Rig-Up Boys

The missing addition to my rig arrived and I proceeded to run the Malice Clips thorough it and do set-up while the MSM spewed pulpy-news out its boob-tube hole onto the floor. News about the trio of mass-murderers run amok down in San Berdoo. Seriously, attack San Berdoo? Don’t they know that’s a Hell’s Angels town? There’s more badasses than just some ISIS wannabees down there.
Three shooters means it’s not a solitary nutjob or lone-wolf type event that can easily be discarded or swept under the Media rug.
How many Presbyterians get so upset at the Christmas Party punchbowl that they go out to their SUV and load-up? How many Peevish Pentacostalists have murdered other parishioners lately? There’s only one religion famous for beheadings in the name of their god. There’s only one religious doctrine that calls for killing non-believers and cries daily from the tallest towers of their church/citadel/bunker for the total destruction of entire countries and people.
So I rigged the holster for the Kobra and it fits nicely, alongside the quad-plex mag pouches.
I guess I can put pistol magazines on the belt.
The concept of a battle-belt is interesting, but I don’t see how it can hold-up your pants at the same time if there’s a big ‘ol velcro warp-around on it – where do the loops go? So I have things to understand, conceptualize and learn about that sort of belt-thing and whether I want to get one.

September 11th was a Tuesday

There’s a huge body of people who live in growing denial of events, and stand upon burnt and blood-sodden ground that is slowly sinking into the sands of Time.

They vocalize a litany of fear, uncertainty, and doubt that streams from their subconscious – a manifest projection of all their archetypal confusion and world-view.

As they repeat the evidence of their disconnection over and over again it becomes their chant, a magical charm to ward off Evil, and they regress behind imaginary walls and paralytic self-sheltering. They are the Villagers of September 10th past.

They know the Monster’s name and they are afraid to invoke it. Unwilling to speak it, their fear drives them to appease it.

In the labyrinth of their confusion they believe they can make diplomacy with the Minotaur. Hoping to slake its thirst for blood they are prepared to send ten, twenty, or forty virgins to the lip of the Volcano.  Stockholm-syndrome has its way with them. They fear that which might identify them: Point away, point away! They are ready to send a whole Civilization into the inferno to save themselves – but they are already in the fire.
Holding protest signs like strings of Garlic, too small and weak to fight against Terror, the Villagers clamor instead to seek shelter beneath the ruthless walls of The Hatred itself – that is no shelter.

A Hatred that casually and lustily destroyed the lives of over two thousand small innocents, working people with families who were simply going about their business. A Hatred that danced upon its millipede feat in the befouled streets of its diseased home and sang from it’s hundred Hydra-heads with shrill voices of gloating, as thousands perished in flames, in falling, and in smokey rubble.

The Villagers of September 10th plead, “Please do not harm us – we are like you.”  But they are only small, Little Hatreds – nothing like the big blood-lust.

The insatiable Hatred will take their Life and laugh, and laugh again as they give up the lives of others, while the Hatred remains at the banquet of blood, hungry for more.

Social Studies

I surfed via Instapundit to Sonny Bunch’s blog Everything’s a Problem to be inundated by a heretofore unbelievable level of SJW Twitter smug, trigger-warnings, and noxious toxicity. It’s beyond snark. And it amazes me to the core of my soul that there is such a primitive level of college-homestay Political Correctness and Thoughtcrime Code-Enforcement going on out there in the ether.

It’s hysterical in the sense that hysteria is a mental disorder. But sheesh.

On display for all to see un-ironically are The SJW Culture-Warrior Gestapo, knee-jerking as they goose-step to the big field decorated with the rainbow banners of Joylessness, and gather in Nürnberg-cyberspace to enjoy a little Three-Minute Hate.

No wonder I don’t Facebook.


Carpetization is coming Thursday to the Low Granite Outcropping, and it’s a serious lot of the shaggy-stuff. Which means moving a LOT of once stationary and heavy furniture to a location where it’s not in-the-way of the new underlayment. Also means time to paint that nasty closet with the yellow-orange “Dried Plantain” interior. Yecch-yellow. Seriously?? A huge walk-in closet painted something other than white?? That is just El Stupido – to paraphrase The Don. So we work and we move stuff.
Meanwhile plans to go forward with Mud&Tape at Los Garage De Los Ranchero advance when new BFF comes by on Tuesday night after his current day-job doing tile at a house-flip. Pay-Money Work up here is scarce, and the thin pale ones doing hated retail under fluorescent lights in air-conditioned splendor don’t know how lucky they really are.
Back-When I applied at so many places for such work and was always turned-down. Also many front-room food-service jobs were simply wiped-away by my lack of bi-linguality. No Habla. But now in my “retirement” we may have to revisit that trend/opportunity – just as soon as I spend all my money on retrofitting this/these place(s).
I appreciate the fact the guy has no life and will work more, after first-work. I was up Friday night ironing shirts.
“Sorry I can’t, I have to wash my hair.” Remember that one? With me it was common enough back in The Day. Today it’s entirely possible to hear it again, but from me – that is if you go by “my hair” as a singular noun. There’s one thin one sticking up in the middle of the glowing dome. But enough.
New gun shop has a Model-19 on consignment that I’m considering…
Spend it while you got it. Blow it up. Pour radioactive crud on what’s left and blow it up again, then light it on fire and throw it into the ocean, onto a whale. See if anybody remembers you. They won’t.

Leviathan Grows a Mustache

I don’t believe there was any “victory” today except for the Zoo-keeper bureaucrats of the Administrative Elite who feed Leviathan. Some people got what they wished-for, and now they’ll get more of it good and hard. Others wail and gnash their teeth, but they are really not on the menu. Now we have a Beast that can lay a golden egg, but we also have a beast that likes omelets. A “Government” that can give you anything you want is one that can AND WILL also take it away – because this monstrosity is made up of little people, predominantly with little ideas of their OWN self-worth and need to enrichen themselves, so rules and laws are bent to the occasion of their needs.

The Fallacy of Social Justice…

…and it’s blind adherents: “Social Justice” is essentially Jihad for “Progressive” warriors, and Political Correctness is the Sharia Law they wish to impose on everybody. They act open-minded but are so far from it that it’s like a self-illuminated Möbius loop infinitely turning in a collapsing neutrino – the gravity is so immensely dense no light can escape, just as no light can be shed upon the blankness and emptiness of their still-born thoughts. Walkers in self-imposed condition white.

The Empire Strikes Back

Update from Rick.
Our Overlords and Masters decline to agree with Liberty and the Constitution. Motion for 60 Day Stay in Mance v Holder It seems the Government is determined to fight against protecting our Civil Rights under the Constitution.
What is it about, “Justice delayed is Justice denied?” The wheels of Gov. and Bureaucracy grind slowly and inexorably when it suits them, but swiftly when the takings are ripe.



Civil Action No. 4:14-CV-00539-O


Defendants respectfully move for a stay of the Court’s Memorandum Opinion and Order dated February 11, 2015 [ECF No. 40] for 60 days, in order to allow adequate time for the government to determine whether to appeal the Court’s decision and, if so, whether to seek a stay pending appeal. The determination whether to appeal is entrusted by regulation to the Solicitor General of the United States.

See 28 C.F.R. § 0.20(b). The 60 days requested represents a modest amount of time for the Solicitor General to determine whether to appeal, after consultation with the affected governmental components.

See also 28 U.S.C. § 2107(b) (allowing 60 days for filing a notice of appeal when the federal government is a party). No undue prejudice will result to Plaintiffs from the short stay requested, as evidenced by the fact that Plaintiffs have not sought preliminary injunctive relief in this case. For the foregoing reasons, Defendants respectfully urge the Court to enter an order that stays the provisions of its Memorandum Opinion and Order dated February 11, 2015 for 60 days, until April 14, 2015. A proposed order is being submitted electronically in Word Perfect-compatible format to the Court’s “Orders” email address.

Dated: February 13, 2015
Respectfully submitted,
JOYCE R. BRANDA Acting Assistant Attorney General
JOHN R. PARKER Acting United States Attorney /s/ Daniel Riess DIANE KELLEHER Assistant Branch Director
U.S. Department of Justice Civil Division,
Rm. 6122 20 Massachusetts Avenue,
NW Washington, D.C. 20530
Telephone: (202) 353-3098
Fax: (202) 616-8470
Email: Daniel.Riess@usdoj.gov
Attorneys for Defendants

The Ignorance and Idiocy of Hackerzz

Why on earth would our Peeps of the Gub friends at Hell in a Handbasket (see side-bar link) get hacked by a bunch of ignorant illiterate jerkoffs from Bangladesh – if in fact they are such. Why? I just don’t get it, the inability to distinguish mental capacity from intellectual acuity.

Sorry admin

Dont Hate me Hate your Site Secuirty its allow me for owned your site 😀

Hacked by Mr.BBBB

There’s really something wrong with these mental-midgets. It makes me sad to see retarded children play with chainsaws.
It’s like the anti-gun maroons who think you can simply, effectively, just ban something – it’s like banning murder: Chinese teen kills nine in knife attack. Make it more illegaler. Or make hammers illegal. It’s stupider than when the elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top, but goes to the basement instead – where they hide their head in the sand.

UPDATE: Things seem back to normal with James at Hell in a Handbasket.

Impediments to Slow-Prone II

It’s getting better – I think.  The fluid is dispersing a bit, but it’s SLOW – and still a bit hot underneath the nub where the skin is peeling.  I’m still icing it down and taking ibuprofen.
Turns out the impediment to Slow-Prone is also an impediment to Rapid-Seated and even Offhand give the way we are taught to manage our bodies in pursuit of shooting excellence – bone on bone is the key to stability and repeat-performance.
This is not a lot of fun – but I figure it has been in the making for a while, with each grinding drill on concrete and only a thin pad, and it finally just said “enough!” – so now I have to deal with it. 
Just before this I was looking around for an elbow pad with a gel-insert that was flexible enough to actually bend snd fit under my shooting coat.  I had cobbeled together a wrap that would hold a Dr. Scholl’s heel-gel thing – but circumstances caught-up before I could do anything practical, like try it out…

SHTF Content: RoE Civil Unrest

Reposted from comments: Civil Unrest by Violent Extremists.

What exactly are the Rules of Engagement for civilians during a breakdown in Civil Order when Teh Police are incapacitated or otherwise unable/unwilling to respond – especially when those who have actively precipitated and participated in causing that breakdown are threatening you on your doorstep?

Recent #OWSFail activity in Socialist-mismanaged municipalities (Oakland, CA) show a strong tendency for the Socialist-imprimatur Judicial-Class (in that jurisdiction) to be lenient on pampered, brainwashed, full-grown, mentally-stunted affluent “Activists” who wantonly and feloniously destroy hard-earned private property (for the fleeting, briefly-stimulated pleasure of an ideology), but have never had to earn any of it themselves and indeed are quite incompetent to do so.

1.) Are there really any “innocent” active-participants in rioting and thuggery?
2.) Is a simple camera or camera-phone really a sufficient *excuse* to participate in mass-activism and still sustain plausible deniability and avoiding a Second-Degree warrant?
3.) When such *participation* results in destruction, injury, or death is that not still a Felony, Assault in the Second Degree? Can that be plea-bargained down to Reckless endangerment in the second degree? Can I bend them over a waterboard and give them the THIRD degree?
4.) Do you submit to being deprived of your immediate and future life by stupid ass-clown thugs with metal teeth, or deprived of the rest of your life by incarceration, under a heartless .Gov?
5.) Does the guy asshole hiding his identity under the black hoodie get the first one? (Guess!)
6.) After you finish with them, do you submit the cleanup bill to their dumb-ass parents who failed them so miserably in Life?