Clearing Skies

After a little bit more than two-inches rain yesterday, things are clearing-out in the skies above, and draining-off in the land below. We’re still short of our “average” rainfall, but a lot of Sierra Cement landed on the High Country and several resorts are extending their ski-seasons. Temps are expected to climb rapidly over the next few days with a mix of sun and clouds – but no further rain is in sight.

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4 thoughts on “Clearing Skies

  1. Your rain got here today, along with a drop in temps. Calling for 3 inches today, but unless it gets in gear, we’re not going to get that.

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    • It got to you, and left us high and dry! Anyhow the ground is wet and makes weeding the embankment more easy – good grief it’s a giant thicket of weeds between the iris and day-lilies and everything else.


  2. Too bad it’s probably illegal to put in water catchment. Be nice to save some of that while it’s there.

    I, on the other hand, tried to run my mower through my neighbor’s small lawn because he has been working his tail off trying to catch up from two weeks of Covid and a deeply table saw sliced hand. Thought I’d help out a bit. Couldn’t because it was too wet and too deep. Needs a weedeater and I haven’t had time to get mine out since I’ve spent my gardening time keeping up with the grass and ignoring the edges.

    Also haven’t weeded the flowerbeds or planted (or even built) any vegetable garden. Each year I convince myself that next year will be the one where I get ahead of the curve on flowers, vegetables, and landscaping. Oh well, next year for sure.

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    • We had down-spout water barrels at the other house, but besides being a no-no they turned into a maintenance issue what with pond-scum algae and mosquito abatement – besides the issue of pumping-out the water, so they were removed.

      My Dad the shop-teacher always said that table-saws were right up there with band-saws for digit removal, hope your neighbor heals OK!

      Wet and deep was the problem we faced until I started work on the drainage issue and the “seasonal dry creek” to promote runoff. My weed eater skills somehow are not great and not materialized – I’m always breaking the string and it’s frustrating.

      The planter beds are ready for tomatoes and this weather may finally accommodate planting. The hard-freeze a couple weeks ago killed all my neighbor’s early plants and he has to start over, so my laziness avoided that but now I feel behind the curve.


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