I think it’s cool that the Royals let that guy from the Red Hot Chili Peppers play, but where’d all the tattoos go? And we also like the googly-eyed Mad-Man-Down-From-the-Mountain, he’s a true 49er, just needs a Studebaker Wheelbarrow and he’d fit right in up here.

Bad Burgher, keine Spätzel!

The scent of Sauerbraten fills the house. After a two-day marinade, turning it twice a day, we slung it into the crock-pot for an eight-hour low-roast tour.

IMGP1846_x1000 The final to-do list includes:

Turn slow cooker off.

Transfer roast to a cutting board and cover with aluminum foil.

Strain cooking liquid into a large bowl and return vegetables to slow cooker to rest.

Making the ginger-snap gravy, I guess it’s a German thing – and we don’t have the Spätzel noodle-mix either.

SAUCE: Heat about 3 cups cooking liquid and gingersnaps in a saucepan over medium-high heat, adding reserved marinade as needed, until gravy is thickened, about 10 minutes.

Slice roast and serve with vegetables and gravy, red cabbage, and (the missing) spaetzle (sic) noodles.

Sling Swivel

The GG&G forward quick-detach sling-swivel mounted up pretty easy on the 590, and it’s non-rotating. The rear swivel is coming via Brownells in a few days. I guess I’ll get a Viking Tactics sling so it matches the one on the M4gery – after I swap it back and forth a few times to see how well that works, and on which side to install it…
There are a few guys who run a shotgun course around here so I have that, but I’m sad that I can’t take Louis’ class, very sad indeed – but I can get his book, or the video.
UPDATE: What else? I’m leaning towards the Magpul stock because it’s seems to accommodate the Mossberg thumb safety location, and looks like a good compromise between a “real” stock and a pistol-grip stock: With an especial plus this from the Esteemed Tam (and I’m still pissed-off at the steaming scum-sucking jerkwad sh*tbrain who caused her to flatten the blog to a thin, narrow reminder of what it once was.)

Love the Magpul stock, and I say that as someone who, when she first saw the Magpul shotgun furniture, thought “Okay, the guys at Magpul have jumped the shark now, because that looks flimsy and ghey.” Despite my treatment of the 870 which, like most of my guns intended as range toys and sporting goods rather than collectibles, varies between neglect and mild abuse, nothing on the stock has broken or fallen off yet.
One of the advantages of a pistol grip on a shotgun is that it allows people without superhuman forearm strength to hold the gauge comfortable shouldered with one hand. Unfortunately, the downsides are that it pokes out awkwardly when the weapon is slung, makes operating the 870 safety a pain, and some don’t like what it does to the handling of the gun. The Magpul stock gives the advantage of the pistol grip, in that even my wimpy wrist can keep the shotgun shouldered with just my strong hand, and hasn’t any of the disadvantages. (Well, maybe it wouldn’t handle as well as an English stock if I took this thing hunting for upland birds…)