September 11th was a Tuesday

There’s a huge body of people who live in growing denial of events, and stand upon burnt and blood-sodden ground that is slowly sinking into the sands of Time.

They vocalize a litany of fear, uncertainty, and doubt that streams from their subconscious – a manifest projection of all their archetypal confusion and world-view.

As they repeat the evidence of their disconnection over and over again it becomes their chant, a magical charm to ward off Evil, and they regress behind imaginary walls and paralytic self-sheltering. They are the Villagers of September 10th past.

They know the Monster’s name and they are afraid to invoke it. Unwilling to speak it, their fear drives them to appease it.

In the labyrinth of their confusion they believe they can make diplomacy with the Minotaur. Hoping to slake its thirst for blood they are prepared to send ten, twenty, or forty virgins to the lip of the Volcano.  Stockholm-syndrome has its way with them. They fear that which might identify them: Point away, point away! They are ready to send a whole Civilization into the inferno to save themselves – but they are already in the fire.
Holding protest signs like strings of Garlic, too small and weak to fight against Terror, the Villagers clamor instead to seek shelter beneath the ruthless walls of The Hatred itself – that is no shelter.

A Hatred that casually and lustily destroyed the lives of over two thousand small innocents, working people with families who were simply going about their business. A Hatred that danced upon its millipede feat in the befouled streets of its diseased home and sang from it’s hundred Hydra-heads with shrill voices of gloating, as thousands perished in flames, in falling, and in smokey rubble.

The Villagers of September 10th plead, “Please do not harm us – we are like you.”  But they are only small, Little Hatreds – nothing like the big blood-lust.

The insatiable Hatred will take their Life and laugh, and laugh again as they give up the lives of others, while the Hatred remains at the banquet of blood, hungry for more.

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4 thoughts on “September 11th was a Tuesday

  1. The thing I remember most about that day is my daughter bursting into tears when we were shown pictures of a man jumping from one of the towers to avoid burning to death. I felt humiliated that a ragtag bunch of terrorists could do this to my country… my family.

    Then I got really angry. Dark, bad thoughts started running through my head. After fuming like this for awhile the thought came to me that there were not enough of them (Muslim terrorists) in the world for us to kill to make up for the death, destruction, fear and humiliation they had bought our shores. My anger gave way to sadness.

    As the months and years passed I watched the news and listened to alot of talk radio, I enthusiastically and wrongly supported the invasion of Iraq. I watched as younger men from our family enlisted and fought. Thank God my nephews all made it back from that one but some of their friends didn’t.

    Years later, I listen to people describe the 9/11 attacks as cowardly and I have to disagree. Now I have to offer al Qaeda begrudging… respect for pulling it off. Do I still hate Muslim terrorists much more than say… Basque Separatist terrorists? Of course I do but on 09/11/2001, they stepped into the ring and roughed us up pretty good.


    • For me it was a great gasping-shocked emptiness like I couldn’t catch my breath. The images of the falling people still are haunting today. Since I grew-up among Muslims (but with a lot more Hindus around to temper their violent outbursts) I was not all that surprised at the cunning and the martyr-mentality involved – but their notions of “cowardice” and “bravery” are as different from ours as their notions of “humility” and “generosity.” I guess it’s like Harley riders, if you don’t get it you just don’t get it, but the differences are there and very strong despite all the people who would rather focus on the shared attributes like two arms and two legs. It’s funny that same people who think that there are cross-cultural Universal ~behaviors~ are also among the first to deny cross-cultural, Universal *Truths* or even obvious gender-specific variations.
      I was also appalled at how quickly many of my Liberal/Academic/Socialist-Millionaire friends immediately assumed the “supine martyr position” themselves, breast-beating and saying, “We brought it on ourselves” – while Muslim friends said the same goddamn thing, but more smugly. Like Hell!!


  2. Yes, and in terms of appeasement that will only lead to worse, Barack Obama is probably destined to make Neville Chamberlain look like an amateur…


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