Fast & Furious Gun-running #IXI

Obama’s Gun-Running Czar Eric Holder was unavailable for comment, or to plead for 5th Amendment protection, while fawning millionaire hypocrite Kerry signs UN arms treaty – which senators threaten to block.
I wonder how many of the 43 dead Mexican Student-Teachers killed by the Guerreros Unidos cartel were killed by BATFE “Fast & Furious” smuggled guns.

Drug gang members have described a horrific effort to make 43 teachers college students disappear, piling their bodies like cord wood on a pyre that burned for 15 hours and then wading into the ashes to pulverize, bag and dispose of remaining teeth and bones.
…They were driven to killing grounds in a dump truck so tightly packed about 15 of the young men suffocated to death. The others were then slain, apparently shot to death, and all were put on the fire, which was fueled by gasoline, diesel, wood, plastic and old tires.

The fact that the Mexican Police were implicit in handover of students to the Cartel gunmen under orders of Iguala Mayor José Luís Abarca is a further travesty of justice – and a perfect example of a Police State where only the Police are allowed guns, using thug-proxies to do its dirty-dirty enforcement work.

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    • Thanks! We’re there already, but also very good points he makes (and I do) like lock-up your tools – don’t give thieves anything to work with – and distribute your collection. Mine is just an few things, but anyhow…


  1. This whole debacle is an interesting parallel to the “stupid voter,” scandal from the “architect,” of ‘Bammycare, Gruber; Power grab, all the while telling you it’s for your own good.


    Pile it on.


    • The thing is, the kids they killed were dedicated Leftists from a very Lefty Teachers College! So…is it Capitalism or Fascism that runs Mexico? It’s the oligarchy who don’t care, always has been – and they’re not very Catholic either…


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