Sling-Swivel Rear

IMGP0046_XX1000Two Phillips-head screws (with one only partially undone) and a 1/2″ socket with about 12-inches of extension got the butt off and I popped in the GG&G swivel-end. It looks nice, is non-rotating, only fits one-way, and seems very sturdy – as long as there are no recoil-related issues with its location near the grip.
IMGP0051_x1000There’s a bit of a gap behind the trigger which could be a mud, dirt, and kack sinkhole – but we are not yet going out there like that, and it could be in-filled by a bit of black silicon caulk from Home Despot if need-be. We should be able to find a sling-vendor at the Funshow this weekend, and throw even more money around.
Am I too glib? Smartass, fluent and voluble, and shallow too – but never insincere. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Sling-Swivel Rear

  1. Don’t fill that with caulk. Bad juju. It can go places you don’t want it to go. Instead, find what caulkers and waterproofers call “backer rod”, stuff a length in there, mark the line where it sits flush, then pull it out and cut it off 1/4″ to 3/8″ short of that line.

    Re-insert the foam, and NOW hit it with your caulk. The backer rod will cause the caulk to assume the correct mechanical shape for good performance, flexibility and adhesion, but will prevent unwanted seepage, elsewhere.

    Otherwise, nice setup. Might get one for my 870!

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX


    • Thanks Jim! I hear and understand – and am much obliged for that recommendation!
      Without a sling to mess around-with I’m still not sure whether I should not have gotten a rear mount-point that plugged-in on the off-side…


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