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The Communist love of death is quite strong – almost as strong as the Islamist death-lovers. From Paul Bogdanor comes just a few reminders, and there’s really so much more at the link.

Pre-Stalin Vladimir Medem, On Terror [PDF]
Sergei Melgunov, The Red Terror in Russia [PDF]
Sergei Melgunov, The Record of the Red Terror [PDF]
Nicolas Walter, The Legacy of Bolshevism [PDF]

Genocides Inquiry Reveals Lenin Unleashed Systematic Murder of 200,000 Clergy Communist Reign of Terror Killed 200,000 Clergymen Victims were “crucified on royal gates and shot in the basements of the Cheka, scalped, strangled, drowned and submitted to other bestial tortures.”
Soviet Order to Exterminate Cossacks is Unearthed Peter Holquist, “Conduct Merciless Mass Terror”: Decossackization on the Don, 1919 Bolshevik genocide against the Don Cossacks. Samuel D. Sinner, The Open Wound: The Genocide of German Ethnic Minorities in Russia and the Soviet Union Samuel D. Sinner, The German-Russian Genocide: Remembrance in the 21st Century [PDF] Atrocities included “mass rape of the elderly, women and children, mass drownings, prolonged torture sessions, mutilations, hacking up of bodies, mass shootings of hundreds, even thousands in a single action, the holocaust of entire villages – including the burning of all inhabitants and building structures.”

Famines Roman Serbyn, Famine in Ukraine
Summary of the 1921 and 1933 famines. Kazuo Nakai, Soviet Agricultural Policies in the Ukraine and the 1921-1922 Famine [PDF] Roman Serbyn, The First Man-Made Famine in Soviet Ukraine, 1921-1923 Forgotten communist famine, in which millions died. Simon Ertz, The Kazakh Catastrophe and Stalin’s Order of Priorities 1929-1933 [PDF] Yedige Magauin, A Tragedy Kazakhstan Must Never Forget Forced starvation killed a third of the population of Kazakhstan. Raphael Lemkin, Soviet Genocide in Ukraine [PDF]

Afghanistan Afghan Driver Says He Saw Soldiers Blind and Strangle Children [PDF] Afghans Disclose Deaths of 11,000 Communist mass murder in the pre-invasion years. Atrocities and Violations of Human Rights and International Law in Afghanistan [PDF] Eyewitnesses to Afghanistan at War [PDF] Accounts of terror bombing and other war crimes. Rosanne Klass, Lifting the Curtain on Afghanistan’s Horror [PDF]

China Two Millions [PDF] Human Rights in Mainland China [PDF] Uncounted Millions: Mass Death in Mao’s China Scholars Continue to Reveal Mao’s Monstrosities The communists slaughtered many tens of millions in China through massacre, slavery and famine. Jasper Becker, Ex-NPC Chief Admits Maoism Killed Millions Vaclav Smil, China’s Great Famine: 40 Years Later [PDF] Frank Dikötter, Mao’s Great Leap to Famine How the communists created the greatest man-made catastrophe in the history of the world.

Mongolia Mass Buddhist Grave Reported in Mongolia The communist slaughter in Mongolia.

North Korea Jack Rendler, The Last Worst Place on Earth: Human Rights in North Korea [PDF] From Henry D. Sokolski, ed., Planning For a Peaceful Korea [PDF]. An excellent overview of this totalitarian slave state, where millions have been starved to death or murdered in concentration camps. Jack Rendler, Horrific Conditions and Suffering Make It the Last Worst Place on Earth A shorter and more recent account. Fiona Terry, The Deadly Secrets of North Korea Forced starvation has claimed millions of victims, primarily the elderly, the young and the sick. David Hawk, The Hidden Gulag [PDF]

Vietnam – Pre-1975 Lam Thanh Liem, Ho Chi Minh’s Land Reform: Mistake or Crime? 50 Years On, Vietnamese Remember Land Reform Terror The bloodbath inflicted during the North Vietnamese land reform was effectively whitewashed by far-left activists in the West, but the victims were not so quick to forget. The Blood-Red Hands of Ho Chi Minh Stomach-churning accounts of communist mass murder during the Vietnam War. The Massacre of Hue In this communist massacre, thousands of men, women and children were slaughtered. Stephen T. Hosmer, Viet Cong Repression and its Implications For the Future [PDF] Detailed analysis of Viet Cong mass murder campaigns. The Human Cost of Communism in Vietnam [PDF] Compilation of research and newspaper reports on communist terror in Vietnam.
Post-1975 Le Thi Anh, Let the Vietnamese Speak For Themselves[PDF] M. Stanton Evans,Westerners Ignore Vietnam Gulag [PDF] Ginetta Sagan, Vietnam’s Postwar Hell [PDF] Concentration camps and mass murder in post-1975 Vietnam. Declaration of Disinherited Vietnamese on Human Rights [PDF] Testament of Patriotic Prisoners in Vietnam [PDF] Victims of state terror beg the outside world for help. Nguyen Cong Hoan, Human Rights in Vietnam I [PDF] II [PDF] Nguyen Cong Hoan, Why I Escaped From Vietnam Defector’s account of totalitarian slavery in post-1975 Vietnam.

Laos 40,000 Reported Held in Harsh Laos Camps [PDF] Tens of thousands of political prisoners were sent to die in concentration camps. The End of the Hmong Lao Human Rights Council, White Paper on Genocide in Laos The Vietnamese and Laotian communists waged a genocidal war against Hmong tribespeople.

Cambodia – Civil War The Agony of Phnom Penh [PDF] Khmer Rouge’s Bloody War on Trapped Villagers [PDF] “I Watched Them Saw Him 3 Days” [PDF] Priest Won’t Leave Refugees Despite Khmer Rouge Threat [PDF] The savagery of the Khmer Rouge was easily discoverable before 1975. President Ford, News Conference on Cambodia [PDF] President Ford warns of “an unbelievable horror story” if the communists capture Cambodia.
Fear of Cambodian Bloodbath Seen Key to Senate Vote on Aid [PDF] More bloodbath predictions; anti-war leftists in Congress successfully cut off the aid shortly afterwards. John D. Lofton, On Genocide in Cambodia The refusal of the aid opponents to take responsibility for the expected consequences of their actions. Killing Fields Yin Savannary, Diary From Darkness [PDF] Asian Blood Bath [PDF] Cambodia: Work Hard or Die Cambodia – An Outlaw Nation [PDF] Early reports from survivors and journalists. Leo Cherne, The Terror in Cambodia [PDF] Leo Cherne, Cambodia – Auschwitz of Asia [PDF] The chairman of the International Rescue Committee describes the mass murders. Craig Etcheson, The Number: Quantifying Crimes Against Humanity in Cambodia Bruce Sharp, Counting Hell Studies demonstrating that the death toll was in the millions.

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  1. Yep, the ‘real’ background of the date kinda gives it a different twist doesn’t it… Thanks!


  2. My mother in law fled Vietnam and its govt with my wife as a 2 month old baby, any system that sends a young mother fleeing by sea in a rickety boat has to be by definition evil.


    • I’m glad they made it out OK! A lot of Vietnamese settled in nearby San Jose. As one guy (I forget) said, “For years the farmers put up with bombs falling all around, landmines in the field, crops burnt – but when the North’s tanks rolled across the border everyone packed up and ran for it.”


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