Drencheroonie #4

I seriously have lost track whether this is Storm-Squall Event #3 or #4 or whatever. Since last night we’re at 0.52″ as of about 10:00AM – temps in the mid 40’s, winds gusting to 23mph. Rainfall “to date” (with the Rain Season being July 1st to June 30th) is at 168.0 % of Normal, at 28.64” and ahead of last year’s 22.15″.

My bottom-land seasonal “lake” is back, but the drainage is flowing as best it can, heading out down Dry Creek – a seasonal creek – and so long as rainfall isn’t measured in inches-per-hour we should be good. Lotta snow dropping in on the High Country.

Dry-Out Day

We’re getting a bit of time between the next squall line scheduled to come racing across the state and give us another drenching. We’re looking at a whole week of rain headed this way…

Sunrise was pretty, instead of being covered in dull gray clouds, and today we grill!

Happy New Year – 154.3 % of “Normal”

Starting Thursday night with a couple of inches, the rainfall intensified Friday with three-plus more, until the evening when it really started to come down. Saturday we got over five-and-a-half inches, and at one point my little bridge was nearly submerged. The deluge began to ease-off in the afternoon and evening when we only got a few more inches.

Sunday we were about as relieved as Noah after his forty-day flood, since the drainage did it’s thing overnight!

Others were not so lucky, like my truck-mechanic over the hill to the right, who had six inches of standing water in his business. He gathered a crew of thirty friends, neighbors, and family and spent Sunday and Monday cleaning it out and drying out.


It’s dry and cold-ish between storms, and the doggie wants me to grill her a chicken breast for tonight/tomorrow – plus I have a piece of cod for her too. We got a paltry drizzle of just 0.16 in. this morning, but more of The Big Wet is coming tonight…

Yesterday was mild and clear, and We grilled Salmon and a New York Strip. Monday and Tuesday combined for about two and a half inches, and the Central Drainage was ripping’ good.


After a weekend of rain (and snow down to 3,000-feet that closed both major highways) we caught-up (and passed) our normal nominal expectations. We have not caught up with last year’s to-date total but we’re on pace. The drainage ran steadily as Summer’s dry and hardened earth shed water rather than absorbing it. The sun is coming up to the right of the big oak, so the Winter Solstice will be happening soon – like next week – and we begin the turnaround.

Grill Before the Storm

Maybe not storm or deluge, but certainly a bunch of cold and rain-rain. In anticipation of a windy night, I furled the umbrellas and fired up the Weber. Four skewers of mushrooms, a couple of red peppers, and a yellow onion on the plancha for some serious grill-flavor going into a braised chicken – and a burger for the doggie. It was frosty this morning, and almost seemed to get colder as the day wore on. The doggie absolutely loves this weather.

Fall Color

We haven’t seen a morning like this in quite a while, cool and foggy. As for “Fall Color” it’s pretty monochromatic — there’s not much color really. The acorns are big and fat under the oak trees and gopher holes dot the field from one end to the other.

Meanwhile the truck holds a yard and a half of mahogany colored bark to spread.

Lucky Dog!

We went down to the dog-lawn and she rolled in clover, literally! Good thing, because she was exhibiting fear and anxiety about coming up the steep deck steps – it had become a challenge, and we wanted to ease that, so I built a ramp :

12’ Dog Ramp

After a bit of shopping at Home Depot for a couple 12’ long 2”x4”s and some traction enhancing rug material, we drove home and I got out the saw (and screw-driver/gun, and impact-drill) – and got to work. It took about an hour and a half – done by 11:00AM.

Pray for Rain.

And it did rain. Daytime temperatures fell thirty degrees, from the mid-100’s to the 70’s, and overnight temperatures plummeted from the high 70’s down to the low 50’s. Air Quality that had been in the “dangerously unhealthy” range from the Mosquito Fire got wiped away and restored to “good.” And the fire containment grew while the fire ceased advancing and did not grow. Yay! The extended heatwave is over.