I hate Spiders

UPDATE: Creepiness Warning Level-Six-Plus-Dot.Seven –

 During winter Vacation in 1979, to get away from cold and snowy Vienna I went south by train to Barcelona Spain for a week or so.  I was staying in a cheap pensione run by an old lady who had spare rooms in her house, and climbinbg under the covers one night I got bit on the shin by a brown recluse spider.  When I got up in the morning my leg hurt and over the next day the black bite-mark in my shin spread from about zit-size to a dime-sized hole.
I got myself over to the US. consulate one afternoon but the receptioonist only spoke Spanish and they were basically were useless for a long-hair Student-tramp, but they gave directions to the Free Clinic.   The Dr. there said there’s nothing he could do – it’s an enzyme reaction – but I went and got antibiotics anyhow.
The center of my shin turned black and dead, and being curious I dug out the necrosis with an x-acto knife.  My entire leg swole-up until you couldn’t see my ankle-bones and my hip was a size bigger.  I had to loosen my belt and buy a pair of shoes in two different sizes (fortunately shoes are cheap in Spain), and threw one wrong-size shoe each.  Blue, pink, yellow lines of veins in my stood-out – and it was scary.  I drank a lot of fluids and it took about a month once I was back in Vienna to completely return to normal, and by then I had worn-out the shoes.  Nasty little bastard creature – I hate spiders for a reason.

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6 thoughts on “I hate Spiders

  1. Appears there is a spider here in CA called the Near-Recluse. Similar necrotic bite reaction, but on a much reduced scale. Damage runs about a dime to a quarter size hole. A sister has a place in Big Sur, and she has been bit several times. I've got hit once.
    Which reminds me, time to fire up the vacuum and do a spider sweep of the house.


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