Sunset over Sacatomatoes

IMGP0003_x1000For some reason I’ve been thinking about getting a Colt SAA – or a Vaquero, nothing else by Ruger makes my neck itch.  Of course price is an issue, and I could just shoot the M1909 if I want to blast .45LC stuff.

And since I went on a comment-bender at OldNFO’s I’ll reprise that here:  Just that Obama’s absence from the Paris anti-Jihad march-event leaves me meh.

I’ve been too embarrassed already when I was tramping around The Continent (now the Incontinent?) drinking pints of Guinness, by Jimmy Freaking Carter to *now* be embarrassed by this Obama-lama-ding-dong. The Euros can go take a f*ng seat in a wet pissoir.
He’s our Nobel Peace-Prizer, Livin’ The Life as a jet-set Citizen-o’da-World with his fine wife and daughters basking in his radiant glory and swell golf-game, and nothing much makes a difference to him outside his own splendor.
Besides, France really did bring this onto themselves by setting up the No-Cop “Sensitive” Zones/Suburbs where they stuffed all the low-wage immigrant population that is 99% Islamic — and where Shari Law supersedes French 3rd Empire Law or whatever Napoleonic Code thing they have going.  And being paid-off and also insulated from The Law and Responsibility, and fed nearly 100% Feree-Welfare-Everything, the Suburb-Zones became incubators for violence and Jihad – much like Detroit and Dearborn Michigan, and Berkeley/Oakland and other Socialist Parasite-Cities in the US who’s occupants are clothed and fed from the wages and taxes of working people, and who are taught by a deranged Edu Establishment  (that is nearly Muslim in zealotry and fanaticism) to despise the flyover people who clothe and feed them and do the actual work so that they get EBT cards…

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