Mild Weather

Sunrise on Monday was pink and orange, giving way to a low-60 degree day and the prospect of grilling, so we did.

The object of the grilling was a flank-steak “pinwheel” that rolled-up around an Ortega chili.


Snow on the Dogwood

It’s kinda uncommon to get several days of snow, back to back in a continuum. Usually it’s just a single day/event, and then the rain washes it away, but here we are waking up to another day of snowfall…

Snow on the Windmill

Usually if and when we get it, the snow sneaks in quietly at night when it’s cold, but today it’s cold and the snow isn’t hiding. There’s a lot of water flowing across the field this morning since we got about an inch of rain in the night.

Christmas Eve Containment Breech

The catch-basin cinderblocks collapsed under the onslaught of water from the overnight storm as runoff poured down off the fields all around, and especially from my neighbors overflowing pond. However the channel I had dug a couple years ago directed all the excess water back into the “Dry Creek Bed” lined with rocks, and away to the other side of the fence-line. I plan to rebuild the catch-basin with larger and heavier terrace blocks in the Spring that will hopefully resist the water pressure, and if not that at least make the next breech more dramatic.

Merry Christmas everyone!!

December Morning

Doesn’t happen very often…but it got quiet and stopped raining about 2:00AM, and when I got up at 3:30 to let the dog out it looked like this – except brighter because the moon was coming through the clouds.

Doggie likes the drainage basin at the edge of the property line and finds the various scents emanating from the underground pipe endlessly fascinating.

A Little Fall Color

Before the leaves all jump off…

We’re enjoying some very pleasantly mild weather while the days get noticeably shorter, cold in the morning with lots of dew before warming enough to do some yardwork. The sled-doggie being an aggressive sniffer got her face into some dirty shrubbery, and required some drops or ointment in her left eye – which went unappreciated by the doggie. So on her yearly birthday visit to the Vet for checkup and shots we were referred to a canine ophthalmology center because she was squinting and favoring that eye. Unfortunately that meant a trip down to noisome “civilization” with obnoxious traffic and aggressive morons in small cars, that we are fortunate to entirely eschew up here in the sticks, but we braved the madness and she came home wearing The Cone of Shame… That didn’t stay on very long as it interfered with so much of Her World – and it wasn’t like she needed to be prevented from scratching a sore or open wound or anything, so we keep watch over her on the deck and with a leash when we go walking. She’s a trooper and will get better for sure.

Fall in the Mother Lode

After a few, intermittent days with showers, and one Big Deluge a couple weeks ago, we got out the chainsaw and went to work on last year’s log pile. Temps breaking into the mid 70’s today, same as yesterday. The dog-lawn has sprung back to life (assisted by some seed and fertilizer), and parts of the hard-pan field have yielded to similar persuasion – and only a few samples of broadleaf/curly dock in sight.

New Growth

Meanwhile the Harley lighting project stalled due to my reluctance and unfamiliarity with EFI and a full gas-tank, so we reverted to the cosmetic alternative (hooded signals and main lamp), and got the bike back together in order simply to ride in this fine weather without scorching heat and oppressive fire smoke…

A Bit Rainy

As some may have heard, we’re getting a bit of rain since yesterday. That being Rain Today: 1.45 inches already at 7:30AM, and Rain Yesterday: 5.49 inches…so, The Lake is back, Yachtsmen get your oars!

An hour later the storm cell has moved on and it is lighter and brighter, and the water is flowing pretty good, right to left and down the creek.

Long-Pants Day

Forty-odd degrees cold this morning at o-dark 6:30 and windy gusting to 16-miles in the afternoon, so the first long-pants day since…April? I forget. It was an awful summer, gladly past but not forgotten.

All the canopies have been removed and stored away for the season, and the umbrellas furled. Also big clouds piling up over the Sierra, and probably more snow. Yesterday we sat in the sun and relaxed, then did yard chores. First a do-over seeding and fertilizing of the Dog Lawn, and also another bare patch out in the field where not even weeds are growing, and finally the “real” lawn beside the house. Inside I patched and sanded a few spots in preparation of The Painters coming, just needs a dab of primer so the new paint takes evenly. A pressure-washer guy is coming Friday to tackle the exterior, and colors have been selected – but with the wholesale disruption of the Supply Chain, even paint may be hard to come by, so we’ll see if there’s additional delays.