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Reposted from comments: Civil Unrest by Violent Extremists.

What exactly are the Rules of Engagement for civilians during a breakdown in Civil Order when Teh Police are incapacitated or otherwise unable/unwilling to respond – especially when those who have actively precipitated and participated in causing that breakdown are threatening you on your doorstep?

Recent #OWSFail activity in Socialist-mismanaged municipalities (Oakland, CA) show a strong tendency for the Socialist-imprimatur Judicial-Class (in that jurisdiction) to be lenient on pampered, brainwashed, full-grown, mentally-stunted affluent “Activists” who wantonly and feloniously destroy hard-earned private property (for the fleeting, briefly-stimulated pleasure of an ideology), but have never had to earn any of it themselves and indeed are quite incompetent to do so.

1.) Are there really any “innocent” active-participants in rioting and thuggery?
2.) Is a simple camera or camera-phone really a sufficient *excuse* to participate in mass-activism and still sustain plausible deniability and avoiding a Second-Degree warrant?
3.) When such *participation* results in destruction, injury, or death is that not still a Felony, Assault in the Second Degree? Can that be plea-bargained down to Reckless endangerment in the second degree? Can I bend them over a waterboard and give them the THIRD degree?
4.) Do you submit to being deprived of your immediate and future life by stupid ass-clown thugs with metal teeth, or deprived of the rest of your life by incarceration, under a heartless .Gov?
5.) Does the guy asshole hiding his identity under the black hoodie get the first one? (Guess!)
6.) After you finish with them, do you submit the cleanup bill to their dumb-ass parents who failed them so miserably in Life?

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4 thoughts on “SHTF Content: RoE Civil Unrest

  1. Dirt:
    Right. So, England was de-armed decades ago, meaning that now flash-mob rioters can do as they please and easily outmaneuver an understaffed and, frankly, scared police force.
    That scenario isn't what would happen in this country, at least not yet (not unless and until they can disarm the general populace). If a mob tried the same sort of hit-and-run violence here, it would only be a matter of minutes till one of them was shot, probably by an equally outnumbered and scared civilian.
    After that, the violence might escalate for a short time, or the cockroaches might immediately scatter and disappear. Who really knows. The one sure thing, IMO, is that as soon as the smoke cleared, it wouldn't be the thugs and looters who the cops would be searching for, through the rubble and/or agitated crowds.
    It would be the guy who lives at 123 Normal Street, you know, the guy who's been around there for years, the one the camera at the convenience store across the street caught walking around with an assault rifle (gasp!).
    Walking around with an assault rifle! In the midst of that chaos! What was he trying to do, escalate the situation? What is he, crazy, or some kind of right-wing-militia vigilante? We don't need vigilantes at this sensitive juncture!!!! (Blah, blah….)
    Well, wait a second. We'll get to him later. First, we'll find out who filled that guy full of buckshot; that poor, bloody corpse everybody has seen 5000 times already on the 24-hour riot coverage, er, I mean national news.
    Now, that happened in broad daylight, so all we have to do is check all the poor victims' (rioters') cellphones and I'm sure we'll get the heartless murderer within a few hours.
    What's that? It happened at night? Oh, that's a little tougher. But I'm sure if we put a little pressure on the neighborhood, the heartless murderer will be outed. And if not, we can always check up on all the known gun-nuts on that block. (Etc., blah, blah….)
    Okay? Do you get where I'm coming from yet?
    In summation, unless and until there is a complete and total breakdown of the social fabric, causing people to disconnect from and/or totally disbelieve the media, the situation will be easily manipulated into making the defenders the aggressors, and the instigators the victims.
    Because, as I said, even if they can't control the situation themselves, the Powers That Be will not put up with other people exercising life-or-death authority. They cannot allow other people to do, in their stead, what they see as their job — nay, as their life-calling. Better that a few innocents get beaten to death, and massive property damage done, than that some untrained civilians start running around taking the law into their own hands. (Etc., blah, blah….)
    That is the paradyne in operation, IMO.
    So I'll say it once again, be careful what you do. Don't panic, and by the same token, reign in your pride and righteousness. Otherwise, you may find yourself incarcerated, or otherwise debilitated by the grinding wheels of justice, for a long time.


  2. You mean the half-black black-hispanic dude in FL?
    I'm thinking more like the arson, beatings, and looting in England 2011 – in particular Enfield. My Aunt lived in Enfield, it was/is a little burgh of no great consequence, the last kind of place you'd expect a Blackberry/Twitter inspired/run flash-mob of gangsta ass-clowns to descend upon and smash and burn things and hurt people.


  3. For probable answers (in all but the most COMPLETE, geographically-widespread breakdown of society), see Mark Zimmerman.


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