Tactical Tomorrowland

Up here in the country there’s a lot of Mossy Oak® folks and Real Tree® denizens who blend right in to the local scenery during hunting season. My graphics-guy preference is for Mossy Oak®, just because of the outright verisimilitude factor of our lower-upland, Western Slope foliage landscape — but MultiCam seems to work OK and ATACS looks interesting. Black is very Urban (as opposed to suburban) and not locally appropriate except at night, but to even say “Urban” nowadays is a Progressive racist dog-whistle microaggression thing – and also how they get-away with even using “dog-whistle” un-ironically is beyond me because that has all kinds of cultural appropriation and racism written all over it and Irony was once the hallmark of what passes for (and passive-aggressive for) Progressive Ideology. But I digress.Plate Carrier Coyote Chest Rig Molle
So….with the impending BOHICA arrival of many new Muslim-Immigrant “Refugees,” comes the need for some preparation in terms of Tactical Couture – never let a crisis go to waste after-all – and I’m concerned with a sort of chicken-and-egg situation. Do you get a “slick” plate carrier and wear the chest rig over it or just go with the chest rig and a full load-out, or get a dual-duty kinda thing? The guys at Wilde Custom Gear Tactical Nylon Store make 10-round mag-pouches for the California market and for that I’m grateful – and also various rigs.
As many know the current Progressive-Elite dominated CA Gov. has seen fit to hog-tie us locals with all sorts of glorious restrictions on personal protection, but there’s still many opportunities for work-arounds and not all the Counties are so restrictive with CCW etc.
With the US Palm “Defender” level it’s just pistol-armor, not a (rifle) plate carrier, but it has the Molle all over and the grab-handle on the back so someone can pull you out of the fire. Except they don’t make 10-round magazine pouches. However 10-rounders from Wild Custom could be attached, and so could a Molle holster for the Sig. But the SAP-C plate carrier (left) looks positively luxurious.
UPDATE: What are you doing to harden your structure? I’m thinking of getting a horse so I don’t need a tunnel.