Magpul Enhanced Trigger Guard

Micro Gun pr0n from both sides; slowly he built it, step by step, inch by inch, little by little….

I should be out practicing but I am meeting my wife for Lunch while she’s on jury-duty. Yesterday we went to The Fish Market.

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9 thoughts on “Magpul Enhanced Trigger Guard

  1. Additionally, the Magpul trigger guard fills the gap that would normally be be present with the standard flat trigger guard. And, its just sexy; that’s reason enough!


  2. I have the standard (cost saving) trigger – it’s a little rough but rough is arrgh-tacticool, and it’s small work to pop-in a tuned Rock River 2-stage (what’s in my match rifle).6.8 is way-cool, talk to Sebastian about that. 🙂 I believe the trajectory of the .50 Beowulf is somewhat rainbow-like. Anyhow that’s all in the upper nowdays isn’t it?


  3. Which trigger do you have in it?I think I want to build a 6.8 beast with some goodies on it with the extra lower I have currently, or maybe a .50 beowulf or something.


  4. I think it’s more meant to allow a gloved finger to fit more easily, but providing better leverage works comes along with it. Also the MIAD grip allows a better fit for larger or long-fingered hand and positions the finger better than the small standard grip.


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