More Range-Cart Madness

With my arm blown-out and in a bursitis-brace, I have some time for drawing and sketching and planning instead of just meaty action. And that is needed. The new 14-inch wheels and solid axle (instead of out-board axle stubs), has changed the structural geometry, and the sliding link/braces need to be re-worked.
The semi parallel red lines (with up-arrow) indicate somewhat the angle that needs improving if I want to have a nice flat shelf for the rifle. The green braces are what needs to grow longer to get there. In fact maybe I should lengthen and re-position the support-arms (green-to-blue) to a more forward location for better support.
This is all good because the taller shelf gets the butt of the rifle up higher and closer to me when I’m standing at rest during the off-hand stage.
But whether the cart will continue to fold-up properly is another question. The new 7/8-inch solid-axle tube is a bit of an impediment to flat-folding as far as the secondary short-braces are concerned. Here’s the cart with the secondary brace/arm in the “open” position:
Here’s the contact point when “closed” or folded – it’s not quite there and the 7/8″ axel-tube (which I slipped on to keep the wheels spaced apart) holds it off by a half inch or so.
1.) So why couldn’t it just pivot on the axel?
2.) Or it needs a dog-leg brace that is also somewhat longer to allow closure?

Also finally, where to put the tactical cup-holders – and it needs a rail somewhere on it right?

ADDED: What the old cart looked like…

Work on the range cart

The rotten wheels had to go.  And the cart needed a real axle instead of those stub-jobs.
But that meant I had to cut threads in a 1/2-inch piece of mild steel. 


After cutting it to length.  Mild is a technical term, it’s still steel.

I used a bar and a socket inherited from my Grandpa’s old work-stuff.

(Notice the angle the poor clamp is operating at, to hold it from rotating.)


UPDATE:  My bursitus blew-up in the middle of the night, and I woke with my right arm, elbow, hand stiff and on fire. Now it’s in a splint – ice and ibuprofen. Crap.
I’m just glad my shootin’ class isn’t next week or next month. I should be healed-up in a while, but it seems to take forever nowadays.  And typing this shit is a pain in the ass.

Happy Father’s Day All You Pops

My wife and I went over to see the Folks yesterday, bringing with some us a small selection of exotic ice creams for my Dad and some cookies. It was a nice visit in the shade on a warm afternoon, and my Dad enjoyed the Father’s Day card that had a picture of some Buddhist monks with upraised arms and excited faces, yelling with glee on a roller-coaster’s descent. Buddhists generally don’t have a problem with taking themselves too seriously, at least not the enlightened ones. We talked about stuff and I talked about some projects and helping clear out their garage, talked them into letting me have the old 10-inch band-saw. Dad got it back when he was in High School – so it’s made back when they, “Made ’em like that, anymore.” It’s got a cast-iron base and fittings, the bearings are in good shape and spin true – it just needs a bath and a haircut.

Today Dad helped me get it out of the garage into the truck, while in turn I put his bicycle in the back and took him to a Dental appointment a few miles down the road. He’s gonna ride his bike back home – he’s 82 and in great shape, he used to be on the Annapolis Crew Team, Class of ’49… Now it’s in my garage and getting prepped for a bit of TLC.

Grandpa had had it for a while and re-wired it with thick, fabric, electrical tape, and it looks like I’ll have to re-wire it to restore it to safe-operating condition. Heat-shrink tubing and the soldering iron will be put to work. The motor’s a 1/3rd HP job and has a wire brush and an extra chuck on it – but the bench has gotta go. I’ll bolt it to a base that can slide off the table and drop onto one of my rolling cabinets, and wire it up with a safety-switch. That and some vacuuming out and a wash-down with cleaner – maybe even a fresh coat of paint. I wonder what the model and serial-number is? Dad was in High School in the mid ’40’s.
UPDATE: Appears to be a model 103 (since that is a number cast into various and numerous parts of it) which Dad outfitted with a rather fierce blade-guard.