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In order to attach a sling, the first method was: get a Midwest Industries Picatinny-hootchie-grabber with a stud, and attach to that a removable Uncle Mike’s sling-a-ling doohickey.
Pictures are better over words.

As you can see it’s a bit of a danglegoober and perhaps not the quietest Blingclanker on the rail – plus the swinging swivel can move around, especially if it’s hanging off the bottom…so that’s OK, if you like that kinda thing.

Thanks to Haji I learned of a better solution. It’s this little solid and very quiet no-rattle mount from Ace, Ltd. And besides all the cool-kids are hanging it off the side rail instead of the bottom, it’s not for rolling-into a tight sling-position like a High-Power match.
With the little Zombieblaster the sling is for hanging the thing around your neck and being able to draw your side-arm without dropping everything or getting fearsomely entangled in gearstrappages.

Just slide it along to any point, insert the securing cross-bolt and crank ‘er down. Loctite is your friend always.

So that’s my backup plan if and when I get entangled in straps and things.

Next up is some kind of flashlight zim-zim farnawanger.

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12 thoughts on “Sling Things

  1. Tanks Haji for the tactical tips! I hab to pactice wid it but I hab a code id by dose. Beh. Hey, I read dat Che’s last nambe was really Lynch, de was a upper crust white honkie richboy slummin’ wid the commies fo fun, wad a bitch. No wunner the Liberalz liked hib.🙂


  2. The tactical sling, such as the adjustable two point that Dirtcrashr’s running, can be used as a shooting aid. It takes some more time in setting it up and adjusting it to get the length where it needs to be, but once you do that, you just grab the running end of the sling, tighten it up, and you have a nice, tight shooting position. What I do from time to time is instead of tightening the sling down more, I reach through it to grab the rail or vertical grip (seems to work better without the VG). Your wrist and forearm put pressure on the sling, tightening it and stabilizing your shooting position more. If you care to fight your way around YouTube, there are several excellent videos of Kyle Lamb showing the use of the VTAC sling. He knows a thing or two about tactical shoosting.;)


  3. Forget Tacticool. It should be Che-cool, made out of braided hemp twine, with little leather dog-collar retainers like you would find on a Mosin.Just sayin’ ya know. Tacticool is Soooooooooo last year.


  4. I got the one I did from Noveske because it was cheaper than the rest, I figured he’d know what the tactikewl-kids are up to, and it had the pop-in quick-release doo-dads without having to buy them for $20 each extra, and no but-diaper straps – those are just disturbing.


  5. ChrisB – Ok but with a sling you don’t <>have<> to hold it, it hols onto you! 😉B&N – This is a big departure from what I’m used-to in across-the-course NRA match shooting, where sling use is about “slinging-up” and steadying the gun. The side mounted sling that’s just gun-hanger is a big departure from my norm, and places it in a difficult position to “sling-up” anyhow – like the AK? The Swiss K-31 is also weird that way.Linoge – The M.I. picatinny rail grabber and Uncle Mike’s swivel is’nt bad at all, in fact it’s perfect for an M1917 type service rifle sling and “slinging up” like with your M1A – I’ll send ’em to you if you’d like to try it??


  6. Oh, and as for flashlights, I am loving my Surefire 6PD – and if you get it with an LED, it can probably withstand being mounted to an operating firearm. As for the mount, I am leaning towards the Viking Tactical offset mount, but have not made up my mind yet.


  7. That Ace thingummy might be exactly what I was looking for… thanks for posting it. Now I just need to figure if I am going to use the integral back sling holder on the M1A, or get some butt-diaper thingie.


  8. Slings are like holsters, you have a bunch of them, but can’t figure out which one to use, when.At least it’s that way for me.I’m not tacticool, and need lots of help with picking a retention system for the Kalashnikov. I try to take notes when I can, but strangely, it’s over my head. I can detail strip the gun in the dark, and put it back together into a functional gun, but I’m at a loss on the sling. Strange, innit?


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