No Empty Holster

It’s not like I need to fill this with another Colt or Colt-clone – unless I go Cowboy. Would it be asking too much for Colt to re-introduce the New Service series – or just better if someone more reliable did it, like Ruger?
Hunter Holster
Colt M1909 New Service
UPDATE: Meanwhile we meet an old guy who had logged many hours in a B-29 over Korea, and then became early-involved as an electronics tech in the Space Program, and knew the first seven astronauts. He had to move to Houston, then Florida, and then back to SoCal.
You know the type in the old black-and-white TeeVee reels: smoking nervously while wearing a white, short-sleeved dress shirt and necktie, with a buzz-cut and steel-glasses. During launch he had to monitor the instruments he’d installed, the accelerometers and vibration measurement… Now he carries an oxygen accumulator and fights for breath, and his small retirement winery with 16-acres of 20-year old grapes needs more caretaker than he could provide – so his ex-Air Force son was coming up from Vegas in HIS retirement to help. But the view is from the Sierra to the Coast. Amazing.

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  1. A man’s man, from when America was great and there was no shame in it; from when cops were still heroes and “multiculturalism” wasn’t in the dictionary. God bless’ em. They won’t be here much longer.


    • His family (Alabama chicken farmers) came to visit Houston once, and at lunch in the NASA cafeteria he got Jim McDivitt to come over and sit with his mom and them. They kept him in stitches, laughing and telling jokes. Old Raymond got around too.


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