Gunblastic Gunchickz

Somedude on the Internetz missed Tam and a *few* other female gunbloggers, so I thought I’d post my list of Gunchicks:
(UPDATED: reformatted)…
30 Cal Gal \
The Adventures of Mauser Girl
A Girl and Her Gun
AK’s & Cupcakes – Yankee Born, Rebel Heart
Anna’s Clue Tank
Annie Got Her Gun
Annie Oakley’s Kitchen
Arma Borealis (Heather)
ArmedCandy (Gabby)
Armed Females of America: Pro-Gun Women on Full Auto
Armed and Pregnant
Army of Mom
Bad Dogs and Such
Bells A Ringing
Carnaby Fudge
Cassy Fiano
the Chopping Block
C.J.’s Opinions on the World
Cornered Cat
Cranky Chicks with Guns
The Crow’s Song
Erin Palette
Excels at Nothing
FalnFenix – insert witty title here
Female and Armed
Fatale Abstraction
She’s a Garand Gal
Girl’s Guide to Guns
Girls With Guns
Great Satan, Inc.
Hecate’s Crossroad
Heels and Handguns
Home On the Range
JackedUpGlockMom – Tales From The Clothesline
In Jennifer’s Head
Jigsaw’s Thoughts
KeeWee’s Corner
Limatunes’ Range Diary
Looking for Lissa
Lucrative Pain
Mermaid of Moorgate
The Minutewoman (Janelle Barnett)  
Non Original Rants (Midwest Chick)
On a Wing and a Whim
Nancy gets her gun
Ordinary Average Gal
Packing Pretty
The Patriot Nurse
Politics, Guns & Beer
Primordial Slack (Joan of Arrgh!)
Proud Hillbillie – From the Caer
Reasonable Chaos
Roberta X
Scary Yankee Chick (Ruth)
Second Amendment Sisters, Inc.
Seconds Matter
self evidence
Silver Bear Cafe
Six Degrees of Blondness
small dead animals
Snarky after Tea (Tremaine)
Somthing and Half of Something
TFS Magnum
The Girls’ Guide to Surviving the Apocalypse
Tractor Tracks (Farmgirl)
The Trooper’s Gal
Total Survivalist Libertarian Bitch Fest
View From The Porch
Warrior Knitter

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25 thoughts on “Gunblastic Gunchickz

  1. GlennB – I blog-collect fairly indiscriminately, and so you are probably more right than me. On closer examination (search-for) the guns she has occasion to talk about are the arms (muscles/”guns”) of her teen boys. 🙂 Maybe I caught her in a comment at another gunblog…


  2. I read Double Nickel Farm frequently, maybe I missed it, but I have never seen her post about guns. Does she blog about guns?

    All the best,


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