Now I’m starting to wonder…

Why did I keep the one I did when it’s not much smaller than the new one I got – but is slightly fatter and holds one less round? The easy take-down? The de-cocker?

Update: There’s a gun under there but you almost wouldn’t notice.

Here you can see the contrast in size of the Sig P245 trigger guard.
UPDATE: Mo’Pics!


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14 thoughts on “Now I’m starting to wonder…

  1. DC- I'm one of those oddballs, I actually shoot both 1911s AND Glocks. I was ALWAYS taught the safety was between the ears as the first pistols I shot were Peacemakers…

  2. Thanks Instinct – either of those (229 or 226) would hold more and cost less.
    Haji – “safe gun handlng is safe gun handlng.” You're right. You shoot a lot more than me but I can still appreciate the economies of scale based on my income/allowance…

  3. 1911's are cool; I have a couple of ém. Can't get rid of ém, but I don't shoot ém much anymore, either. When ya shoot every week, being able to buy two boxes of 9mm for every one box of .45 means shooting twice as much, all the time.

    Safties and decockers don't make for safe gun handling. Only safe gun handling does. The rules are always the same and inflexible, as they are effective. Don't wanna shoot, don't press the trigger all the way to the rear. Going Glock (or MnP, which I'm now done with) takes about, oh, ten minutes to get comfortable with, and the trigger is a whole lot easier to manage than a DA/SA is.

    Shoot what ya want, but my life got easier once I embraced the dominance of the Glock.

  4. Old NFO – At first I wasn't sure about the de-cocker, and I'm only just learning the 1911 – but I like it a helluva lot better than Glock's finger on the trigger to make-safe.
    Too much Rule #2.

  5. Interesting comparison, but for me I don't like the de-cocker… too many years 'slapping' the safety off on a 1911 means I decock a Sig about half the time…

  6. I like the P245, just gotta watch the pinkie when you're slapping-home a magazine. In a direct comparison I'm surprised it's no shorter than a Commander.

  7. Terri- I miss my P220 too. Maybe I'll go take it back from the store since nobody seems to want to buy it.
    Here in CA that's like *buying* it since it was consigned, another 10-day wait and DROS fees and altogehter a lot of dumbass crap.

  8. GBBL – Yes they are! The P245 is like a little tug-boat. I like boats.
    Adam – Love the t-shirt! Yeh that makes sense, except for me who seldom wears gloves since it's not often that cold here.

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