Carry On Calm, Swampy Meadows

The AZ permit came through. Woot! So Utah, AZ (which gives NV, so now I don’t have to go over to Minden and take a two-day class), and CA. Grails are reachable.

Working with the guy who was right-hand to the previous owner/contractor, we will do the walls and maybe even a ceiling (with insulation), anyhow it’s going to go forwards.

But not a Olympic sized pool. “Problem” being that the water table here is really quite high, in winter a pool could become a boat and lift off it’s base. That low spot noticed out in the meadow might mean free water, so perhaps a row or two of grapes is in order and also not requiring an ditch-tender irrigation system.

First other things first though, carpet up at the Low Granite Outcropping Thursday.

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3 thoughts on “Carry On Calm, Swampy Meadows

  1. Surely, you can’t plant a vineyard on a Federally Regulated Wetland, or as they’re now wont to call it, a “The Waters of the United States of America”.

    Hell, I wonder sometimes if I should take the risk of hosing down the concrete driveway.

    Just a slight bit of Federal Overreach. Nothing to worry about, I’m sure. *shudders*

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX


    • Fortunately it’s not mapped as such – or even mapped at all. The Spring-time dampness and high water-table is free-water – of a sort – at least there are no beavers!! OTOH up here a beaver-dam would just be an invitation to the guys with back-hoes and dynamite, the firewood sellers.


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