Rig-Up Boys

The missing addition to my rig arrived and I proceeded to run the Malice Clips thorough it and do set-up while the MSM spewed pulpy-news out its boob-tube hole onto the floor. News about the trio of mass-murderers run amok down in San Berdoo. Seriously, attack San Berdoo? Don’t they know that’s a Hell’s Angels town? There’s more badasses than just some ISIS wannabees down there.
Three shooters means it’s not a solitary nutjob or lone-wolf type event that can easily be discarded or swept under the Media rug.
How many Presbyterians get so upset at the Christmas Party punchbowl that they go out to their SUV and load-up? How many Peevish Pentacostalists have murdered other parishioners lately? There’s only one religion famous for beheadings in the name of their god. There’s only one religious doctrine that calls for killing non-believers and cries daily from the tallest towers of their church/citadel/bunker for the total destruction of entire countries and people.
So I rigged the holster for the Kobra and it fits nicely, alongside the quad-plex mag pouches.
I guess I can put pistol magazines on the belt.
The concept of a battle-belt is interesting, but I don’t see how it can hold-up your pants at the same time if there’s a big ‘ol velcro warp-around on it – where do the loops go? So I have things to understand, conceptualize and learn about that sort of belt-thing and whether I want to get one.