Rain be-Gone, Rain be-Cool

We keep being advised that there will be rain, soon, it’s coming – meanwhile it’s muggy enough under the high-70’s hot overcast to wear shorts, but not flip-flops too, and Hawaiian shirts (I don’t have any other kind except t-shirts) are good-to-go.
And my mind is still buzzing about the Defensive Pistol class: like if a bunch of stupid #OWS asshole-anarchists in black hoods showed up in The Neighborhood with Molotov cocktails, which one do you shoot first? Do you do the Col. Cooper thing and pepper them in the legs with .22LR rounds to make it hurt badly enough to disperse? Or do you do the Stand By Me thing, Ace: What are you gonna do? Shoot us all? Gordie: No, Ace. Just you…
I would hope that my hipster neighbors who are hipster-parents would act-up in prevention, after all maybe they can grok the fact that their little kid cannot actually be a hipster (there’s an age related component to hipsterism) if he or she dies in a house fire – they have to grow-up to become hipsters like Mom & Popster. It’s not like some singing Hipster Unitarian Gay Bishop with a guitar over her shoulder can do the Catholic-style water-sprinkling baptism of Hipsterousity, wherein the tykes are blessed with a Fixie bike, a goatee, and immediate soulful Irony. But I’m not sure about my neighbors, and the President is obviously hoping for a hot summer to grease his reelection plans, one way or another.

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10 thoughts on “Rain be-Gone, Rain be-Cool

  1. Will:
    I don't entirely disagree with you.
    In fact, the best thing you said was to not dress “In such a way that you are easily ID'd.”
    Also, I agree completely with your statement that, “It is one of the stated trigger points for an anti-gov. uprising, and they know it.” Yet the fact remains that they are nevertheless pushing things in that direction (through their OWS lackeys, the race-baiters, the union thugs, et al).
    You then ask, “Are they stupid or arrogant enough to do it?” Well, I don't think they're THAT stupid or arrogant. But I do believe that they are committed to an agenda, and that they are playing to win, not just to come to a compromise.
    So, are they flirting with disaster because they're testing the water to see how the general populace reacts? Or are they doing it because it is an inevitable plank of their strategy, because they believe that after 40 years of preparing the country for it, the time is ripe for that last little shove? (The one that puts things over the edge and past the point of ever returning.)
    I'm not completely certain, but I fear it is the latter. One thing I am certain of, however: They are going to target gun rights and they are going to do it soon, within the next few years. If it looks like they can re-win the presidency, they may wait a few years until they can stack the Supreme Court. But if the re-election looks questionable, they might try the social upheaval tactic. And if they do that, one of the fundamental reasons will be so they can make gun owners “part of the problem.”
    And you can guess what the solution will be.
    All I'm saying is, be careful! (And per your advice, wear a non-distinct hoodie and disposable sunglasses.)


  2. I'm saying don't dress or highlight yourself in such a way that you are easily ID'd. Why make life easy for them.

    Check out the Korean store owners in LA during the King riots. The Thugs In Power tried to fuck with them after they repulsed attackers. Did'nt get anywhere, though, IIRC.

    My view is if they want to try that shit after I've fought off homicidal gangs, then they ARE going to get that civil war we really don't want, and it will be focused on them. Are they stupid or arrogant enough to do it? It is one of the stated trigger points for an anti-.gov uprising, and they know it.

    The Tray/Zim thing is merely the trigger. That sort of focus won't happen after a few cities go up in smoke.

    And, I'll repeat: Torching a vehicle or building that is, or is thought to be, occupied, is a felony that warrants using lethal force to stop. You can look it up, as it is law in every state, as far as I know.
    I'm pretty sure the same goes for someone shooting into the same.


  3. Will:
    Avoid cameras? Are you kidding me?
    Unless you do it in total darkness, it WILL be recorded — most likely by one of the rioters themselves (look at any OWS event and note the number of morons holding up their camera-phones), but if not, then by a bystander, the media, or even some dutiful surveillance camera you've never noticed before.
    The bottom line is this: the Powers That Be do not look kindly on anyone else exercising Final Authority. If there was a complete breakdown of society on a large geographical scale and — AND — there was no way you could possibly run away or hide, then you might not be prosecuted for murder.
    I'm just saying, be VERY circumspect about using deadly force and make sure it is really the LAST option. Because currently, the Powers That Be are fomenting the OWS crowd, and even if the Occupiers full-blown rioted, the probability exists that Holder and similar authorities would prosecute YOU before they would turn the blowtorch on their own useful idiots….
    For a thumbnail preview of how it might play out, just look at the media/activist/liberal cyber-lynching of George Zimmerman.


  4. Deprived of your immediate life by thugs, or deprived of the rest of your life by Gov.?

    Which leads to a good question: What *exactly* are the Rules of Engagement during a breakdown in Civil Order, when Police are unable/unwilling to respond, and especially when those who have actively precipitated and participated in causing that breakdown (there are no “innocent” participants in rioting or thuggery) are threatening you on your doorstep?
    Legs are not enough, I want a flamethrower.


  5. Nony:

    Bull. Not from actions during a full-blown riot. One should, of course, avoid cameras of anyone during this, and try not to stand out visually. If you are really worried, use a shotgun with buckshot or slugs. Forget birdshot. Drawback is that using buckshot at the correct distance rioters should be engaged will have you hitting multiple targets, with a less than optimum terminal effect on the POA/POI.

    I might also point out that replacement barrels are cheap. I'm also thinking that the SKS would be a good riot control gun. If it gets lost afterwards, no big deal. And a reminder to police up your brass/hulls, as they are a walking hazard.

    DirtCrashr: Targeting legs is rather like trying to hit humming birds, an exercise in frustration. You are more likely to end up skipping rounds into the back of the crowd, which is counter-productive, as those are not the leaders you are trying to discourage. You may even end up driving the crowd TOWARD you, which is a Bad Thing.


  6. Just remember, as right as you may be to do it, if you pull the trigger, you will spend YEARS (if not the rest of your life) deprived of your liberty and all the things you hold dear.


  7. Ok not with the .22 then, with the .223 instead.
    I dunno about “not here” – this whole place is a University Town. We got all kinds of Greenpeace hippies downtown asking for donations or to sign this or that. We got roving Unionists who go door to door ignoring the PRIVATE PROPERTY notices, to sign this or that political grievance, asking for donations. We got Nortenos and Surenos down to the 8th grade with knives and colors, the children of the Labor Force that services the Wealthy Elites – and plenty of little blow-baggies in the Safeway parking-lot where hard-luck traveling weirdos and trust-fund babies congregate and play music – it's a ripe scene.
    The Anarchist punks had a show-off march in freaking downtown Palo Alto to smash break things – which the did – and all the old hippies and Leftists just nodded their Prius-driving heads in agreement Solidarity (and total mental f*ed -up discombobulation). It's still simmering in Oakland and in StupidFrancisco and the local Media keeps nodding their heads in Solidarity and appreciation.


  8. They're not coming to your neighborhood. But it will happen somewhere, probably a few somewheres… My guess would be some urban-blighted sprawl like El Lay, NYC or Chicago, plus maybe a university town or two “to show solidarity.”
    But not in the suburbs. Just not enough infrastructure for their ilk (free clinics and legal aid centers, medical marijuana dispensaries, TV cameras offering attention for their every acting-out, and buildings or parks they can take over at will and without any consequence).


  9. Forget that bull about shooting them in the legs with .22's. People have been shot in the leg and not even noticed until later.

    You want to stop the crowd dead in their tracks, and strongly encourage them to beat feet for parts unknown.

    Target anyone holding a Molotov, followed by the gas-can holders and the cans themselves. Follow this with anyone holding a projectile weapon.

    They intend to burn your family to death, so don't play games, shoot to kill. (BTW, that is the only way to legally shoot someone. Warning shots, or shooting to wound, is verboten)

    Arson of an occupied structure or vehicle is a felony warranting lethal force to stop the action.

    Splashing the blood/brains of the bomb-holder all over his buddies should get their attention. Bonus points if you can get the bullet to pass through the bottle first!

    You may encounter a high-tech Molotov that doesn't require a flaming rag in the neck of a bottle. If they aren't drinking from it, I would find it suspicious enough to consider targeting them.


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