Can I Haz Light?

First of all,

Some Assembly Required:
As a newbie I believe that these things go together, at least I think so.

I’m not sure if the Z3 is suitable. It’s hell-of BRIGHT with 105 lumens of eye-poking goodness that makes me see little blue circles and spots and bothers the noisy raccoons that are chattering and humping across the lake.
Go away raccoons!
I could bump that up to 200 lumens for a blistering temporary blindness effect – but does it need a “shock isolating bezel” or a pigtail pressure-switch…or?
Besides some kind of mount. The VLTOR mount looks cool – they all look cool, dammit. Daniel Defense, Viking Tactics, LaRue (jeezus that’$ a fortune) – and there’s a million of them.
Or is it just better as a hand-held unit with the Rodgers Technique that I read about on the Interwebz. What the hell is that anyhow?
Ok, make fun of me.

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12 thoughts on “Can I Haz Light?

  1. Since two is one and one is none I’d better get me a shock-iso-shnizzle and a < HREF="" REL="nofollow">G3.<> 🙂


  2. The photo is epic. Tape <>and<> rubber bands! That’s attention to detail!Dirtcrashr-I’m just trying to pass along what I’ve studied and what others have shared with me. Hope its of some value. Anything I can do to help, just lemme know!


  3. It might get a bit heavy, having to lug around a generator to power that light! 😉PLEASE tell me the duct tape is a joke! I shudder to even THINK about what it would do to the bluing!


  4. I think you may find that you get the most flexibility out of the VT mount, because you’ll probably be able to move the light further forward in it and still have it grip the 1″ part of the light where the model name is. Shock iso bezel is up to you; I call ’em cheap insurance. Surefire says that a 5.56 is the limit of what you can run a light with an incandescent lamp on. I prefer the push button cap because wires are prone to failure, but SF makes a nice rail mount tape switch that increases the flexibility in mounting. The poring over catalogs and reading websites trying to decide is the fun part, remember? lol!


  5. I’ve had the thing for 7 years already, it’s kinda big too. The 200-lumen burn time is only for 20-minutes, it just gobbles three batteries insanely fast.


  6. Niiiice. Spanks my little 6PD all to hell, that is for damned sure. That said, I think I mentioned it before, but I am probably going to go with the Viking mount (just for the cost factor) for my little darksucker. But 200 lumens? Good lord almighty!


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