Interarms Mark-X & R1100R Battery

The Gentleman’s Express wouldn’t start, so I un-gear’d and made my rounds of the gun-shops by F-150, to talk about hunting with guys who had hunted. Many positive responses and good feed-backs later I was at my local shop looking at an (60’s-era?) Zastava-action Mauser Interarms Mark-X in .243 with a fixed power Weaver K8 UPDATE: Weaver K4 – that had been around the block and out in the field more than a few times but still looked pretty. Interarms-x243It’s not as nice as this one at Cabela’s Gun Library, but has the same shape stock and is not nearly as expensive either. The old scope was clear and sharp and had a pretty wide field of view for our short-and-brushy shooting.
Interarms has an interesting history as former Cold-War CIA spook Sam Cummings was sort of the OG Merchant of Death, selling arms around the world and on occasion to both sides. One of his arms shipments to Batista (AR-10’s) was intercepted and captured by Castro. He became a British subject and moved to Monaco while running the HQ out of Alexandria, VA.
Anyhow I don’t have tine with CA’s stupid 10-day wait period to bring it up to Gunblogger Rendezvous-X and sight-it in to my eye-point, so I has a sad. Unless I get it first thing tomorrow morning and pick it up on the morning of the 20th before driving up to Reno – which could still happen…
UPDATE: Not gonna happen.
UPDATE: That’s not gonna happen, but never say never…
Sunday we had a fun time (and great food) at the Gun Club Picnic, and met some very nice people. The fabulous Donna and husband Bob, and Jean and husband ex-cop Bill were a couple of friends who invited us to sit with them, and we had a nice time chatting about all manner of things. I won ONE raffle item, a re-up to my Gun Club membership, but all my tickets on the S&W 9mm Shield didn’t pan-out. Oh well it’s to a good cause, the oldest and longest running gun-club in California.
Meanwhile after three days on the Battery Tender, the juice-pot still showed no signs of buzzy electron life, so I got under the hood and lifted the lid and removed the Yuasa 51913. It took a while because BMW (and all motorcycles, really) packages things tight, but I didn’t have to remove the entire tank, just un-do enough peripherality to lift up the ass-end — which took a while and a few screws and a 2×6 to figure-out. The juice levels are all below par and I want a gel-battery anyhow, let’s see if one can be found locally. NAPA or O’Riley’s are my main choices, or Mike’s Kawasaki might have something. There’s a LOT of small engines around here doing yeoman’s work in the field, from Husqvarna mowers to saws, to Kawasaki Mules and other quad farm-equipment, to watercraft toys, so I expect (hope) it shouldn’t be too hard.
UPDATE: Battery coming Wednesday.

Belated Blogversary

Seems I missed my own blogversary.  It’s hard to imagine (or even remember) what has actually transpired since August 7, 2004… but I’ll, repeat my old post just for the hell of it – a Mai Tai recipe.

Da Kine rippin’ onolicious Mai-Tai recipe

Maybe it was the Exotica music that triggered it, or tasting the fine examples at Tao Tao’s in Sunnyvale: I went on a hunt for the best Mai-tai recipe.
Where the hell is that Demarara?

Mix: “Bleh” to those pre-mixed Mai-Tai bottle-blends. Even Trader Vic’s mix is too sour and without much fresh flavor. Dey all lousy, fuggedaboudit.

Sweet: I’ve tried a variety of sweeteners, from coconut syrup to orgeat syrup, but real juice just keeps coming back as the best answer.

Juice: Avoid tinned pineapple juice with that metallic taste, or anything less than fresh-squeezed. In the Islands pineapple juice is easy to get, while Island oranges tend to be less sweet – so pineapple/orange juice is not going to be sugary glop like you in the grocery stores here.
As a juice base I prefer passion fruit juice. If none is available pineapple-orange juice combinations are fine, or even “POG” – Pineapple-Orange-Guava, which is an Island specialty. Ultimately the drink should be flavorful without being too sweet or bitter.

Prepare two glasses with 4-5 ice cubes. Pour a dribble of juice from the jar of maraschino cherries into the bottom, over the ice.

In a cocktail shaker with 5 cubes of ice (for two persons) prepare:

    • 1/2 shot lime juice – to cut the sweetness
    • 1/2 shot Triple sec

1/2 shot Orange Curacao
1/2 shot Cointreau or Drambui

  • 1 shot Light rum, or even better, Brazilian Toucano, a Chacacha, (a light rum from the first press of the sugar cane juice itself)
  • 1 shot good Jamaican Gold rum
  • 1 shot Demarara or Guyana 151 rum, or Myers’s


Fill shaker to the line with passion fruit juice, or 3 parts fresh pineapple to 1-part orange juice mix.

Shake until it’s cold.

Carefully pour over ice in drink-glasses. Avoiding swirling or tumbling the drink mixture with the bottom layer. You want to achieve a sunset, with light colors on the bottom, and the dark on top. Top with a 1/2 shot float of dark rum: a Negrito from Barbados, or Myers’s.

Pineapple slices skewered with a cherry under an umbrella should be used as garnish. Insert colorful straw.

Put on album of Martin Denny music.


Hunter Education – thoughts

Hunter Ed. class Tuesday night, Gun-club picnic tomorrow and we’re bringing a salad (cloweslaw), and the raffle tickets for a S&W Shield 9mm. Which got me to thinking about the poly-stock black scoped hunting rifles the guys in the lane next-over from me were shooting.
Q: Is a scope necessary for ethical hunting and shot-placement?
My only scope is a Nikon .223 point-blank reticle on the Ninja-AR. I won a scope-mount section of rail for a SMLE at the last Gunblogger Rendezvous – it’s a Enfield No.1 low-mount picatinny scope base from GBR repeat-attendee Richard at Special Interest Arms, but I am seriously lothe to drill-and-tap either of my Ishapore rifles.
I can hit pretty well at 100-yards with the .308 NATO, and the Krag, and probably the .303 too – but is it well-and-proper enough for hunting, where a miss that is not a kill allows the wounded animal to flee and die in pain?
I know there are makers of good but inexpensive hunting rifles, which also come scope-equipped. The Savage Club-rifles we had for the Junior Shooters had great accuracy and a very nice triggers. Mossberg also makes a combo-kit hunting rifle as does Ruger and Howa. Maybe I should get something specific for the hunt? September is a ways off and there are also many used rifles in the gun-cases at local shops looking for a good home. Hmmm…
I think I’ll got for a ride on the Gentleman’s Express and check it out…

More funky weather

Overcast and high temps mean humid – which is new for me but I’m a newbie. Our lovely bartender friend at Wally’s related a weekend trip to the high country (Lake Alpine on Hwy-4, around 7,300 feet) with her little kids that was first inundated with rain, then struck by first small dime-sized hail, then bigger, then golf-ball sized – and so damaged their pop-up (hard-roof) trailer it leaked rain, and had the scared kids in tears.
Summertime in the Sierra, really anything can happen.
And we’re on for Hunter Education.
And maybe the ’42 .303 Ishapore SMLE is a better choice as far as softpoints go. So I need to get to the range with that and see where its 100-yard zero is at.

Range Day New Neighbors

UPDATE: Pictures!
It was time to wring-out the Krag and the NATO Ishapore, and learn my local Club’s protocols and intricacies. Dan was the RO at the rifle-range and explained, “no rifles in cases.” It seems a while back too many hunters had showed up with cased, loaded weapons – and they did not exhibit good muzzle discipline handling them at the bench. So now the rule is bring them in singly and rack them.
My neighbors in the other lanes were Bud and Hunter, a grandfather-grandson duo who were prepping for hunt season with scoped, black-polymer stocked rifles, and Roy. Roy had an SKS, a Mosin, a Waffenamt-stamped 8mm Mauser, and a bull-barrel Ruger 10//22 – and he lives down my road in “a big old barn” as he called it. Hey Neighbor! People couldn’t be more friendly.
The max distance was 100-yards. The Krag struck the top of the 10-ring of the SR-1 target, and then gathered its shots around the left in the 8-9 ring-area, and then variously elsewhere on the left out to the 7-ring. Nothing to the right. I made adjustments but they stayed to the left. IMGP2326_x1000

Then I brought out the NATO Ishapore and fired on an old Washoe Range target from the last GBR, stapled-up sideways, and hit some in the 10-ring too. When I put on my shooting glasses and brought the front sight into sharp focus I did a better and kept in an even quadrant from 10’oclock high to 5:o’clock low on the right, out to the 7-ring. IMGP2324_x1000

So fine. Beautiful break in the heat, with temps in the mid 80’s only. Gorgeous day.
Club-guy Malcolm is running a Hunter Education Course next Tuesday up Pleasant Valley Road, out at the Grange. I’m there.

Strange Weather, Twists and Turns

Overcast and cool – only 80 when it should be about 99-degrees out. Got out early and chopped down some wannabe oaks, a small circle of stalks about three-inches in diameter that were rubbing up and bothering the aspens. Also more bramble and some overgrown crap-plant. And dug-out the wisteria vine that was going to pull down the porch railing.
Talking about goign to the range tomorrow, shoot the AR and perhaps the .30-40Krag – and maybe the NATO Ishapore…because suddenly I was invited go deer hunting on my new best-friend’s property: 160 private acres up on Pilot Hill! WTF? Hunting? Archery season begins in two weeks, rifle in September.
Where do I begin? Seriously there’s bucks with pointy-pointy racks up there – and a bear. Not going after the bear. So… Sighting in the Krag might be in order. That would make it challenging and not just deer-shooting, I guess. How much does a deer-hunt cost? What about tags? Do I need to buy a big old skinning knife or can/should I use the Krag’s Bayonet? Many questions, and the whole thing comes as a surprise.

UPDATE: May have to consider hunting with the .303 Brit because I have softpoints for that, but I don’t have any 7.62 NATO that isn’t FMJ spitzer and that’s not really a “deer round” AFAIK. I think mastering archery in just two weeks might be pushing my envelope a bit, even if the deer are only 50-feet away.

I don’t do GPS rant

Mainly, why bother, and it CAN makes you stupid. GPS tells you nothing, it’s just a vertical satellite feedback loop. My inner Boy Scout want’s to projectile vomit when I see people using GPS in their cars, and I won’t buy a vehicle with On-Star. You got a whole beautiful, expansive dashboard that could be covered in crocodile or exotic leather, and some Management techno-weenie brand-marketeer cuts a hole in it and stuffs in a goddam TV and bullshit??
Since I like to read I’m skilled with reading maps. I know a few stars for nighttime location work. But mainly I pay attention to where I’m going, and through what kinds of neighborhoods I am traveling (Danger Will Robinson! Remember: Location-Location-Location? Would you buy a house here?), and so I know how I got where I was going.
Maybe it’s a guy-thing and I don’t do “directions” very well anyhow. I don’t want, need, or especially like “directions” – not when I can map my own way there. I know (already) where I am, and anybody with some minor sensibility to direction, awareness of time of day, recognition of shadows, with a paltry memory for layout, and who uses their EYES to SEE their actual surroundings will only be BLINDED by GPS. It’s a fools errand.
The last time we had a “direction-location problem” and I went into a gas-station for answers/directions, the guy was from Bangalore and didn’t know the area at all himself. At least he spoke English. So I went around the corner to a guy who you KNOW knows the area and knows directions — a Realtor.
We have a friend who’s been here easily fifteen years, and can’t get around without GPS. It’s more than a crutch. It IS because they know nothing (external awareness-wise) and see nothing (external awareness-wise) because they are uninterested in anything but themselves (external awareness-wise). Their self-centric worldview plots them at the world-center to begin with, and GPS firmly plants them there – so all their attendant self-centric biases doesn’t let them leave. They are ALWAYS late (never their fault), never remember how they got anyplace (not their job), don’t know how to leave (go where??), and basically can’t locate themselves in physical space. That is unnecessary and secondary compared to catering to their tastes and needs. It’s like math, “is too hard.” So they don’t bother, and they don’t really know where they are when they get there at any point in space-time. And as far as past-tense goes they don’t know where WHERE was, or where it will be when they get THERE. They’re just (unhappily) HERE-THERE at any moment – and/but not in a Zen kinda “be-here-know” spacey way – they simply are as they came into the World: brain-naked and clueless like an infant.
Politically they also closely approach the same awareness-set of VOID. Sadly they vote, and as among the most low-information types possible, they vote for their perceived MAIN bias: what makes them FEEL good…

UPDATE: I know I made a bunch of blanket statements which is why I prefaced this as a rant. But this also came out of a discussion with a friend who was up here visiting – and he complained that relying on the GPS constantly was making HIM stupid. And it was the constant-use thing that triggered my rant. That started the discussion with my buddy and his wife, and it reminded me of some other friends from where we used-to live who exhibited the same behaviors, so in essence there was more than one person involved, and I didn’t reveal that in my rant and I should have set the parameters that way.

Gone missing…

My parents are of an uncomfortable age where their friends keep disappearing. Today they lost three.
One lady of song-like voice whose husband was among a circle of my mom’s beaus before she choose Dad, and who loaned Mom her wedding dress so that Mom would have something to wear at her own wedding: “Something borrowed…”
Another man was an old Southern Pacific railroad guy, who I met on a trip south down the Coast, and who sent us care-packages long ago while in India as a kid.

UPDATE: News to me: Bob in the Army: since being a Southern Pacific railroad-guy (how??) the Army sent him up with trains from India up into Burma, to fight the Japanese. When(ever) they took fire/made contact with the Japs, all the Indians and locals bailed out, and he had to “activate” the “U.S. Civilian Advisors” to run the machine… That group from Grace Baptist sent us care packages that I still remember because the boxes were hand-stitched all-around with a sheet, and covered in sealing-wax emblems, in order that they not be broken and stolen buy the Indian P.O. So that’s how I got my Christmas Gi-Joe from Grandpa.

Third was an old friend from Seminary days, with whom my Folks stayed-with at their house in Hawaii.
One day, all gone. The Greatest Generation is fast disappearing…
I would give Mom a hug, but I’m up here now. Also they had many-many more friends than I have, so my prospects look bleak even if you take the long-view. *sigh*

Quick UPDATE: The good thing is that minor guilt off this kind works, or call it sympathy – so I called Mom & Dad to give a virtual hug, and all they wanted to do was talk a mile-a-minute about other things. They are so full of positive mental energy and spirit I can’t even keep up. So fine.
SAD Update: My parent dead friends outnumber my live ones. I better get to work!

Pinned & Recessed

IMGP2310_x800IMGP2313x800The 6″ 1970 Model 19-3 is a sweet chunk of shootin’ iron.
There’s a bit of muzzle wear from the old clam-shell holster (too bad it didn’t come with it), so I even have a holster already to add s’more, an older (naturally) but good condition Bianchi 5BH.
Now I’m looking for ammo, which is plentiful.

UPDATE: Plentiful but plenty expensive. Found some 158gr Hydrashoks and a bunch of JSP’s – looking for heqavy-weight bullets not 110gr. flyweights that go high – I want the gun to shoot to point-of-aim and not have to re-regulate it for flyswatter loads. I want Practice to be spent on trigger-work and cylinder manupulations, not chasing a zero…

Meanwhile it’s 98° outside, and to stave off potential Malaria I am back inside experimenting with Hendrick’s gin and some $pecialty “Premium India Tonic Water.” Love the quinine…