out – what is it? A rifle might look odd and attract attention as you push your cart down the street. Somebody might recognize and want to steal that precious M1 Garand. And where do you go, with no family to go-to? Do you head south where the weather is warm for sleeping-out? Does TSA frisk and wand people on the Greyhound now? You can’t afford much ammo or the weight that it adds – what do you take, Job?

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16 thoughts on “What Gun for Walkabout?

  1. S&W Model 28, 4″ bbl. One box each, Winchester Silvertip 145 gr. .357 Mag. W-W .38spl., 148 gr. full-wadcutter.

    You’d be amazed at the wadcutter accuracy at 50 yards, and it’ll tumble a bunny sweet as you please. Soft lead, and a caliber-diameter meplat. Makes a good meatsplat. Actually, doesn’t mess up much chow at all, just couldn’t resist the wordplay.

    The Silvertips? Took an 87 lb. Texas doe with one. Heart shot at 32 yards. Dead as if hit with an ought six.

    I’ve found I can do whatever needs doing with my ’28. It’s not the smallest or lightest, but it’s damn sure something I can depend on.

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

    P.S. I also keep a Gerber machete in the toolbox in the back of the truck. It comes along for the shopping cart enduro. As well as some of those hand tools, withal.


    • Sounds good! My experience with wad-cuttters is accuracy based, have not been hunting, but the claim I heard was they’re also good for ‘fishing” steelhead trout. 🙂 I guess I need a .357 Smith.


  2. Hard to beat the all-around reliability, ammo availability, intuitive use and intimidation factor of a .357 Magnum wheelgun. Good for everything from bandits to bears, and feels good on the hip….


    • It’s a dreary scenario. I don’t have a .357 (maybe I should get one?) so it would be the .38spl or the Sig p245 – whatever was locked in the truck on “Bad Luck Day.” And in your wandering you could get rolled-up by the Cops at any time, so don’t wander up to Illinois or Maryland – I’m thinking AZ is a solid choice?


  3. It would be one of the two i travel with everywhere, or perhaps both of them. I have two alloy/scandium J frame Smith and Wesson’s, both with 3 inch barrels, one in 357 Magnum and one in 22 long rifle. Officially the 357 is for me and the 22 is for my wife, but about half the time I wind up being the only one carrying on body, and I carry the one we can both use, so it’s the 22. 8 CCI stingers would sure make someone wish they chosen somebody else to mess with that day. Or 5 ea. .357 Magnum full house loads will make you wish you never been holding on to it when you pulled the trigger.

    Both of them together with two complete reloads weigh just at 2.2 pounds. In an airline legal case with a couple holsters total weight is about 3 lbs. Crimson trace grips solve the problems of short to medium range accuracy.

    I’ve felt pretty comfortable traveling throughout the entire U. S. With them, including in Alaska. Not my first choice anywhere, but first by default because of their weight, size, flexibility and reliability.


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