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The GG&G forward quick-detach sling-swivel mounted up pretty easy on the 590, and it’s non-rotating. The rear swivel is coming via Brownells in a few days. I guess I’ll get a Viking Tactics sling so it matches the one on the M4gery – after I swap it back and forth a few times to see how well that works, and on which side to install it…
There are a few guys who run a shotgun course around here so I have that, but I’m sad that I can’t take Louis’ class, very sad indeed – but I can get his book, or the video.
UPDATE: What else? I’m leaning towards the Magpul stock because it’s seems to accommodate the Mossberg thumb safety location, and looks like a good compromise between a “real” stock and a pistol-grip stock: With an especial plus this from the Esteemed Tam (and I’m still pissed-off at the steaming scum-sucking jerkwad sh*tbrain who caused her to flatten the blog to a thin, narrow reminder of what it once was.)

Love the Magpul stock, and I say that as someone who, when she first saw the Magpul shotgun furniture, thought “Okay, the guys at Magpul have jumped the shark now, because that looks flimsy and ghey.” Despite my treatment of the 870 which, like most of my guns intended as range toys and sporting goods rather than collectibles, varies between neglect and mild abuse, nothing on the stock has broken or fallen off yet.
One of the advantages of a pistol grip on a shotgun is that it allows people without superhuman forearm strength to hold the gauge comfortable shouldered with one hand. Unfortunately, the downsides are that it pokes out awkwardly when the weapon is slung, makes operating the 870 safety a pain, and some don’t like what it does to the handling of the gun. The Magpul stock gives the advantage of the pistol grip, in that even my wimpy wrist can keep the shotgun shouldered with just my strong hand, and hasn’t any of the disadvantages. (Well, maybe it wouldn’t handle as well as an English stock if I took this thing hunting for upland birds…)

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  1. When she first went to moderated comments, there was a noticeable change. It seemed to take some of the fun out of it for a portion of her regulars. To me, it went from observing a dinner table conversation, to reading letters written by classmates off to different schools. Due to my daily schedule, I would normally end up reading her posts very late, so any comments I made would quite often be the final, or near final, one for a post.
    Of course, mine would typically be a little “off” when viewed against the majority of them, being as I’m an Aspie. 😀

    I doubt she was too thrilled with having to moderate comments. I didn’t know that her occasional bitches about that idiot was due to an everyday problem with him. He seemed like a pretty smart cookie at first. Some people just don’t know when to quit. Hmm, I think that might be part of the definition.

    For urban use, a two point sling, with muzzle down on your offside, is my preferred carry. It’s VERY low profile, and tends to not upset the sheeple. Some might not even notice. It’s also very fast to deploy. Even gunny’s can be surprised at how quick you can get your muzzle on target, if they haven’t tried it. Just lift straight up a couple inches with your off hand on the forearm, twist it to pop the sling off the shoulder, and start bringing up the muzzle and push it toward the target. Grab the grip as it gets near your hand. You can beat handgunners to the draw, if they aren’t well practiced.


    • That’s with a std stock. I’m going to try to work with the pistol grip stock. Re-installed it a bit ago. Took it off back around ’94-’96 era, when they were saying that the Benelli would qualify as an assault weapon with it. Apparently that didn’t happen, but I did my tactical shotgun training with a std type stock, and left it on ’til now. I can’t shoot it with my offhand that way, due to a wrist injury, so I decided to swap it back and give it a try. With the recoil spring inside the stock, there are no real options other than oem supplied.

      That was a 4 day class, and due to there being just two students, we ended up firing near twice the stated ammo amount. I didn’t shoot it again for several years. (not much interest in shooting it, I guess) Took it down for a part comparison with a mal-functioning Benelli, and there they sat while we waited for parts to materialize from H&K. Weird problem. The safety button would pop right into locked position after firing. Once I got mine broken in, it never missed a beat, ever. 1500+ rounds in that class, plus 3-gun match, and some clays on occasion. Get some funny looks when the bunch of us are shooting tactical shotties on the clay section. 🙂 Unfortunately, they won’t let us load more than the reg two rounds, or start with muzzle down. 😦


  2. Yeah, it seems that the better the blog (and Tam’s is obviously one of the good ones), the better the quality of the comments it attracts. Doubly sad, that.


  3. I’m waiting for the SWAT ninja who does my training to free up a day to run me through his Tactical Shotgun course with my stock stocked 870. I’m planning on getting his input on the Magpul, ’cause his agency uses them, and he’s their trainer, too.

    Also giving thought to upgrading my sling. What are your thoughts on the Viking Tactical? And I wouldn’t mind if you updated those thoughts after you use it on the 590.

    I had just recently found Tam’s blog, and at about the same time saw a mention on someone else’s blog (perhaps yours) that she’d had issues with a cyber-stalker or some such dip $#!+. Sad.


    • Hey GhostRider6! I was sorely tempted to get an 870 because there is so much aftermarket support, but Mossberg is getting there too with the Military use and the price helped.
      I like the Viking Tactics 2-point sling on the Ninja-AR because it’s quick-adjust feature lets you move it out of the way so you don’t trip over it, and it stays moved – I think… I already have QD swivels on it I can stick it on the Mossberg and test the functionality.
      Tam’s blog is a brilliant freaking gold and diamond mine that you can dig-into and seriously get a lot of raw nuggets. She was a daily read up-until some clown-ass nimrod started stalking and making weirdness a daily grind. I miss her openness and connectivity, because her commenters are/were also a rich trove of gun-smarts to dredge through.


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