After-Action STFU

In response to a post by Drang at ClueMeter, I was prompted to think about events and conversations in CCW class last weekend.  The instructor, a fairly young early-40’s disability-retired cop who walks with a cane and limp, said that in his experience during the high stress factors of shoot/about-to-shoot/done-shootin’ – your hands go numb and your vision tunneled, so he recommends training for clearance/charging drills  with the whole-hand grab on the slide, not the finger/thumb slingshot.

Also he mentioned, that afterwards don’t even bother to try and talk or converse because the ringing in your ears just flattens all the words and makes phone-calls just unrecognizable gibberish. AND remember to just STFU *afterwards* and DO NOT give up your right to shut-up.   It’s a hard right to remember, especially in that moment, because silence is a negative thing not a positive expression – and we are accustomed to the 1st Amendment of Free Speech (and not taking the 5th).   But “Afterwards”  is not the time or place for an outpouring of expression – especially to Cops, but despite that fact people just open-up and blab and blab when the adrenaline tapers off…

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11 thoughts on “After-Action STFU

  1. Keeping your mouth shut is good, but make sure you point out where the BG’s weapon got to. If you kicked it to the curb, or under a parked car, TELL THEM. Don’t expect them to find it on their own. Maybe standing with it underfoot when the police arrive might be a good thing. Briefly explain why it isn’t still with the BG.

    If you feel the need to vacate the incident site for reasons of safety, pick it up with a bag or paper. Try not to handle it directly. If it disappears while you are meeting cops elsewhere, that could be a problem. It’s one of the reasons you should stay, if at all possible. You look much better if you remain at the scene. Just don’t die in the process! Remember BG’s tend to run in packs, and they may be hanging nearby, waiting for a clear go at you. Stay alert, it’s not over until the badge toters arrive, and clear the area.


  2. STFU indeed.

    Ironically in this situation, we are at risk because we are decent people. We want to help fix the problem, to be seen as one of the good guys. Don’t. STFU. Let the FORENSIC EVIDENCE speak for you. Do not make any statement until your attorney is present. If you make any error in your statement (easy to do under stress) an opposing attorney will blow your credibility out of the water on the witness stand.

    When the LEO’s arrive, they won’t know you from Adam. Obviously, do exactly as they say. Expect to be face down and handcuffed, and to spend the night in jail.

    Another point while we are on the topic. What if you draw your weapon but don’t shoot? As soon as you have dis-engaged and feel you are safe, the next thing that comes out is your cell phone. You want to be the first to call 911 and explain what happened, because it could be who ever was the threat will call as well about some whack-job that pulled a gun on them for no reason.

    Lots of good info here:

    Click on “Quips” and rummage through the archives.


    • Thanks Hank! In fact the instructor said there were a couple times he could see and understand the situation was righteous, but taking “that” someone in the back of the car to the station for a statement, he had to tell them to just shut-up already! He was in NO position to help them or intervene, and they weren’t helping them selves by blabbing.
      Plus the cell-phone call.


  3. That tunnel vision is why you want to keep moving your head. Scanning the scene as much as possible during the activities can be helpful in keeping your vision opened up.


  4. Gotta pray it never happens, if for no other reason than STFU is almost impossible for me, even in the best of circumstances….


    • You have to remember, “Anything you say…” – and whoever you’re talking to is just a guy taking down notes…they have no follow-up influence, can’t get you off, can’t do anything. But it’s the dis-positive right that’s a conundrum, since it exists (safely) in a vacuum. We’re accustomed to (often loudly) proclaiming “rights” stuff. It’s like you shouting, “I must be silent!”


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