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6 thoughts on “Aloha Happy-Happy

  1. I’m headed for Ka’anapali in June, just down the coast. Not been as all my Hawaii time was either Oahu or the big island. I’m looking forward to it and will have to head up and see the turtles.


    • Napili Bay has a resort anchoring the north end, the “Napili Kai” which I believe was the original “anchor” resort in the early 60’s – and at the southern tip, around the corner from the Gazebo restaurant (with the great pancakes and breakfast) is the “Napili Point,” with the little inlet/cove there that has the numerous turtles. It’s a nice low-rise area away from the hustle of Ka’ananpali.
      Further north is the marine-preserve at Honolua Bay, which also has great snorkeling (big ulua) and a nice surf-break off the point, way out where the pineapple fields used to be.


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