Malice Aforethought

UPDATE: That is, “Malice Clips” in the title – a web-gear system-invention by the gear-gurus at Tactical Tailor. Trying to figure out the stichery-doo of this new-to-me web-based tool-system. In fact all but the obvious and early WWII system are unfamiliar to me. There’s an element of Lace and Resistance that is purely Victorian…

The main thing is that semi-locally sourced, artesinal, Wilde Custom Gear makes Tactical Nylon – and f*ing 10-round magazines!
UPDATE: Ordered the holster, going to put the mag pouches on the left and have a place for the P220 ST (or the ’43 1911A1 Gov. Model).
All this is a little creepy, to think of preparedness as an upcoming action in which shots will be traded. It’s cold in here this morning.

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    • Out in the country the rifle is king. Pistols are for City-slick gangbangers with no muzzle discipline. Word is that it mounts vertical, so I have to move everything over. I can understand moving things around to get it all right. Figure I’ll put the big Sig there.


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