Get to the Clipper!

UPDATE: Coming from the other direction I was able to get about fifty more feet done, twenty-odd today until I ran into the sun, and like a Vampire had to turn away. It’s thick and tough going, and across the curbing is a lush paradise of rocks and weeds that require removal.
sun-edge adjust

hand edging
Hand edging is a little time-consuming, but this week the heat has lightened a bit and I can stay out there longer, at least long enough to get another forty or fifty feet done.
There’s a lot of crabgrass to snip-through, and a lot of dirt has washed down along with grass that has grown up. Cutting-back to the edging amounts to about four-inches wide of grass and a bunch of dirt too. Some of the sprinkler heads are at least two inches below the grass surface, sometimes they are down below the dirt-surface.
first edging
Edging 2
Along the entry walkway I also had to trim back the ground-cover that the hummingbirds love, but there’s plenty of it. The stuff was on sale at Home Depot recently. I tried looking it up up, but I the name I thought I saw and didn’t properly remember (“Island-Calendula or something?) didn’t come back with any hits — however a little Google-fu revealed: Epilobium canum ‘Silver Select’, Red flowering California Fuchsia with silver gray foliage.
CA Fuchsia
Something like that anyhow. It’s hardy and takes the sun and heat well so I’ll see about getting some more of it for the embankment.ground-cover

Get to the Chopper!

Or something. I went chop-chop-chop and got busy with the big and small lopers (and a saw), and the thick mat of leaves and branches on the ground quickly doubled in size. When Temps hit the 90’s I bailed off.
Today I bagged and chopped and cleaned up the mess on the embankment, sweating like a mule, drinking a blender full of peaches and watermelon.
Got the green-waste bin filled to the brim and now it’s gonna be a heavy pull up the driveway and out to the road, but not for the first time…I always load it up as much as I can, I guess I need the exercise.
Bin to brim

Attack on the Eastern Front

The dark forces of Oleanderous have been increasing, and so we began a counter-assault on the stalking-shrubbery. At first our efforts were only to staunch the flow of greenery, but now decisive prunery-measures have been taken with the force of Lopers. Much leafy-ness has been laid low.
IMG_0841x750Further advances high upon the embankment have been made against The Second Battalion of Oleanderous, that lay hidden behind the first. The site of slaughter is covered in fallen stalks, crying out for bagging.
Meanwhile, on a armed and covert scouting mission, I came upon Saaleman-of-Stihl at the Tru-Valu pub. I am intrigued by the potential new weaponry for this Fighting Division. Combi-toools of horrendous apportment and agility, extensible Wands of Power, powered-up Hedgery!
I am reclining with a malty-mountain beverage of banquet proportions, perusing the catalog of Stihl weaponry… Such a wishbook!

Gun Club Picnic-versary

Today was the Annual Gun Club Picnic. The temps have dropped to accommodate us and the weather was really fine as long as you were not stuck in traffic on Hwy-50, but taking the back-roads instead. Once again I didn’t win any of the big raffle prizes, no AR-15, no Henry .22LR or S&W Shield 9mm — but I won a Yeti can-cooler and that basically paid-back for my ticket outlay among the peanut-gallery prizes.
With our last name in the salad-making group, we brought three large tin-foil pans laden with chilled fruit: pineapple, cantaloupe, and watermelon. By the end of the event there wasn’t a bite left in sight. So good, plus the Yeti!
We met new friends *cough* (?Dave?) and Carol – and Eddy who is retiring in January so he can shoot more.
Tomorrow night is a general club-meeting and I should probably attend since I am a “sorta-RSO” and should be clued-in about things.
And today is apparently my Blogversary, going back to my first Mai-Tai Recipe post on this date in 2004. Sheesh, 12-years of this drivel, really? Please forgive my rambling. In the ensuing years I have bought and sold a number of different pistols and rifles (’43 M1-Carbine, Swiss K-31, Sig P220/P220-ST Nitron). That will probably continue as I search for a happy medium of what I can reasonably get my head around in terms of caliber-assortment, and as my perspective and direction grows and changes.
Up here in Old West cowboy-country, I now have a .44-40 single-action Vaquero and a Rossi lever-gun to match in the same obsolete caliber. I’m no longer engaged in Across-the-Course NRA High-Power matches or web-mastering the club-scores, but now I am an RSO and a CCW-carrier.
The California Gerrymandered One-Party Stupidslature is making it challenging (again) to be a gun-owner of certain kinds of scary-looking stuff, while other things that actually present a greater danger are utterly off-the-radar (duh!). Hunting is poised on the brink of extinction, leveraged by bogus science and false statistics, and an agenda-driven Leftward slant relying on the vast ignorance and apathy of the majority-urban population voting bloc. Let’s hope we can change that because in this part of the state Hunting is still a viable and necessary food-resource, and out-of-control animal population growth MUST be managed while people still need to eat.
God Bless you all.

Box O’Holsters

UPDATE: Two days working under the oleanders in moderate temps (85-degrees) wearing the Comp-Tac, and and the sweat has helped soften the leather and make it more comfortable. Plus I got six yard-bags filled with cuttings and the silk-tree is becoming more visible. I know oleanders can-or-are supposed to cause a reaction since they’re poisonous, but I’m wearing gloves and guess I’m not getting any of that.
the oleanders

I’m sorta on the fence about the laser-pointer. On the one hand it’s great in the dark, it’s tiny and doesn’t add weight and you don;’t need to use the sights — but on the other it adds an element of doo-hicky-ness, and the Comp-Tac holster combination isn’t breaking in very fast. The additional wide-dimension and bulk that the laser-holster requires spreads the pressure-points around a wider arc (good) so it takes up more space (bad). One of the belt clips is nearly center-of-back.
The Blade-Tech Nano holster is smaller and more comfortable to wear on a constant basis, but the stiff polymer isn’t THAT comfortable in certain positions, like driving, however it is smooth and that is nice and the retention click is very good.
Maybe I need a second, “Night Gun” with the laser. Maybe I need to wear the laser-holster combo when I’m out cutting into the oleanders and get all sweaty in order to break it in faster. There are belt-loops instead of clips I can get for the Comp-Tac that might make it fit better, if I can get them to attach – they’re not directly made for this model.

Fruit of the Grill

Since temperatures have plummeted down into the Mid-90’s we decided to grill. Chicken thighs were rubbed with a fine-grained, spicy curry-turmeric rub, and another batch with a McCormick “Cowboy Rub” that is much more coarse.
Also a Pasilla pepper was roasted to remove the tough skin and prepare it for Gazpacho, and a red-onion was cut into two pieces for the same – but we ate half of it anyhow. And there were hot-dogs too, and lastly bacon to slow-grill.
UPDATE: I like chicken thighs (boneless-skinless) because they are not so sensitive to drying-out as breasts. Get ’em up to 160-degrees on the thermometer, yank them off the grill and pop them in the pan where they will continue to cook – and they’ll stay juicy.

EDC upgrade

Got the M16 knife and it’s very comfortable and sure-handed as I noticed today while doing repairs to the Low Granite Outcropping’s drip-lines. Nice and lightweight too! The little flashlight is a powerful LED unit, and the Shield wears a LaserMax pointer now, chosen because it has an ambidexterous master on-off switch and is not an instant-on, because a friend has a Crimson Trace instant-on and he can’t get through a range workout without burning through a battery or two. Whatever.
The pointer was a match-up to a little Comp-Tac MERC (whatever…) IWB holster from Midway, and I was comfortable with that since I’m OK with my other Comp-Tac holsters. I’ve been playing around with cant and angles, since it’s different than the BladeTech “Nano” all-kydex (or polymer) holster that doesn’t accommodate a laser-pointer but just seems to disappear in my pants – until I feel an uncomfortable poke while moving around – driving mainly.
The leather backing on the Comp-Tac may be more forgiving once it breaks in but it does require a break-in time. We’ll see how it all works out and what goes into the Box-‘O’-Holsters-&-Crap…
Meanwhile, outside temperature is 102.

The Buzz

It’s the middle of summer and at 9:30AM in 90+ degree heat, the crepe myrtle is bursting at the seams. As I went to do some weeding in the shade before the solar furnace got really turned-on, I could hear the tree from across the lawn. If people have been wondering where all the bees went, I can answer that question: they’re right here!

Munich Muslim Mayhem & Murder

UPDATE: Another Islam-inspired attack by a machete wielding Muslim “migrant” in Reutlingen kills a pregnant woman and injures two others before being run-over by a BMW driver and subdued. Now in Ansbach, another Syrian-Muslim suicide bomber exploded outside a wine-bar killing one and injuring at least twelve.
Islam is a virtual disease, a parasite upon the host-body of Mankind and metastasizing.

I am saddened because Bavaria is like Germany’s Texas, and the old city of Munich is beautiful and cultured. But the placid, Germanic, surroundings and exurbs that radiate out from the Stadt-Zentrum are not particularly noteworthy except as examples of Teutonic countryside. My last visit was the alp-ride tour, back in ’98 and I will probably never return.
Munich Rathaus
My recollections are of the warmth of Summertime and the rolling hills that mass-up, piling higher and higher into the Alps. My happy memories are of Paulaner lager and country Biergartens with tents on a lawn, and heaps of food on a picnic table, of Gothic spires and towers with automatons that played the glockenspiel at noon to count the hours.

But I also recollect the short train-trip from the airport to the ‘burbs where the biker gang gathered, through a mean industrial landscape of harsh concrete – and Muslim women in near full burkhas keeping a sullen distance. I was not impressed with what Germany had become in that respect, requiring “guest-workers” to propel their industrial might while lazy liberal Burghers whiled away their retirement.

My German high-school exchange-student friend lives up in the north, near Cologne and far from Bavaria, in a somewhat drab town that was re-built literally from scratch after the war, as some of the most intense fighting had occurred in the surrounding area and most of the cities had been leveled to sticks. His job in a big housewares company has seen him succeed up the ladder of the upper-middle class, and his family is as Liberal as can possibly be imagined. They vacation mostly in Spain with a set of German friends, and he has a wife and a mistress – and I don’t really feel like I know him anymore…

Apex trigger – Toaster Parts.

toaster partsUPDATE: For a wrinkle in time, all praises and thanks to Tam’s blog and her gunsmith friend for the notation, “toaster-parts.” After the events of the day I thought it was time to take the gun apart as far as possible, lube that which needed lubing, and install the metal trigger. I set the recoil assembly aside to marinate in a bath of slippery juice, and watched the Apex video closely. Hmm – not too hard.
With my Craftsman magnetic parts-holder as a catch-basin and a piece of thin birch-wood as a block, I got out my punches and little brass hammer and proceeded to get to the fiddly bits. Tap-tappty-tap! TAP-TAP-TAP! The main body pin was a bit tough, but the others were easier.
toaster parts02
The way the trigger spring goes on and off was important (hook up on the small coil) and how the take-down lever fits in at 10-degrees off horizontal. Then the reassembly with the locking block and a bit of fiddling until it came back together.
apex trigger02
The metal trigger movement is free and un-encumbered, and less spongy and more linear than the polymer trigger – no filing or use of an emery cloth was required. Image shown with take-down lever still to be inserted.
There was a lot less effort required than I imagined or feared.apex trigger right-side

The little green spud was supplied as a place-holder for the spring and trigger pin.
The trigger is still relatively heavy as I did not (yet) get the Duty/Carry Action Enhancement kit that requires removal of the rear sight, which is a royal bitch from everyone I’ve been told (including my buddy) as the base is Loc-tited and needs a bit of torch on it, and a BIG hammer.
We’ll shoot it and see.