Water Feature

The puddle tamed, for now.


Back to the Swamp

Three inches of rain and still counting (UPDATE: 4.13 inches for January), but clearing tonight and less tomorrow and the rest of the week.
The run-off from my neighbor’s pond (off to the right) is now flowing into the catchment and through the 8-inch underground pipe, and out into the stream-culvert on the left with good momentum. The rest of what is visible is simply run-off coming downhill into the pasture.
Life in the Country out in the sticks. Maybe I should get a row-boat.

A bit here, a bit there

A little rain here, a little rain there, but still way behind schedule and averages.
And a little stress here, a little stress there…doing the Estate work; corralling the funds and getting the documents – it’s a minefield for someone with a little financial acumen as I have. But it will be OK, this is all temporary.
Meanwhile I took the Rossi ’92 into the gun-slicker and he’ll do his magic. There are some sharp edges that need radiusing. I just didn’t feel like tearing into it myself at this time.

Year-End Maintenance

Out with the Old and make-way for the New. A new year is dawning and after fourteen years of haphazard writing it’s time for a bit of clean-up to the Sidebar, and since “Blogging is Dead,” as Nietzsche might say (the Gunblogger Rendezvous is anyhow), all the bloggy-type stuff needs to go.
Don’t feel slighted, it’s just based on interactions. For the few who occasionally read and comment/counter-comment some blogs remain on the blogroll. Some remain for perhaps no reason at all, but it’s not a growth industry. More could and may be added upon request, but I got rid of all the quaint categories.
Happy 2018!

Frozen Tundra

Cold and gray with high-clouds filtering the wan sunlight – it’s not that bad, but the frost has been on everything the last weeks and the High Country has snow and I’ve been looking for a better winter work-jacket/coat. Carhartt is popular around here for that. And some fleece lined pants, check!

Things my Dad made

Making the parallel clamps was a typical exercise in metal-shop tool-making expertise, with the knurling and the name-stamps.

And also the 3-piece walnut and flame-mahogany veneer dining room set, a demonstration of wood-shop expertise – with the accompanying table and chairs. He and his old shop-buddy from school re-covered the chairs about five years ago.

I miss Dad and Mom.