Tactical Tomorrowland

Up here in the country there’s a lot of Mossy Oak® folks and Real Tree® denizens who blend right in to the local scenery during hunting season. My graphics-guy preference is for Mossy Oak®, just because of the outright verisimilitude factor of our lower-upland, Western Slope foliage landscape — but MultiCam seems to work OK and ATACS looks interesting. Black is very Urban (as opposed to suburban) and not locally appropriate except at night, but to even say “Urban” nowadays is a Progressive racist dog-whistle microaggression thing – and also how they get-away with even using “dog-whistle” un-ironically is beyond me because that has all kinds of cultural appropriation and racism written all over it and Irony was once the hallmark of what passes for (and passive-aggressive for) Progressive Ideology. But I digress.Plate Carrier Coyote Chest Rig Molle
So….with the impending BOHICA arrival of many new Muslim-Immigrant “Refugees,” comes the need for some preparation in terms of Tactical Couture – never let a crisis go to waste after-all – and I’m concerned with a sort of chicken-and-egg situation. Do you get a “slick” plate carrier and wear the chest rig over it or just go with the chest rig and a full load-out, or get a dual-duty kinda thing? The guys at Wilde Custom Gear Tactical Nylon Store make 10-round mag-pouches for the California market and for that I’m grateful – and also various rigs.
As many know the current Progressive-Elite dominated CA Gov. has seen fit to hog-tie us locals with all sorts of glorious restrictions on personal protection, but there’s still many opportunities for work-arounds and not all the Counties are so restrictive with CCW etc.
With the US Palm “Defender” level it’s just pistol-armor, not a (rifle) plate carrier, but it has the Molle all over and the grab-handle on the back so someone can pull you out of the fire. Except they don’t make 10-round magazine pouches. However 10-rounders from Wild Custom could be attached, and so could a Molle holster for the Sig. But the SAP-C plate carrier (left) looks positively luxurious.
UPDATE: What are you doing to harden your structure? I’m thinking of getting a horse so I don’t need a tunnel.

The Shed

Oh jeeze, it’s adequate but it’s…plastic. Gaah! I’m thinking this needs replacing, but the footprint is about right, however the headroom is not.
It would be nice if there were some electricity: for a trickle-charger, a light, minor and minimal, not a spare-room thing – so I’ll have to talk to Jason and see what the requirements are like. The back-side is failing – it’s plastic after all. IMG_0235x750w
At least the plot is graded and more or less level, but the laid-down wood is breaking up.
It would be nice if this were a more sturdy and sound structure, with concrete floor.
I don’t want heat and a pot-belly stove where the cowboys can sit around the cracker-barrel spitting chew at the cows outside. But a more countrified architecture with a more barn-look would be cool, something with a raised-center and “shoulders” pitched off at shoulder height, like a miniature just for mower and some shovels and crap – and gain some head-room so I don’t take chunks out of my scalp on nasty plastic…
UPDATE: sketchy-sketch idea.
barn view 002


UPDATE: I’m gonna need a double-wall bucket for hot ashes, and a scooper, and does anybody make a teeny-tiny log-splitter? I keep smashing my finger(s) and raising blood-blisters… Grandpa’s old “boys axe” is needin’ a new handle. They had a real nice STIHL one at the TruValue store…but I bought a Fiskars splitting-axe for all the pine 2×4 remnants lying around, but it’s not good on the 20″ Oak rounds stacked-up.
Maybe I’ll go up the the hardware store and see what they got, it’s the oldest continuously operating hardware store west of the Mississippi and the second-oldest business in the State of California.


I noticed that the furnace was cycling on and off a lot because of the cold, so I adjusted the thermostat for various points of the day and reduced the overall temperature and load…but neglected to go out and check the tank-volume. Didn’t change anything while I went off camping and hunting. Last night it stopped cycling. Hmmm… Cold this morning, and quiet. Out at the frost-covered tank, the meter read zero. Oh great. Too early to call the Propane guys’ office, this is not really an emergency per-se.
The furnace is a dual-type A/C unit up in the attic crawlspace, and one item on the Home Inspection Report that was conspicuously absent and noted was a platform for a technician to service the air-conditioner/heater. Anticipating that might be a bit of a sticking-point with the service tech, this morning (after coffee at 6:30) I set-up the A-frame ladder and went up to measure the vacant space across two ceiling joists. Fortunately there’s a light up there with a regular wall-switch, so I didn’t have to fumble around in the dark with a flashlight wishing I had six hands.
Out in the garage were a couple long pieces of nicely finished 3/4″ply left over from the old garage bench demolition. I had saved them just for this occasion, but it was too damn hot all summer long up there to do anything about it, and besides Necessity is the Mother of post-Procrastination. Today in the morning it was a nice 50-odd degrees up there, and there was light to work by – so I measured off the required length and spent a moment with my battery-powered DeWalt skillsaw in the chilly garage.
Up in the attic after a bit of crawling and space-shifting between the insulation wrapped ducting and the tangle of romex cables, I got the piece where I wanted it and screwed-it down securely. There was another open spot that I though could benefit from a stepping point and keep random feet from punching through the ceiling, so I found a smaller piece of nice 3/4″ ply just perfect to fit there. Accomplishment unlocked.
Ok, so they’re coming tomorrow, and I now have the infrared heater going and I have a fireplace with wood and kindling to keep warm until then. What a dumbass.

I remember Paris

I guess it’s the cold weather and the rum, but I prefer to remember the City of Lights in my own way, from my own times there – and this helps blow out the cobwebs a bit. I know I’ve blogged it before…but it’s irresistible to me.
We hung-out at a friend’s cramped 7th floor walk-up, on the Rue Du Four in/on the Left Bank, in a decrepit building at a height from which we could only see other rooftops. We smoked blue Gauloise and ate yogurt, chocolate, butter, and bread – and juggled oranges by the river, panhandling on a lark. I shot a lot of picture before my camera was stolen.

My other enduring memory-prompt (also in a repeat appearance here) from that era was the very stylish, atmospheric, and cool French gangster-film by Jean-Jacques Beineix, with gorgeous Opera singer Wilhelmenia Fernandez in DIVA – and the incredible moped subway chase-scene (for it’s time a real tour-de-force).

Au revoir Paris, I have no idea what you are like now.

Crisis in Crisis

The growing list of Just say No? Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, ?Montana?, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, West Virginia, Wisconsin…

and Saskatchewan in Canada

Not so fast there Immigration-man

15. November 2015, 18:19 Uhr

Demolierte Autos und starke Polizeipräsenz – Foto ©Hans Breitegger

Not everybody is happy in the countries where the tidal-wave of immigration and border-jumping is occurring. Plus it’s Winter almost and those from hot-lands physically (and culturally) are unprepared for their assimilation – indeed they resist assimilation, so why move? Because progressives have decided that assimilation is “unfair”? Maybe it’s time to re-open Ellis Island, so the proposed 160,000 Immigrants can begin assimilation with a common base of experience and proper orientation and expectations can be addressed: like learning English – and you can only have one wife. All things Progressives hate. And Old-What’s-His-Name (Ken Burns) can do a fine PBS documentary about it, set to violins tugging at heartstrings.
Meanwhile riots and marches against the huge influx are occurring in southern Austria.
Demos escalated: riots around Train Station (Google translate)
“The situation in the field is escalating: Shortly after four clock in the afternoon, left to right around the station-pitch came demonstrators who were waiting for the train. They beat each other with a wooden slats.”
In Comments: “Why does not every Green politician take a refugee family to live with him? Talking without data?”
“This incompetent government, with its unbridled immigration policy is to blame for these situations, and has made it so to drive a wedge into the population.”
“Precisely…And in the “Left” are seemingly back again, masked professional demonstrators.”
“As I understand why we need the immigrants anyhow, the few remaining working on minimum wages do so to finance the whole mess. Thank policy, thank Austria, thank EU failure.”
UPDATES – some format edits for clarity, plus: With the vacancy, incapacity, and inaction of Obama and NATO, we see an emergent alliance of four Central European states – the Visegrád Group: the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. All have grouped forces together recently to counter the human-wave onslaught and protect each others’ borders. Meanwhile The The French interior minister says he’s going to start the “dissolution of mosques where hate is preached.” The French don’t have a 1st Amendment (or a 2nd Amendment for that matter), so they can do that – and they have already banned headscarves too. The “Refugee Crisis” is not just a Trojan Horse onslaught, it’s structural. They are building cultural INFRASTRUCTURE person-by-person, using Human Capital as a weapon, and every visible Hijab & Burka signals to Terrorist that he’s in a relatively Safe-Place where his ideals resonate and are not condemned.

UPDATE: More Blow-back and Fallout

– Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder says he is suspending efforts to bring Syrian refugees to Michigan in light of the deadly terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday. “Given the terrible situation in Paris, I’ve directed that we put on hold our efforts to accept new refugees until the U.S. Department of Homeland Security completes a full review of security clearances and procedures.”

Hope there’s more like that coming. States who don’t have any way of reviewing or determining the process are helpless to the invasion.

UPDATE-PUSHBACK-UPDATE: Alabama also declines the “opportunity” to recieve thousands of undocumented Syrian aliens as Gov. Robert Bentley ‏says,

I will not stand complicit to a policy that places the citizens of Alabama in harm’s way. We refuse Syrian refugees. After full consideration of this weekend’s attacks of terror on innocent citizens in Paris, I will oppose any attempt to relocate Syrian refugees to Alabama through the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program. As your Governor, I will not stand complicit to a policy that places the citizens of Alabama in harm’s way,”

TEXAS-UPDATE-PUSHBACK-WITH-COWS: From Texas Gov. Greg Abbot Dear President Obama:

As governor of Texas, I write to inform you that the State of Texas will not accept any refugees from Syria in the wake of the deadly terrorist attack in Paris.
Further, I – and millions of Americans – implore you to halt your plans to accept more Syrian refugees in the United States. A Syrian “refugee” appears to have been part of the Paris terror attack. American humanitarian compassion could be exploited to expose Americans to similar deadly danger. The reasons for such concerns
are plentiful.
The FBI director testified to Congress that the federal government does not have the background information that is necessary to effectively conduct proper security checks on Syrian nationals, Director Comey explained: “‘We can query our database until the cows come home, but there will be nothing show up because we have no
record of them.”

And more, now it’s Winter in Sweden…Sweden will impose temporary border controls starting Thursday in response to an influx of refugees, a turnaround for a country known for its open-door policies that also threw down the gauntlet to other EU nations hit by a migration crisis.Sweden’s prime minister is defending his decision to reintroduce border controls, saying it is no longer possible to properly control the country’s borders.
This cannot go on and it won’t – and winter (and Europeans) in Europe can be bitterly-bitterly cold – just ask Napoleon who tried to attack Russia in winter, and the Germans at Stalingrad. They did not expect the US to prevail the Battle of the Bulge, but we know Winter too…
(Not me, I suck at cold weather)

Paris the Endarkenment: the utter failure of Multiculturalism.

Oh great, now there’s gonna be another run on ammo and magazines. Obama’s not the only great gun-salesman around, the Islamist do a pretty good job too. [*whistling* ~loading magazines~] And the dipstick-lickers in the Media keep saying nonsense about peaceful Muslims. Yeh, sure some are, and some are also just acting-up proxyies for them.
They’re here and they want to kill people, like recently in Merced. There’s no longer any deniability factor.
The Paris auditorium/Concert-venue was NOT a “Hostage Situation” – no demands were made or “trades” asked or offered. The attack was a pure and simple mass-murder: a free-fire killing-field. They went about their bloody “Holy Work” of conversion, killing people. Shooting them one-by-one with bullets, and by twos-and-threes with grenades after a signature self-explosion kicked off the Carnival of Death Bloodbath. And no quarter or demands were made (or given) at the other FIVE hit-points in Paris.
Nobody was yelling “John 3:16!” – they were yelling “God Is Great!” – but not in English – nor is it the same God they are calling to or talking about. It is the pre-Arab god of the Moon, from the moon-worshipers of the sand-lands. What kind of Religion advocates killing, rape, slavery, lying? Islam does.
Perhaps it’s a knee-jerk reflex, but after seeing people getting hit a couple times, thank God it’s still a reflex to be prepared. I’m just not gonna go out like that. Oh wait, I’m losing track, that was five. Five more…done. Start another one. Damn these puny little California-legal 10-round magazines! There’s a Jihad-oriented self-defense lawsuit just waiting to be written over that numbskull restriction imposed by the Stupidslature – not by any vote of the People. Ok, and another one… Twelve all told. Need s’more, and probably some kind of rig-thing with lotsa little pockets. Maybe a over-the-shoulder pocketed’ bandoleer? Maybe just a big sack.
All these little 5.56 rounds make you appreciate a couple bandoleers of .30-06 for the M1 Garand. That big dog can hunt.
UPDATE: I bet the gun-range is gonna be really busy tomorrow.


Go with the existing standard guards, or go Magpul…or go free-float tube, the costs accelerate. Whatever the case I want FDE. I tried my friend’s Magpul MOE SL hand-guards and they handle nicely with a bit of extra length – slimmer to grip and longer than these big old fat stogies. All my other AR’s have free-float hand-guards including the white Oak upper with the standard “look.” The Noveske just looks like a cheese-grater but it’s not, there are no sharp edges because they threw the Sasmson tube in a tank with pebbles, or media blasted-off the sharp corners. Anyhow, the fun continues!