Gunblastic Gunchickz

Somedude on the Internetz missed Tam and a *few* other female gunbloggers, so I thought I’d post my list of Gunchicks:
(UPDATED: reformatted)…
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small dead animals
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Warrior Knitter

Zombie Ammo II

Drudge Report claims reference CBS-Detroit saying, “Zombie Bullets In High Demand Following Flesh-Eating Attacks” – ZOMG!!
So my question is, is Detroit particularly susceptible for some reason? Like because it’s a Zombie City or Ghost Town?
I know a lot of bloggers/CCW holders are on the fence or quite IXNAY about the Zombie Ammo 1.) since the box has a disclaimer, and 2.) “Every Bullet has a Lawyer Attached.”
Perhaps the disclaimer is for Zombie Lawyers like Gloria Allred who has decided to insert her slimy and viscous presence, python-like, into the proceedings?
As a Zombie-snake? Must be something about Florida and snakes and Haiti nearby – and Canada to the north… 

The Billy Beer of Bullets

Ok, I’m a snot-green gun-goober now, but missing the Realtree camo trucker-hat and the insouciant only-one-side clipped overalls.
What a racket.
I hope in the distant future we’ll look back on this with the same kind of misty-hazy-dirty-mirror nostalgia that Jimmeh’s Brother lent to that equally vapid period of bad-porn, big-hair, and cars with chickens on the hood, as we oil our HK MP5’s in Freeland USA – because we no longer suck and they no longer hate us.

And I hope Horndaddy remembers me with a big bushel of bullets and extra wheelbarrows of cash that I get from the Triangle off Doom.

How many times to I have to buy this lottery ticket?  Cough it up suckers!