Daniel Defense Offset Flashlight Mount

Grip-Gripped Light .jpgNow I know why everybody wears contrasting-color tactical gloves to the Ninja-Tastic Sophomore Prom – their hands are big blobby hairy nubby pink goobery things in the hand-model close-up. Being a learn-by-doing kind of nimrod I tried again but the black Craftsman work gloves I have didn’t even show up in the picture – they were Invisible!

With the Viking Tactics mount removed the Daniel Defense Offset Flashlight Mount hooked up fast and easy – except I believe it’s crushing the nuts of the Surfire G2. This Operator had to completely remove the allen-head “cage” to insert the light, and then alternating sides, cinch them down. The light isn’t going anywhere – but it’s still not been Loctited – and the nut’s are squeezin’ it hard. Oww.
Grip&LightSpace.jpgThe whole thing goes together very sano with no interference issues and the fit and finish is excellently black as expected. I think Army-Man Green would be cool, but it’s not there. Now the Tangoriffic Quick Detachable forward Mojo detaches quickly with no tie-ups, and the light mount also goes easy and snappy with some small springs holding the Picatinny jaws in place instead of them flapping and clanking around, giving away your Ninja-position in the dark. Much Mo’bettah! Who wants a Vikings mount?
The only gripe is silly and industry-general, but why don’t they standardize on some damn thing like allen-heads for the various fittings? The Viking Tactics uses a micro-thing .095″ head/drive while the DD one is at a generous .014 – and neither is the same as the Aimpoint which is somewhere in between.
So there.
UPDATE: Aack! I got smacked by an Uncalanche! Welcome visitors.

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5 thoughts on “Daniel Defense Offset Flashlight Mount

  1. I’s love to see a throw-lever on the mount, making it “thread-locker resistant” and that much QD faster.They’re making a carbine??!! That’s totally bitchin’!


  2. Of the offset mounts, DD is definitely my favorite. I have a good friend at that company, and I know most of the folks in leadership positions there. That’s a very well run company with a very talented staff. Additionally, they make the lightest stuff going, and it’s plenty strong. They’re doing a kick-ass AR15 carbine this year, too. ATS Tactical Gear ordered 100 of them, and should see the first ten or 12 by about the end of February. They’re awesome.


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