View off the Back Deck

Looking out over the meadow (sharp, MLS listing pic). 15026033_19x640
Looking back at the house from the far fence-line (crappy cell-phone pic).DSC01680


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12 thoughts on “View off the Back Deck

  1. Looks nice… If you put in 3-way fruit trees they won’t take up quite as much room. Deer fence garden. Goats would be great, (easily solar hot fenced) they produce milk (cheese! yum), and meat and are great brush controllers.

    • Good idea on 3-way, now that my wife has lost 30# of weight she is off the cholesterol meds and can eat grapefruit again! Statin drugs and grapefruit don’t mix.
      There’s mostly grass, whart about sheep? Or a cow, then I could be a real cow-boy…

    • If you are close enough hit Peaceful Valley nursery ( they are an excellent source. Their website newsletters are great as well.

      You really don’t have enough acreage for a steer, and the cost of supplemental feed would outweigh the return. Sheep are a lot of work to do right, and will die on you in a heartbeat, The goats are a wiser choice to my mind. They prefer browse, but they will eat grass. You could rent them out to neighbors for brush control if your up for a little work. I know friends that make a good supl. income renting theirs.
      It’s a shame to waste all that area by watering, fertilizing, mowing: lawn. But then I was raised with cattlemen who looked at themselves as grass farmers.
      Best of luck with your new place. I’m sure you will do just fine. Congrats to your wife, awesome achievement.

    • Thank-you! Our friend with goats seemed to think they’re not that keen on grass but it sounds like absent other vegetation they could do it. 🙂 I guess it’s better to be a grass farmer than a dirt farmer?! I would rather not bother with watering (in scarce supply, we’re not on a well so expensive too!) and fertilizing just to mow it all down!

  2. I don’t know if he ever used it, but my dad had an interesting mowing rig at his place. It was intended to be towed by a small garden tractor. (He had a bunch of old collectible ones with ~12 hp single cyl. ) I suspect it was something he picked up, but hadn’t got into use, since it looked a bit rough in condition.

    It may have been a custom rig. Around 7 reel type mowing heads connected together in an inverted “V”, IIRC. The reels overlapped their coverage, and the connecting bracketry had enough articulation that they would float relative to each other to follow the ground contour. It looked like they were originally push type hand mowers. The rig used a standard trailer hookup, I think.

    Might have to also have a vacuum rig to follow up, maybe. Not sure if collector bags would work on reel types. Looonng time since I’ve used one of those reel cutters.

    • Sounds like I would need a bigger tractor for that rig! A class-1 or something anyhow. The Ariens mower just has a light-weight clevis-pin hitch. I’ve seen pull-behind rake things in the Tractor Supply catalog for collecting the mowed grass.

    • It’s pretty flat, there’s a few swales in it and off the deck it goes downhill a bit before sloping back up a bit… My thumb is pretty black! Maybe plant some fruit trees…

  3. Looks awesome!

    So, where are you going to come down on the whole “riding lawn mower vs small herd of goats” question?

    • Mower vs. sheep – our friend who has goats says they do better with shrubbery type vegetation than grass, so she had to get a couple sheep for her 3-acres. Across the fence are some of the biggest damn cows I ever saw. But the question will probably be answered right after I get on the mower and make a swath, and realize it’ll take all day… We’ll see. 🙂

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