The Perfect is Enemy of the Good

Well enough of Godwins-Law on my own blog, it’s just that these creeps still get so much traction even decades later, and the well of Progressive-ism is still poisoned… Talk about one a bunch of bad-apples spoiling the whole Yoga-barrel.  Avoid perfection and Utopian thinking – renounce it entirely, because it really is the Road to HellBeware the un-obtainable, ‘perfect spiritual insight and tranquility,’ because there’s almost no better example and truth-in-advertising of the Zen saying, “If You Meet the Buddha on the Road, Kill Him!” – especially if this nondescript little bespectacled guy is your Yoga-teacher.  Kill him before he kills you and hundreds-of-thousands of others. 
A German historian has come out with a book about how Heinrich Himmmler and the SS in Nazi Germany recommended Yoga to its members, including death camp guards, believing that the practice of would enrich their ‘mind, bodies and spirits’ – and also convinced it was a way to ‘internally arm’ people and prepare them for battles…
Apparently Yoga was big in Weimar Germany especially among the progressives and “forward thinking” types, and if you wanted to be an Übermensch this was one ticket to that elite social-status.  It also resonateed nicely with the famous moustachioed guy who was a vegetarian and animal-rights advocate.
Perfection is rubbish, a fig-leaf and a dullard’s fantasy – be a Human, dammit.  Humans are awesome and amazing – and if you STILL need to have sex with a Neanderthal there’s always Liberal Chicks at the #OWS camp…

Google’s new Blogger "interface"

Blech! BLAARG! Whoof!!
Teh Suckages – and it’s not even vomit, that would be colorful and have some texture and evoke an aroma – but this is an endlessly, universally, retching case of paper-white vacant dry-heaves.

It is the Deadlands at the end of the Universe. Corpseville. An empty motel off a dead highway filled with dead leaves and dust.

If they keep this up I’m quitting Google and all their stuff forever.

It’s bad enough to be forced to use suck-ass Google Docs and Google Sites for some(other) web stuff, but I’d rather switch entirely to Yahoo! than use the new butt-ugly nasty design.

I’d switch calendars and EVERYTHING, and use Yahoo mail too.