Mastering OWS

I seldom come out in full support of certain movements because of my Libertarian side, but I can thoroughly and enthusiastically get behind this life-changing and even life-saving OWS program that can take a narrow-minded text-obsessed Facebookin’ goober-yout’ and turn them into skilled, world  ambassadors of strength and fitness:

Remember, a bath is as good as a shower, and if you really master something you don’t have to be beholden to some disgruntled grad-school 37%-er who can’t even read between the lines and is obsessed with Proust or Marx, and has latent sexual jealousy of Womyns Studies majorettes.

Compare and Contrast the above disgruntled and entitlement-suffocated affluent in-bred perpetual-petulant with the optimism and energy of below.

Open Water Swimming, baby!! Win a Triathlon and BE somebody!
Take charge of your life, and get in the water!
And next to that is the AWESOMENESS of Ocean Paddling!

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