Rig-Up Boys

The missing addition to my rig arrived and I proceeded to run the Malice Clips thorough it and do set-up while the MSM spewed pulpy-news out its boob-tube hole onto the floor. News about the trio of mass-murderers run amok down in San Berdoo. Seriously, attack San Berdoo? Don’t they know that’s a Hell’s Angels town? There’s more badasses than just some ISIS wannabees down there.
Three shooters means it’s not a solitary nutjob or lone-wolf type event that can easily be discarded or swept under the Media rug.
How many Presbyterians get so upset at the Christmas Party punchbowl that they go out to their SUV and load-up? How many Peevish Pentacostalists have murdered other parishioners lately? There’s only one religion famous for beheadings in the name of their god. There’s only one religious doctrine that calls for killing non-believers and cries daily from the tallest towers of their church/citadel/bunker for the total destruction of entire countries and people.
So I rigged the holster for the Kobra and it fits nicely, alongside the quad-plex mag pouches.
I guess I can put pistol magazines on the belt.
The concept of a battle-belt is interesting, but I don’t see how it can hold-up your pants at the same time if there’s a big ‘ol velcro warp-around on it – where do the loops go? So I have things to understand, conceptualize and learn about that sort of belt-thing and whether I want to get one.

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18 thoughts on “Rig-Up Boys

  1. I suspect that it wouldn’t work, but, have you tried this setup with your shoulder holster rig? (holster rig on first, then vest on top) That would get things to the sides, and you could still dump the chest rig with your handgun remaining in place.


  2. I expect that you will have a problem accessing that pistol. There is a very good reason that chest mounted holsters are normally cross-draw style. And at an angle that allows a proper grip prior to the draw.
    Perhaps you could mount it on the back of the rig?

    If considering a belt mounted gun, I would make that a second/backup gun, as accessing it while fully geared up may not be feasible. There is a reason that thigh holsters are common in groups that use tactical vests/armor.


    • It put the the draw right where the support hand come-up to greet the main in a Weaver stance and for me works pretty comfortably. This is as “fully-geared-up” as I’m ever gonna get, I think. I don’t have any radios and comms and things of that nature, just a Camelbak.


  3. I’m looking quite hard at acquiring a TAG plate carrier or one of their “Rampage” units.

    I’m also leaning heavily on rifle mags and maybe one of my service pistols on the offhand, cross-draw arrangement.

    Your rig is looking right-on and very functional.


  4. Our enemies whilst evil are also devious and yet again they hit the vulnerable and weak.Its up to you and others like you to be prepared, difficult times are ahead.


  5. Never put the pistol on an off-board carrier. Put it on your belt. The ‘battle belt’ rigs are nothing more than nylon copies of police rigs that go back forty years. They are worn over your regular belt.


    • This rig is also handgun armor, but I get your point. I’ve never had a “duty belt” and my “regular” belt with a gun-added gets awkward heavy and falls down when I go to the can. I almost did the porcelain dunk, at home. RHT447’s mention of suspenders is appropriate.


  6. In the way back times, I was issued a set of these—


    and these—


    If you mouse over and enlarge the pants at the waist, you can just make out the stitching that secures the ends of a heavy piece of cord that is IWB. The hooks on the suspenders hang vertically and engage the cords. I actually got to use them in the field for a couple of weeks and they work great. Perfect freedom of movement while holding pants up, even with pocket full of gear. Also if nature calls, you can just undo the hooks instead of having to peel upper garments to get out of suspenders. Hooks will also work with pants belt.


    • Suspenders won’t let you down! I have a pair of WWII USGI suspenders that hold-up my M1 Garand ammo-belt. A holster on the waist is heavy and awkwardly weighted, and can drop its contents into the toilet if one is not cautious – or if one is in a real hurry to unload the buttload. It’s a real balancing act to carry IWB and “suddenly” have to go take a dump.


  7. I don’t know what the current thinking is, but I had quite a few friends in Gulf War I who used a setup I thought was smart. They would put their pistol in a good holster on their belt either outside or inside the waistband, and a couple of magazines on the offside. Their uniform top rides outside the belt, thereby concealing the pistol. Their “Battle-Rattle” all goes on afterword (body armor, ammo, kit, etc.) That way, when they doffed the heavy stuff (end of day, sleeping, work detail, whatever) they were still armed with a full size pistol and reloads. My Goddaughter’s father, an Air Force Security guy then, pointed out that nobody wears full Battle Rattle all the time, ’cause 35-40 lbs of shit gets HEAVY!

    He also pointed out that in case one was forced to ditch the heavy stuff, you’d still be armed. Said that a Hummer in his unit went swimming one day in a canal somewhere. They wound up with no casualties, but only one rifle and one magazine between all three soldiers. He said that two of them had pistols worn that way, and it was very comforting while waiting for pickup.

    Saw a National Geographic special on another P.J. unit in Afghanistan filmed sometime around 2012, and saw several of them kitted out the same way. Pilots, crew chiefs, medics, saw several of them that way. Remember one medic with a Sig P22? In a Bianchi Askins Avenger holster, which I used to sell a ton of when I was in retail. Uniform blouse over the top, off to daily briefing. Callout later, saw the Sig printing under his uniform, not attached to plate carrier. Always seemed like a better way to carry a backup pistol, to me anyway.


    • Thank-you for the perspectives! That all makes a lot of sense. Fortunately this isn’t a heavy plate-carrier but rather lightweight IIIA handgun-armor that you could sleep-in if necessary! I think I will stage it bed-side just for emergencies.


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