Caves of Steel

Apropos nothing much on a thick and bleak gray day in the cold cloud-bank, but surfing some blogs including Tam’s link to Roberta’s reference to PKD’s The Man in the High Castle, which I am not certain but but certainly must have read back when I read every SciFi book in the Library especially Phil’s – and cruising the blogs hit upon Vox Popoli (who I am surprised I have not blogrolled but only bookmarked) and a critique of cartoon-blogger XKCD, ran into a good comment response by Malcolm the Cynic who in turn reminded me of an old Asimov book named in this post – one that I had read so long ago that I have forgotten the story and maybe could now re-read, and that reminded me of this…:


So it turns out that while I was taking pictures of exotic boats balancing atop the crystal-clear waters of the Emerald Jewel of the Sierras, I had a blogversary. I’m often a short-term enthusiast, and who knew that what began in 2004 would still be taking place today? Some things have changed, mainly my location, but I haven’t been reloading as much either (see excuse #1), and I haven’t found a regular CMP Club to shoot-with either (yet #1), and my handle changed from DirtCrashr a while back as my off-road riding buddies all turned into asphalt demons or fled to finer pursuits entirely. But this here is ridin’ country and now we have two bikes as God intended – one for tarmac and one for the rest of the world, and I have my registration and reservations to Gunblogger Rendezvous IX and we’re ready to go! Don’t delay, get yours today~!

After-Action STFU

In response to a post by Drang at ClueMeter, I was prompted to think about events and conversations in CCW class last weekend.  The instructor, a fairly young early-40’s disability-retired cop who walks with a cane and limp, said that in his experience during the high stress factors of shoot/about-to-shoot/done-shootin’ – your hands go numb and your vision tunneled, so he recommends training for clearance/charging drills  with the whole-hand grab on the slide, not the finger/thumb slingshot.

Also he mentioned, that afterwards don’t even bother to try and talk or converse because the ringing in your ears just flattens all the words and makes phone-calls just unrecognizable gibberish. AND remember to just STFU *afterwards* and DO NOT give up your right to shut-up.   It’s a hard right to remember, especially in that moment, because silence is a negative thing not a positive expression – and we are accustomed to the 1st Amendment of Free Speech (and not taking the 5th).   But “Afterwards”  is not the time or place for an outpouring of expression – especially to Cops, but despite that fact people just open-up and blab and blab when the adrenaline tapers off…

Guilty Pleasures

Saw a copy of “Recoil” (Issue 10) on a newsstand up here and bought it for fun. It’s non-existent among the PC flatlander-BayAryans in Googleopolis, and rather a fun read. Monster Gun-Truck outfitting! Yaargh! Fixer AK! Toss the High Point! Celebrity Shmooze (Rob Leatham)! and Dirtbike Bug-Out! Yay Dirtbike Bug-out! I’m a big fan of that and had my XR650L kitted for “earthquake travel.” Also Ian Harrison is a swell bloke with whom I have met and dined and shot-with (Gunblogger Rendezvous!), so seeing him on a DR650 (being a short guy) was a splendid reminiscence back to the Suzuki Press intro ride at Bass Lake that I attended as an “off-road journalist” (for *Cough-SF-Bike*), way-way back in the mid 90’s…
So OK, it’s cool with me, and I liked the approach to Project CheapBore – the fixer-12guage – I should try that since I’m on a fixed income now and don’t have a scatter-gun of the home defense type.

Secrets of the GunbloggerRendezvous

The Code is: GBLOG12 – that and a fist-full of *magical coins* (or a credit card) will gain you entry into the deep-dark-dungeon of the Silver Legacy computer system, where discounts are issued for the period of September 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th – with free WiFi!! And don’t forget to fill-out The Registration Form

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The Garand

in Lake Worth, Florida has a good write-up of the M1 Garand go check it out:,

I ordered a CMP M1 Garand awhile back (check out Getting the Garand, Parts 1, 2, and 3), and I finally got the chance to try it out at the local rifle range. Here are my impressions…

UPDATE: Link linked. And Linked here.

124 days

Reminder: 4 months and 1 day until Gunblogger Rendezvous VII

Registration is now OPEN for GBR-VII 

Oh yeh, and this year I get to go.  Whoopie for me!

The registration form available for this September’s Gun Blogger Rendezvous. It’s a PDF file, so download it, print it out, and send it in. All the instructions are on the form.

The end game, exposed

From one of my favorite GunBloggers, pantsless Robb Allen of the ParaJarrettBlackwaterBloggers (how I file my bookmarks):

The end game, exposed
Gun banners

Continuing my ‘Link to Sean’ theme, something I’ve always believed has had yet more proof thrown on the stack. This is from a book from a ‘big time’ gun controller, Josh Horrowitz

Recognize Insurrectionism as a threat to the entire progressive movement. Too many political progressives assume that the gun rights movement can be co-opted or simply ignored. Progressives fail to understand that the Insurrectionist idea is part and parcel of a broader reactionary worldview. Unless progressives recognize that the Insurrectionist premise of the modern gun rights movement is fundamentally hostile to the progressive project and its values, the “conservative” movement will use gun rights as a building block for organizing and propagandizing.

Why is the gun movement fundamentally hostile? Easy. Gun ownership is one of the major signs of independence, especially self-defense guns. By carrying a weapon upon your person or in your home, you signify that you are willing to stand up for yourself, that you do not intend to rely on the state to provide for your protection. Hunters show they do not need to rely on the USDA certifying their meats or the heavy taxation and regulations placed on the food supply. And self reliance is the death knell for ‘progressivism’, which demands that you bow before the all powerful state so that everyone can share in the misery.

And that ain’t going to happen.

This is why the Coalition to Stop Gun Ownership Violence has to resort to personal attacks and ‘outing’ gun bloggers (which, slathered in schadenfreude, has gotten them kicked off of Twitter) . It’s why they delete comments that do not tow the party line and are the prime reason the term ‘Reasoned Discourse’ is an oxymoron. Unless the comment contains threats, illegal material, blatant racism, or spam, they stay here. I don’t even have the mechanics behind the scene to moderate comments. I do this because I know the truth and that my beliefs can stand up to anything the anti’s can try to throw at me.

It’s cliché but it’s true; It’s not about guns, it’s about control. And the progressive mindset seeks to enslave you to an all powerful state, for your own good as you are too stupid to do it yourself. It is rather difficult to corral people into the boxcars though when they can shoot your ass.
posted @ 5/19/2011 9:56:05 AM 

As friend GunBlogger  Say Uncle observed:

self reliance is the death knell for ‘progressivism’

I’d like to believe that independent people are not viewed as a threat to progressive ideals. But, as Josh Horowitz indicates, even they don’t pretend that’s the case any more.)

Another friend Gunbloggger Kevin Baker commented there: A long time ago, someone using the handle “Ironbear” put it this way:

This is a conflict of ideologies…

The heart of the conflict is between those to whom personal liberty is important, and those to whom liberty is not only inconsequential, but to whom personal liberty is a deadly threat.

You said it yourself some time back: If you fuck with me bad enough, I’ll kill your ass.

That’s the ultimate statement of the sovereign individual, the anti-collectivist, the “reactionary.” AND THEY KNOW IT.

Your personal liberty is a deadly threat to them. Rob’s right, it is rather difficult to corral people into the boxcars when they can shoot your ass.

From my standpoint, the thing is, “Progressives” are the only ones committed to a late 19th Century Ideology, so they are the real reactionaries.

Ramshackle Saint Wooden Poodle

I’m looking forward to Waterworld. Go south young Horatio Alger, there’s Oil out in them thar’ swells! But for Gubb’mint intervention it would be %97 clean – but they kept the little Dutch boy from putting his finger in the dike and continued to enforced a stupid Law that is easily relaxed and restored as necessity requires but was politically inconvenient…

But this Algore meltdown – I can’t hope for this to put a nail in the coffin of globAl Warmisting. Showing clear evidence of the High Priest’s durable, second-Chakra insanity is not enough. Plenty of pseudo-Saints reveal themselves initially as crazed crackpots and sex-fiends (LRon Hubski)- but also the standard of religious persecution has been raised by the Left’s demonization of Catholic Priests and with that the tarring all Catholicism itself – not to mention the financial shakedown and demands for redistribution of wealth, so for the moment anything less is insufficient.  But Fearless Leader is hustling a BP shakedown as taught by the Chicago School, so at least the trend continues.
Just because the patron Saint has feet of clay, only makes his wooden puppet more adorable to the True Believers. It’s a favorite meme among the self-Righteous who mock real religion but ape its standard dynamics – they also believe suffering is necessary and will continue to believe in Globular Warmering one way or another – and especially as long as the Media and the JournoList 400 feeds them the Host Narrative of Greenery and sustains the teetering relic. It’s a Religion with them, those who generally despise and disparage all religions.  No Blood for Seawater!

Fortunately we have the McDonald decision with Justice Thomas’ excellent originalism in support of the 14th Amendment and his concurrence, (as Sebastian says, Stare decisis should not stand when it’s in clear conflict with the text and meaning of the Constitution, and Justice Scalia’s Concurrence that demolishes with Van Helsing like agility and firmness the departing Justice Stevens’ near-senile dissent. (descent?)

In other words, a right, such as the right to keep and bear arms, that has long been recognized but on which the States are considering restrictions, apparently deserves less protection, while a privilege the political branches (instruments of the democratic process) have withheld entirely and continue to withhold, deserves more. That topsy-turvy approach conveniently accom­plishes the objective of ensuring that the rights this Court held protected in Casey, Lawrence, and other such cases fit the theory—but at the cost of insulting rather than respecting the democratic process … JUSTICE STEVENS begins with the odd assertion that “firearms have a fundamentally ambivalent relationship to liberty,” since sometimes they are used to cause (or sometimes accidentally produce) injury to others. The source of the rule that only nonambivalent liber­ties deserve Due Process protection is never explained — proof that judges applying JUSTICE STEVENS’ approach can add new elements to the test as they see fit.

Thank God he’s out of there now, but he has a maniac replacement in the wings.