Don’t Cry For Me California

Something I didn’t know yesterday, but now know today…

(UPDATE: list instead of stupid table)
People on the receiving end of California’s tissue-thin IOUs:

Aged, Blind or Disabled persons – $591 million
Temporary assistance for basic family needs – $495 million
Services to persons with developmental disablities – $363 million
Mental health treatment and rehabilitative services – $90 million
Alcohol and Drug Abuse prevention, treatment, and recovery services – $127 million
State Operations (primarily vendor payments) – $424 million
Personal Income Tax Refunds – $140 million
Corporate Tax Refunds – $58 million

People on the California Gravy Train of CA$Hola payments:

University of California – $346 million
Public Employees’ Retirement System – $416 million
State Teachers’ Retirement System – $198 million
Legislators, Legislative employees, and Appointees – $15 million
Department of Corrections – $171 million

There’s more detail at those links, but to paraphrase Napoleon the pig (who was based on Joseph Stalin) in George Orwell’s Animal Farm, some pigs are more equal than others.

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6 thoughts on “Don’t Cry For Me California

  1. I should be getting some of the payola, I'm aged, gimpy, have basic family needs, developmentally disabled (I never vote Democrat), need mental health treatment and rehabilitative services (I ride scoots and own guns), I abuse alcohol (but not as well as I used to).

    Send me mony Ahnuld!


  2. Same thing here. In MN add bridge inspections, snow removal, nursing homes, and fire and police protection to the elimination list.

    Our Gov Pawlenty would rather spend money on 2 new sports stadiums and a high-speed rail between Chicago and the Twin Cities. The idiot can't tell the difference between wants and needs. 😦


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