Belated Blogversary

Seems I missed my own blogversary.  It’s hard to imagine (or even remember) what has actually transpired since August 7, 2004… but I’ll, repeat my old post just for the hell of it – a Mai Tai recipe.

Da Kine rippin’ onolicious Mai-Tai recipe

Maybe it was the Exotica music that triggered it, or tasting the fine examples at Tao Tao’s in Sunnyvale: I went on a hunt for the best Mai-tai recipe.
Where the hell is that Demarara?

Mix: “Bleh” to those pre-mixed Mai-Tai bottle-blends. Even Trader Vic’s mix is too sour and without much fresh flavor. Dey all lousy, fuggedaboudit.

Sweet: I’ve tried a variety of sweeteners, from coconut syrup to orgeat syrup, but real juice just keeps coming back as the best answer.

Juice: Avoid tinned pineapple juice with that metallic taste, or anything less than fresh-squeezed. In the Islands pineapple juice is easy to get, while Island oranges tend to be less sweet – so pineapple/orange juice is not going to be sugary glop like you in the grocery stores here.
As a juice base I prefer passion fruit juice. If none is available pineapple-orange juice combinations are fine, or even “POG” – Pineapple-Orange-Guava, which is an Island specialty. Ultimately the drink should be flavorful without being too sweet or bitter.

Prepare two glasses with 4-5 ice cubes. Pour a dribble of juice from the jar of maraschino cherries into the bottom, over the ice.

In a cocktail shaker with 5 cubes of ice (for two persons) prepare:

    • 1/2 shot lime juice – to cut the sweetness
    • 1/2 shot Triple sec

1/2 shot Orange Curacao
1/2 shot Cointreau or Drambui

  • 1 shot Light rum, or even better, Brazilian Toucano, a Chacacha, (a light rum from the first press of the sugar cane juice itself)
  • 1 shot good Jamaican Gold rum
  • 1 shot Demarara or Guyana 151 rum, or Myers’s


Fill shaker to the line with passion fruit juice, or 3 parts fresh pineapple to 1-part orange juice mix.

Shake until it’s cold.

Carefully pour over ice in drink-glasses. Avoiding swirling or tumbling the drink mixture with the bottom layer. You want to achieve a sunset, with light colors on the bottom, and the dark on top. Top with a 1/2 shot float of dark rum: a Negrito from Barbados, or Myers’s.

Pineapple slices skewered with a cherry under an umbrella should be used as garnish. Insert colorful straw.

Put on album of Martin Denny music.


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3 thoughts on “Belated Blogversary

  1. Going to have to respectfully disagree on a couple issues.

    First, my mother used to swear by POG for Mai Tai. I kept trying to convince her that POG and rum was not a MT but she went on and on about how they had it every night whenever they were in Maui and it was wonderful. Missed the point completely. It may have been wonderful but it wasn’t a MT.

    Secondly, IMO a good MT should have some sort of almond liqueur. When I was bartending I was taught rum – almond – triple sec – sweet and sour – orange juice – pineapple juice.

    You’ve got S&S (lime juice is a great substitute and I make my own S&S out of lime juice) but triple sec, orange Curacao, and Cointreau are basically the same thing,all variations on orange liqueur.

    Rum, i love your blend although I’m not convinced that you need something as dark as Myers in a MT. Not saying it would be worse, just not sure that it is necessary. I will have to try cachaca in a MT some day. I have it in my cabinet but mostly drink it with sugar and lime juice all muddled together, (called a Liquid Stupid where I learned about it).

    I do think you are missing out by not adding a little bit of Amaretto for the almond flavor. You might try what you are doing but add a shot of Amaretto to the pitcher. See what you think. I think it makes all the difference.

    So the happy ending is: When we were in Maui last with the family I made the MTs using my blend. I think I convinced her.


    • I bow to the Professional! I think in that ancient recipe, the amaretto was skipped because (to me anyhow) it seemed too European – and I was having blood-sugar issues. But you’re right, it’s in every actual recipe. 🙂 Also the Amaretto or almond-sugar liqueur always makes a sticky mess.
      As I have evolved somewhat, POG is good for breakfast and we like it – but it’s only a drink shortcut for when you’ve just arrived and don’t have a whole set-up going and all you could get was what they had at Safeway, like Meyers’. 🙂


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